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With just a single prompt, Dorik AI can craft a complete website for you in a matter of seconds. But our innovation doesn't stop there. Scroll below to find out!

Introducing Dorik AI

Save hours when building your websites

Building a website from scratch takes time, we have all been there. Don't you wish somebody could take care of some of the laborious work so you could focus on what's important?
That's exactly why we built Dorik AI. From creating a site from scratch, writing all the copies and generating images to give you a HEAD START!

Stunning Websites

Type a prompt, get a full website using the power of cutting-edge AI technology

Compelling Copies

Generate all your website content in two steps—a prompt & a click!

Pixel Perfect Images

Type a prompt and generate the exact image on your mind right from our platform.

Website Generation Re-imagined

We Are Reshaping How Websites Are Generated with AI

Turn text into a full website instantly with Dorik AI. And unlike other website builders, we CARE about what goes into your webpage's structure based on your industry

A professional's work, done in seconds!

Rest assured that the websites generated and suggestions provided will make you feel like a top-notch designer is working exclusively for you.

"Build website for my coffee shop"

Nocode website builder

Creative AI-Guidance for Better Designs

Dorik AI can give you smart tips that match what you're going for. This way, everything looks good together and makes sense to the visitors who see it.

Looking for variations?

Regenerate Full Layout or Any Section

Regenerating a layout or section has never been easier! Simply click once to inform Dorik AI and consider it done.

Nocode website builder
AI Text Generator

Meet Your New AI Copywriter

You can generate compelling, relevant, and polished copies directly within the Dorik website builder using the power of GPT-4.

AI-Written copies that increases engagement

Generate all types of website content With Dorik AI – from headings, paragraphs, and specific details, you can write anything with the power of Dorik AI

Nocode website builder
Nocode website builder

Choose the Tone Your Audience Understands

Think of it like giving directions to a skilled writer. By setting these parameters, you guide the AI to produce website copy that aligns with your expectations.

Replace the Need for Extra Tools or Hiring Copywriters

Dorik AI streamlines editing, from simplifying complex sentences to polishing your copy. It lets you focus on crafting top-notch content that resonates with your audience.

Nocode website builder
AI Image Generator

You can cancel your Stock Photo subscription. We got you covered

No longer are you confined to stock images or generic graphics. With our advanced image generation tool, if you can dream it, you can depict it. Powered by Dall-E 3.

Generate Images That Represent Your Content

Generate your ideal image directly in Dorik with a prompt, avoiding the "doom" scroll on other platforms.

Nocode website builder
Nocode website builder

Or Illustrations That Complements Your Copy

Create premium illustrations that will instantly capture the attention of your audience and help them visualize your message with precision.

More AI Features Are Coming Soon!

Our upcoming AI writing assistant will instantly create high-quality blog posts for you in seconds, harnessing the power of AI to effortlessly turn your ideas into publishable content.

Our new AI code generator creates clean CSS and HTML instantly from your design descriptions, allowing you to take the website building to the next level

Optimize your content with our new AI-powered SEO suggestions. Simply input your draft text and our advanced AI will analyze it to provide real-time recommendations for improving SEO and driving more traffic.

No Maintenance, More Freedom. 

The perfect launchpad for your online presence

Unlimited Hosting & Global CDN

Your websites are hosted on AWS & DigitalOcean and serve static content from our Global CDN


Every website you build is hosted on our platform and comes with a free SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt

Payment Integration

Receive payments by integrating PayPal, Stripe, & Gumroad without writing any code

In-built and Custom Forms

Add subscription, contact, or custom forms to your website and connect them with popular platforms like Zapier, MailChimp, etc.

Unlimited Storage

Don’t worry about your site’s capacity because Dorik provides you with all the site storage you need.

Export Code

Option to export clean and un-minified HTML/CSS/JSand Media files of your static. 

Join over 50,000+ happy Makers, Designers, and Agencies

I can't tell you how much I love Dorik!
I used to spend hours coding, but with this platform, I can create beautiful websites without even touching a line of code. It's honestly saved me so much time and frustration.

Oday Mashalla

Design Director @ 


Setting up a website for my app,, was smooth as butter with Dorik's functionalities. A definite go-to tool for any creator or product maker, who is working to build a page with a perfect blend of images, stories, and interactivity.

Aishwarya Ashok

Maker of One Good Thing


"Do i really need to explain to you why Dorik is one of the best Website builder on the market?

I have 17 websites on it and everything is working so smooth and so well ;)

The CMS launch is a gigantic opportunity for me ;)

Thanks and bravooo"

Stanislas Verjus-Lisfranc

No-Code France


Dorik has been a lifesave. I adore the look and feel of the Dorik content that you can essentially drag, drop, plug and play. Customising is also really easy and I've been complemented on our site a lot.

Milly Bannister

Director at ALLKND


I've been using Dorik since mid Beta and I can tell you first hand that the Dorik Team is 100% committed to their product. But what's really impressive about them is they are equally dedicated to YOU, their customer. The onboarding is made as simple as possible. The build experience is what you'd expect from a highly polished organisation that's on the ball. I can't recommend Dorik highly enough! They're up to it 👍🤩✔✨🙏

Lawrence Ip

Founder at


Simply the perfect ratio between efficiency and customization ✨ Before, I was just hoping from a landing page builder to another Now I found the one 😍

CISSE Mory-Fodé

Nocode Iroh Academy


Dorik allows us to create a new complete website, using simply the integration of other nocode product. Whole our team is now able to manage the updates of our beautiful website made with love with Dorik.


Founder at


Dorik is a fantastic, easy-to-use website builder. More powerful than Carrd, quicker to learn than Webflow, and responsive support - if you're looking for a great platform to build your side project or next client site, consider Dorik.

John Clancy


John Clancy

This tool is the best for web development, plain and simple. So much so I have been moving my clients away from WordPress to Dorik.

Ethan O'Sullivan

Product Manager at EPAM


Love Dorik! I've been using it for a long time now and am excited that the CMS is now out of Beta. I've been able to build several professional websites for clients and myself and have completely switched to only building new websites on Dorik for my clients.

Melissa Buening

Founder at Unicorns Agency


I have already made 6 websites using Dorik, best moments of my life <3

Alex Terentiev

Designer at TeQatlas


I became a fan of Dorik. I migrated my site from wordpress to Dorik with ease. And the customization and animation possibilities are great.

Bruno Fridlansky

Consultant & Trainer


Amazing CMS, already have build 2 websites with it, perfect with the airtable integration !

Laurent PHENIX

Nocode Maker


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