27 Inspiring Service Website Examples That Will Wow You

Need inspiration for your service website? Master your path to increase sales and grow your business faster with 25 service website examples.

by Sumaiya Begum • 24 January 2024


All service-related firms can benefit from having an attractive and helpful website. No matter how big or small your company is, having an effective online presence may help you connect with customers, promote your products and services, and increase sales and growth. 

This article will feature 25 of the top service website examples, including- plumbing, travel agency, dentist, psychologist, authors, barber shops, construction businesses, and business consultant services. Besides, these examples will also offer guidance and best practices for developing a credible and valuable online presence.

Grab The Best Ideas From These 27 Service Website Examples 

In this article, you will find some stunning and worthwhile website examples for inspiration. A variety of service websites has been picked up from the internet to help you out there. 

So, without costing more time, let´s knuckle down — 

1. Bazter. 

Bazter's landing page

Bazter is a design service providing business websites. The outlook of this catchy and attractive website gives the vibe of color and design together. 

The way the website displays a couple of its projects on the front page is undoubtedly engaging. In addition, its layout has gained more richness because of its functionality, the text-reveals design on the "about us" form, and the animation transition between sections.

This user-friendly, clean layout design website has been built with Dorik without writing any code. Choose an attractive and well-functioning website from the Dorik pre-built templates collection and let your visitors fall in love with your service website. 

If you are going to start a web design business, check our detailed guidelines to patch up the wheel-turning ideas. 

2. Nautilus Plumbing 

Nautilus plumbing's landing page

Nautilus Plumbing has used a vibrant combination of leaf green color with white, a stylish curvy font style, transparent buttons, a header, and a footer with an opacity effect, and integrated social media sites.

Adjustment of a unique sticky bar before the nav bar on the first section has added singularity to the design theme as well as grabbed visitors' attention to book an appointment. This technique of using color variation and placement of elements on specific sections will lead to more actioning customers to the business. 

Pro Tip 🥷 Consider yourself finding out the methods you want to approach your clients. You can also keep attractive elements like coupons, blogs, and reviews on the navigation bar like this plumbing website did to make user interaction fast and more accessible. 

3. Sanitary 

Sanitary's landing page

This plumbing website of Sanitary could be an outstanding example if you are trying to gather some of the best ideas for your plumbing service website

Their creative logo, custom-designated Call to action button, custom color scheme, and every other feature reflect the service of this website, keeping the sense of water waves with a dark slate blue color. You'll notice that in the 'About' area, they suggested to the customers where to go if they need additional details about the services they offer. 

Consider figuring out the motif of your website if you are going to build one for your plumbing website, and use this business website as a guide! 

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4. MyClean 

MyClean's landing page

We appreciate the strategy the MyClean cleaning service website has used to improve its client's conversion rate from the very beginning of its website. They have added a most unique customized pricing card on the header section to let users pick their service depending on their needs. 

Additionally, they preferred putting the stages into how they provide their services.

5. Madrid & Beyond

Madrid & beyond's landing page

Instead of writing a title within a few words, this beautiful travel agency website of Madrid & Beyond that works for Portugal and Spain kept it lengthy with a lovely, warming massage. They also included three transparent Call To Action buttons on the first section of their landing page. 

They have anchored all the sub-service and landing page sections on the navigation bar to make this business website more organized. Also, the use of the color red on the website content has added a variant of fiesta to the entire website! 

6. Narania Holidays Travels India Pvt Ltd

Narania Holidays Travels India Pvt Ltd's landing page

There are 85,987 travel agencies in the US, and IBIS World research shows that these businesses have grown by almost 13% over the past year.

Building a website will help your business obtain more profit and stay consistent with your competitors if you run a travel agency.

You can acquire insight from this travel agency website of Narania Holidays Travels India Pvt Ltd, whose key elements and design layout have a magazine-style concept. Several items have been divided on the navigation bar and sidebar based on their priority. 

Keeping the layout on white whitespace, the presentation of the visiting area´s amazing images will help visitors get ideas of sites from one place. 


White coast pool suites's landing page

White coast pool suites, a hotel service-providing business website, has been built strongly and polished in every pixel, from the top menu bar to the bottom of the footer section. 

Unlike other websites, the functionality and motif of this website will capture your attention within seconds. It has included a wide variety of items on the very first porch of its landing page. Including a sticky bar on the bottom left corner, that indulged the pricing comparison between its rivals. In addition, visitors can let their minds have a fresh, soothing vibe by listening to music from the CTA in the bottom right corner of this website while visiting this website. 

You can also try something unique like this website to help your targeted audiences feel positive and stay engaged.

8.  Summerlin Vision

Summerlin Vision's Summerlin Vision. 

Want to get the user's action within seconds? Try something like this Optometrist website of Summerlin Vision. 

Here, in the very first look, they displayed the inside-out of their office in a video header, giving visitors an influencing view of their atmosphere.

A noteworthy feature of a design layout would be the inclusion of opening hours and office location in addition to the alignment of service page information provided in many parts of the website.

The sticky nav bar at the beginning of the second section is pretty helpful because it covers the majority of the activities, assisting users in having the best possible user experience.

46% of users make their decision within seconds based on a website´s visual appeal and aesthetic. Here, Summerlin Vision intelligently won that part with its contemporary design. 

Learn about all the factors influencing web design in this ultimate guide to web design to develop a unique website today.

9. Maine Dentistry 

maine dentistry's landing page

Displays a hero image that occupies half of the screen and a functional navigation bar at the top. As the scroll down continues, you will notice the background of this whole dentist website has a magical symphony with a fern color shade. It also reveals its mission in the industry, then testimonials, and its teams one by one. 

Keeping some larger icons in the 'What we Do' section has brought fun and creativity to the design structure. 

Pro Tip 🥷 To make it easy to use, you can include a link to your service page area on the navbar, as Maine Dentistry has added. 

10. Dntl BAR 

Dntl bar's landing page 

This bold, clean dentist´s website design of Dntl Bar requires a painless effort to end your struggles in finding its services.   

A high-regulatory video on the landing page that greets visitors demonstrates their friendliness toward the patients. Every section's item orientation differed from the previous ones, as well as the looping of their design structure was intelligent.

11. Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 

Jeff miller, PhD's landing page

Buttons with solid turquoise color, along with a few hovering effects, soothing with the stylish italic font on the title. Jeff Miller, Ph.D., a lenient psychologist and healthcare provider´s website in California could be an ideal inspiration for your small business.

Learn how you can create small business website.

On its service page, they have aligned the services in a text format, keeping the vibe of simplicity and clarity. 

Pro Tip 🥷Try to add some high-quality images on your service website example to build trust in the minds of your prospective clients. 

12. Ames Counselling and Psychological Services 

Ames counseling and psychological services' landing page

Ames Counseling and Psychological Services is a counseling service-providing website that stands as a single-page website, holding a lot of information and details on the left sidebar. 

A common card has been adjusted at the bottom of every service page, as you'll notice while skimming all the sidebar items.

If you want to design a webpage like this service website with marvelous items on a sidebar, try adding a standard CTA(call to action) to help users take action quickly. 


ethan o'sullivan's landing page 

Instead of preferring a bright and attractive color scheme, ETHAN O'SULLIVAN has chosen to keep his digital service-providing website on a dark theme. 

As you scroll down, Ethan presented the website revealing all the elements thoroughly to get visitors' trust in targeting his product. In addition, the widget button on the bottom left corner has been added to get funds from users. 

The live chat option is one of the most significant things on this website. Ethan preferred talking to them directly without asking them to ping him through emails to get instantly connected with visitors.

14. Andreas Dittes 

andreas dittes's landing page

Just look at the business consultant´s website of Andreas Dittes above-the-fold theme to acknowledge its theme. It has a cool, inspiring vibe on its font styles, as well as a comprehensive image slider with a transparent CTA. 

As Andreas Dittes added a testimonial area on its landing page, it will instantly win your trust within minutes.

You do not need to keep your website too straightforward to win visitors. Just make it relevant, feel your users' needs, and pour it upon each pixel of your website. 

15. brand.new 

brand.new's landing page

This website design for a digital marketing agency combines a translucent navigation bar with white and black colors.

A mixture of font styles throughout this digital marketing agency website has added a new depth. Besides, it has done incredible animation work keeping the whole body section floated. 

Unlike most websites on the internet, brand.new has implemented some invisible titles and subtitles to each section, which can be visible and even moveable with the interaction of the user's mouse pointer. 

These great tactics of animations will keep users engaged and last for a more extended period on the site. 


my math tuition's landing page

MY MATH TUITION, a webinar teaching website, has a variety of graphics and animations that give it a polished look, making it aesthetically engaging. In addition, you will admire the use of a light color scheme between the texts and the background. 

Pro Tip 🥷 If you plan to build an educational website, pick a muted color scheme. Consider preferring a blue color palette as it helps one to overcome challenging learning situations. See some of the best teacher website examples to brainstorm your imagination. 

17. Peels of Skin 

peels of skin's landing page

A simple but still strong website design with a wide range of functionalities. This dynamic self-care website of Peels of skin is a skincare-providing platform

You will find its clean and worthwhile navigation bar and buttons on the header section assisting visitors to switch to the service area directly. 

18. SNYDER Construction Group 

snyder constructions group's landing page

This construction service-providing group´s website could be an excellent example for construction business websites. 

SNYDER Construction Group's website has two most significant sections anchored with its hero section. One is for their desired customers showcasing their work, and the other is a hiring page helping employees to become a part of their team. 

With its vast white space, the fantastic color combination of black and yellow ochre spread a symphony of matching between the text and background color. Besides, you can´t take your eyes off its awesome navigation bar, which includes its about, projects, capabilities, and news. 

19. Costello Construction 

Costello Construction's landing page

This unique construction service providing website will give you the best tips to lead a customer directly to your sale.


They've shown practically all the information they need to win a client on this website. On one page, they've displayed information about their employees, projects, customers, and performance details. That has allowed their visitors to choose which data they wish to get first. As a result, they've ensured that users are satisfied.

So, keep your visitors satisfied and let them make the decision.

20. E.liza photography 

e.liza photography website's landing page

If you are looking for service website examples for a photography website, you are going to love this e.liza photography website the most.

The very first portion of this photography website has been enhanced with the highest resolution, most precise, and cutest image you've ever seen. The most beneficial aspect of this method is that just this one image from the website will be most effective at making visitors who are looking for a skilled photographer will feel positive, as the rules of 15 seconds tell us. 

Research says visitors are more likely to spend less than 15 seconds on a website. So, if you can drive their mind within 15 seconds, you can win them to stick to your site, but if you cannot manage driving their mood, you will lose these visitors. 

Learn more about web design principles and laws to help yourself put the best effort into your service website. 

Give it a read to create your photography website in less than 10 steps with Dorik.


Fonda Lee's landing page

Despite having only three sections, author Fonda Lee's service website is a compelling one. However, the first chunk of the website is an image slider with the cover image of her books. The author preferred the website's theme associated with displaying images of the books collection.

She also linked her social media sites in the clear, uncluttered footer section allowing followers to get more connected with her.

If you are willing to build an author website like this, try to grab some effective ideas from some best author website examples. 


missio's landing page

A fully-functional musician’s website linked to their own business website along with a rocking vibe on the background imagery and font style. 

Anchored links on the logo and navigation bar icons offer a rich functionality of MISSIO's website. All of the CTAs on this website will assist you in taking action for various purposes. 

23. HomeLight 


 Business websites are one of the most popular types of websites. This real estate business website assists its visitor in finding their service in the simplest and most accessible form.

Keeping the theme calm and relaxing with an incredible background image, a single form in the very first section of HomeLight's website increases the action rate of the visitors. They also added maps to let customers find the perfect real estate agent for their area. 

24. Marylebone Square

Marylebone square's landing page

This well-organized real-estate business website is based in the United Kingdom. Check out their website to get the idea of telling your story in an effective form. 

This website was created and designed with all kinds of site visitors in mind. Marylebone Square's website has used text, video, and even illustrations to tell its message. Allowing visitors to get their favorite experience sense.

Take note of how they have described the enormous benefits of their business plot's location, architecture, and interiors.

Telling visitors about your company's motto will help to create a pleasant atmosphere.


junior & hatter's landing page

What´s interesting about this website barber shop's website of JUNIOR & HATTER is that they have preferred keeping all the elements aligned at the center of the page. 

But, a wise font choice will give you a personal feel while submitting the visiting form.

26. Chegg


Chegg is a teaching company that offers learning with affordability and accessibility using technology. It utilizes the best technology to help students learn more without spending less money and time. 

This website offers various services, including textbook rentals, study guides, homework help, and tutoring.

🥷 Pro Tip: If you want to create the best teacher websites with free resources, try innovative teaching strategies that can help you build a group of dedicated students.

27. Alice Lee

alice lee

Being flooded with colors, Alice Lee's design portfolio website is a place where the shades of color play their best roles. 

This San Francisco-based independent designer incorporated the landing page of her online presence with a collection of illustrations and mural art. The website is amazingly engaging, and when you visit this best portfolio example, you will feel a deep urge to scroll down more and more.

Pro Tip 🥷: Do not be afraid of using bright color hues, especially if you are creating design service as an artist

Utilize These Service Website Examples To Create Your One 

A website is a must-have element for service-providing businesses. Service websites can help business gain and keep customers, resulting in more revenue and growth. 

The examples included in the article, such as barbershops, fashion designers, business consultants, and plumbers, will assist you in getting inspired on the way to building a website for your service business. 

Pick a best-designed template, or choose one from best no-code web-builders like-Dorik. 

I hope you loved reading this article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, and let's connect through it!

Have a blast with your service website! 

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