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Build Websites Without Code, Plugins, or Additional Maintenance

Drag components, add buttons, use hundreds of UI blocks, or use pre-made templates to build a full website in a few clicks.

  • No-Code

  • No maintenance

  • 250+ UI Blocks

  • 80+ Templates

  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage

No CC Required!

5 star

By far the best no-code site builder. I have used
multiple products and never liked no-code builders
but Dorik. Great team and product.

Founder, Interviewy

Experience Seamless Integration with Your Favorite No-Code Tools

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The perfect launchpad for your online presence

Add Beautiful UI Blocks in one click - Like building LEGO!

Choose any component from our large library of UI blocks and Elements, drag and drop them to our preferred position on the website and create beautiful websites faster. Best part? It is all for free.

  • Large Library of templates and UI blocks

  • Edit anything in one click

  • Drag and Drop Editor

  • Intuitive interface

Add Beautiful UI Blocks
Add Basic to Advanced Components

Add Basic to Advanced Components in one click

Get everything you need to build a website in one platform. Create professional websites without writing any code, with the best no-code website builder in the market. 


  • Image, Image Galleries or Image Sliders

  • Contact Form

  • Subscription Form

  • Payment Buttons

  • Blogs

Collaborate With Your Team

Get your team on-board to build faster, monitor and grow your website as you go along. Team work makes the dream work!

  • Invite Team Members

  • Add Custom Roles

  • Set Permissions

Collaborate With Your Team
Digital Interfaces with Your Airtable Data

Build digital Interfaces from your Airtable Data

Bring data from Airtable right into Dorik and display them beautifully with Dorik's Airtable Elements. Airtable and Dorik give you more power to build and ship your website.

  • Easily Configure Airtable

  • Add Buttons, Search and Filters

  • Flexible and Customizable

Easy, Plug-in free Blogging

Write blogs, and easily create content with Dorik CMS's powerful blog editor. The interface is designed to give you a clean writing experience and the power to add anything directly from your fingertips.

  • Clean Interface for Writing

  • In-built SEO tools

  • Add Paywalls

Plug-in Free Blogging
Search Engine Optimized Pages

Search Engine Optimized & Responsive Pages

Dorik sites are search engine optimized and you get more power as a user to access all the SEO tools you need. Create your own SEO strategy first, we got the rest.

  • Add Meta Titles and Focus Keywords

  • Add Custom Schema

  • Href lang, Canonical URLs & More!

Generate Revenue with Your Premium Content

Generate revenue from premium content on your website. Add Paywalls, set up user portals, and integrate Stripe to only let your paying customers view your content.

  • Add Paywall on Content Pages

  • Portals for members to login/signup

  • Stripe Integration

  • 0% Platform Commission

Revenue with Premium Content

Hear From Other Dorikers

No Maintenance, More Freedom. 

The perfect launchpad for your online presence

Unlimited Hosting & Global CDN

Your websites are hosted on AWS & DigitalOcean and serve static content from our Global CDN


Every website you build is hosted on our platform and comes with a free SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt

Payment Integration

Receive payments by integrating PayPal, Stripe, & Gumroad without writing any code

In-built and Custom Forms

Add subscription, contact, or custom forms to your website and connect them with popular platforms like Zapier, MailChimp, etc.

Unlimited Storage

Don’t worry about your site’s capacity because Dorik provides you with all the site storage you need.

Export Code

Option to export clean and un-minified HTML/CSS/JSand Media files of your static. 

Beautiful designs, Endless possibilities

85+ Beautiful Templates

250+ Stunning UI Blocks

20+ Elements


Start Building Your Website!

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