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Monetize Your Content with Membership Websites

Make your website a revenue-generating machine by turning your visitors into paying
customers. Integrate Stripe, create your own payment plans, and add paywalls to your
content - that’s it!

  • Add Paywalls

  • Design Signup Portals

  • Integrate Stripe

  • 0% Platform Commission

No Credit Card Required!

Easily Setup and start Monetizing!

Add a Paywall and Monetize All of Your Webpages

Capture the interest of your visitors and take them to a paywall by publishing Gated or ‘Paid Members Only’ content.

  • Add paywalls

  • Customize Paywalls

  • Customize Login/Signup Portals

Add Beautiful UI Blocks
Add Beautiful UI Blocks

Export Members from these famous platforms

Thinking about the hassles of migrating? Bring your subscribers into Dorik in an instant!

  • Wordpress

  • Ghost

  • Substack

  • Medium

Your Earnings, All Yours

Worried about getting charged? Breaking news - we don’t charge any commission on any income you receive.

  • No Commission

  • Get Paid From Stripe

Add Basic to Advanced Components
Add Beautiful UI Blocks

Set Monthly, Yearly, or One-Time Premium Plans

Create your own payment plans, setup is really easy, enable test mode for a demo!

  • Integrate Stripe

  • Set up payment plans

  • Test Mode

Easy Portal & Payment Setup

Design, configure, and set up your own customized Sign-Up, Sign-In, Login portal, and Floating Button for your members. Use ‘Test Mode’ to connect to Stripe and set up a payment portal.

Add Basic to Advanced Components
Add Beautiful UI Blocks

Stay Up-to-Date Always with Real-Time Events

You can add your own webhook to stay up-to-date with real-time events like when a visitor subscribes, upgrades a plan, cancels a subscription, etc.

  • Webhook URLs

  • Track Real-time events

0% Commission, Take It All Home!

Worried about getting charged? Breaking news - we don’t charge any commission on any income you receive. The income is all yours!

Stripe Integration 

Receive your subscriber’s payments by integrating Stripe

Customizable Paywall 

Create a brand experience by customizing your paywall

Secure Website 

Your website is encrypted with SSL/TLS Certificate by default

No Maintenance, More Freedom. 

The perfect launchpad for your online presence

Unlimited Hosting & Global CDN

Your websites are hosted on AWS & DigitalOcean and serve static content from our Global CDN


Every website you build is hosted on our platform and comes with a free SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt

Payment Integration

Receive payments by integrating PayPal, Stripe, & Gumroad without writing any code

In-built and Custom Forms

Add subscription, contact, or custom forms to your website and connect them with popular platforms like Zapier, MailChimp, etc.

Unlimited Storage

Don’t worry about your site’s capacity because Dorik provides you with all the site storage you need.

Export Code

Option to export clean and un-minified HTML/CSS/JSand Media files of your static. 

Beautiful designs, Endless possibilities

85+ Beautiful Templates

250+ Stunning UI Blocks

20+ Elements


Start Building Your Website!

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