25+ Inspiring Personal Website Examples in 2024

Discover the best beautiful personal website examples to inspire your own online presence and showcase expertise to stand out digitally.

by Zikra Tayab • 15 May 2024

A personal website is like a canvas to showcase your talents, expertise, resume, and personal profile. It's an online platform with many benefits, especially when it's well-optimized.

While platforms like LinkedIn offer professional profiles, a personal website takes it up a notch with its endless array of features. It's a world of possibilities; sometimes, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming when setting up your own.

That's why we've collected 25+ personal website examples with unique features and layouts to save time and mesmerize you.

These examples will help spark ideas for your professional profile so you can craft a personal website that truly stands out.

Create Personal website
Create Personal website

Inspiring Personal website Examples 

Explore our top picks for 2024's most inspiring personal websites. Each site is a unique blend of creativity and identity, showcasing the best in digital self-expression.

These examples highlight innovative designs and impactful content, perfect for sparking new ideas for your own website.

Let's dive in and get inspired!

1. Karl Myrvang

Karl Myrvang
Karl Myrvang Personal Website

Karl has organized this unique personal website amazingly with dynamic texts on the upper body and parallax animations in the following sections, which lets the site visitors be in a rhythm. This rhythm will let anyone enjoy scrolling his professional website from top to bottom.

Karl built this fantastic website without writing a single code in Dorik Builder.

If you like to try something dynamic and parallax, like Karl, you can go with Dorik's template and build your own. 

More exciting news is that you can now build a website with AI using Dorik AI. 

2. Peter Janssen

Peter Janssen
Peter Janssen Personal Website

This personal website is straightforward but by the book. It describes the author so well that anyone can know Peter and his expertise at a glance at his website.

As usual not a navigation bar but a call to action on the very first section of the body. He revealed his expertise in a few words. You can see him in the About section with brief content as you scroll down.

This simple website is also built with the no-code website builder Dorik's JR - Personal Portfolio template.  

Dorik AI is a game-changer for personal websites, turning your unique vision into a stunning online presence within seconds. It's incredibly user-friendly, perfect for showcasing your talents, portfolio, or personal brand. 

3. Billal Hossain

Billal Hossain
Billal Hossain Personal Website

As simplicity is the beauty of one-page websites, all the websites here are more superficial than one another.

For example, as you can see on Billal's personal website, there is no groundless design or layouts, but bold and clear on the message. 

This website is also built with the Dorik website builder. 

4. Darian Rosebrook 

Darian Rosebrook
Darian Rosebrook Personal Website

Here you go with a super unique one-page website where you don't need to scroll down because everything is already covered in the first section of the body. Darian also includes a CTA at the bottom of the page.

This design will be an easy-going option for you if you have less web design ideas.

5. Noa’s Fly

Noa's Fly
Noa's Fly Personal Website

It’s a personal photo gallery website belonging to Noa, who loves to travel and share her experiences through websites with the world. 

This website is from her collections, where she shares her Moraine Lake tour experiences with a bulk of pictures. 

She added social media icons to enrich her network and the pictures in her website footer section. Anyone can try this.

If you're someone with a passion for traveling, why not try Dorik to create your travel blog?

6. Hashemi Rafsan

Hashemi Rafsan
Hashemi Rafsan Personal Website

This website is a perfect picture of a personal blog website, as Hashemi Rafsan created his website in resume style and added some blogs on the blog button. 

After amazingly organizing a landing page, he added a "Blog" button on the top of the page, which includes some blogs about his experiences, knowledge, and many more things from his perspective. 

Start your blogging website today with Dorik to build such an amazing personal blogging site.  

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7. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk Personal Website

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and a multitasker. He includes video content on his banner page and a sidebar with social media accounts on his website.

He added many blogs on his website, lying on the sidebar's dropdown menu.

8. Vex King

Vex King
Vex King Personal Website

Vex King created this centered page website with custom code. It is a time-consuming process, but if you are an expert in coding, you can choose this unique way to build a website. However, it is also possible with no-code builders

Check the lists of popular No-code Builders.

9. Arty Crafty Bee 

Arty Crafty Bee
Arty Crafty Bee

This website is also a blogging site with a specific topic where the author Amina Faiz writes the crafts instructions for kids. However, she organized her homepage with total engagements. 

She ended her front page with the blogs and a footer. Undoubtedly, this web design can be adaptable if you also have such plans for your blog website. 

10. The Craftaholic Witch

The Craftaholic Witch
The Craftaholic Witch

The author of the Craftaholic Witch website, Muhaimina Faiz, showcases her talent and knowledge on her website. She kept the rhythm of color scheme and animated pictures on her website. It is also great to keep the theme according to its name, as Muhaimina did here.

As we scroll down to her website, we will see some DIY featured projects where she linked to some blogs. And then a brief description of her and her projects. Then, a CTA to the subscription form to keep the engagement with the readers. 

This website is nicely used with the WordPress theme.  

11. Gary Le Masson

Gary Le Masson
Gary Le Masson Landing Page
Gary Le Masson
Gary Le Masson Personal Website

Do you know any search engine named Gray Le Masson? I guess not. Because there is no Gray Le Masson search engine, then what's this?

It is a personal website belonging to someone named Gray le Masson. The most beautiful website I have seen so far.

Visit him to gather some unique knowledge. 

Explore these amazing websites to get inspiration for your personal blog website. 

12. Muazzim

Muazzim Portfolio
Muazzim Portfolio

This fabulous website has impressive features that anyone can apply to their websites. The hovered system and the structure are amazingly organized. 

Muazzim showcased his talents and worked on this website very well. He also added some blogs to help his clients understand him before hiring.

He also added a store button where clients can easily purchase the services. If you find this relatable to your criterion, feel free to adopt the features from Dorik.  

Read more about must-have features on a website builder.

13. Shourav

Shourav Portfolio
Shourav Portfolio

After a lengthy collection of the best personal websites, Sourav's personal portfolio website came up with a very professional vibe. He is a UI/UX designer and showcased his talent through his website.

Shourav added dynamic text to his website and some animated GIFs to attract website visitors. He also showcased his skills, projects, and experiences accordingly. 

The "clients I worked with earlier" and the testimonials are the top drawer section of his website, which will build excellent impressions towards his clients.

14. Alexane NGO HAGBE

Alexane NGO Hagbe
Alexane NGO Hagbe

This is a French website of Alexane, who provides her services through this beautiful tiny website in French. So, we can say, it's also an example of service websites

Here, she included her present position, academic career, and online portfolio. Again, this is very simple with bold messages.  

If this design and layout hits your ideas right off the bat, build your one.

15. Elias Soykat

Elias Soykat Portfolio
Elias Soykat Portfolio

When you enter Elias's website, you will receive a dynamic text typing some code that speaks about his website Homepage. 

You can skip this animation or wait for a few seconds to be floated into the main page of Elias's website. 

The website's first page doesn't need to be scrolled down because he included all his messages in a few words and added some pages in the blog button on the nav bar. 

Also, he added a theme option for the client. So whoever wants can switch it from light to dark themes. 

16. Junaed Ahmed

Junaed Ahmed Portfolio
Juaned Ahmed Portfolio

It's a well-organized resume website where Junaed has added his headshot, recent works, skills, experiences, and recommendations accordingly. 

A clean and concise website can create a great impression on clients when they visit a candidate's website. 

You can pick this website design inspiration dorik personal portfolio template, as Junaed did.   

17. Ashfak

Ashfak Portfolio
Ashfak Portfolio

As Ashfak is a MERN STACK developer, he showcased his talent well in a few words in the very first section of the website. 

Also, he added some technologies in an excellent way that he used in his professional career. For example, it's a fantastic way to cover up things on a website to grab potential clients. 

Furthermore, clients would like to know the candidates' experiences, skills, and courses, so Ashfak nicely added the course page on the menu bar dropdown and contact information in the last section.

18. Shekh Al Raihan

Shekh Al Raihan
Shekh Al Raihan Portfolio

Shekh Al Raihan is a product designer who is very bold about his personal brand in the hero section of the website. However, the moment the client scrolls down, the designation of his brand will fade out, showing his complete picture.

In the following section, he added his skills in UI/UX case studies in detail, which helps every personal brand engage some potential clients. 

He added some clients' names in the last section with services for social proof.

He also added social links in the footer section to keep following up with the site visitors.

19. Ashraful Islam Hridoy

Ashraf Portfolio
Ashraful Islam Portfolio

Ashraful has added a nice customized website logo and affixed dynamic texts in the hero section with his professional overview. He also added the resume in the call to action buttons instead of contact information. 

Rather than using several pages, Ashraful chose to embody the website with a few sections on a page. 

He assimilated his skills, experiences, and projects with social links on his website. Also, the contact form from his website will help the clients to reach him easily. 

20. Bayzid Khan

Bayzid Khan Portfolio
Bayzid Khan Portfolio

No, it's not a PowerPoint slide tool; it's a website. Here, Bayzid designed his hero section of the website like a tool. It's a unique way to attract potential clients with personal branding details

This website embodies various features. Bayzid did excellent work in it, adding animated GIFs with the color tune

The signs of a potential employer are having plenty of testimonials, which Bayzid successfully added in the last section of the website. 

The blog button in the dropdown expanded Bayzid's website with more informational pages that speak more about his perspective. 

All in all, anyone can have design inspiration from Bayzid's website.

21. Narveer Singh

Narveer Singh Portfolio
Narveer Singh Portfolio

The most exciting part of Narveer's website is the animated hover effects that can attract all the people who visit his site. The hovers can even influence the potential client.

It's indeed an eye-catching design.

22. Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson Portfolio
Brandon Johnson Portfolio

Brandon Jonson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at Purdue University

He themed his website accurately as his profession. The color combination and the theme are precisely on point.

23. Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star Portfolio
Jasmine star Portfolio

Jasmine accumulated many pictures of herself on the website, as shown on the banner page, where she added most images with slides. 

Along with the pictures, she added some videos from her YouTube channel on her web page.

24. Bruno-Simon

Bruno Simon Portfolio
Bruno Simon Portfolio

Did I mistakenly list gaming websites here? Obviously, no.

This is a personal portfolio website where you can drive a car and visit his web pages.

Bruno Simon Playground
Bruno Simon Play Ground

Also, Bruno Simon added a playground where anyone can enter and play, which is a way to keep engagement on his website.

25. Sheikh Ariful Islam 

Sheikh Ariful Islam Portfolio
Sheikh Ariful Islam Portfolio

The resume button from the nav bar is an excellent pathway to interact with the client effortlessly.

On the other hand, on this website, all the skills and portfolios are combined on the first page with a parallax animation. The blog page linked on the navbar speaks more about Sheikh Ariful's perspectives. 

26. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Portfolio
Robin Sharma Portfolio

Robin is an author whose writings, more or less, all of us have read. 

How about visiting his personal branding website to generate some ideas for building a personal website, especially when you are a professional writer and want to sell your writings? 

You can sell your books or products by connecting Gumroad on your website, which will help you assume the e-commerce facility of the CMS builder on your website. 

27. Modhurima Chowdhury Proma


You can consider this website a one-page and a portfolio at the same time.

Modhurima has created this clean and minimalist one-page portfolio website with Dorik. 

It is a very concise website that speaks all the information in a nutshell.

The last thing that is beyond mention is the layout of her website, which is organized with sections that display information about her skills, portfolio, contacts, and minimalist footer.

Overall, it could be a best practice if you are looking to build such a minimalist website.

28. Haruki Murakami


The Haruki Murakami website is minimalist and user-friendly. It includes sections like "Author," "Library," and "Community."

It features sections devoted to the author's biography, his literary works, community engagement, and additional resources — offering a comprehensive portal for fans and newcomers alike to dive into Murakami's universe. 

Visit the site for a full experience: Haruki Murakami

These are all for now. We hope that you enjoyed visiting sites and gathering ideas about them. Now. let's move on to some significant points of building a personal website. 

Some Important Commonalities

After visiting a bunch of examples for inspiration, we have come to the conclusion that some commonalities are visible and essential to keep in every website.  

and these are, 

  • A branding logo,
  • Personal brand statement in the above-the-fold section,
  • Actionable CTAs
  • Testimonials
  • High-Quality Visuals
  • Works you've done successfully
  • Contact Page,
  • Social media links.

💡 Read How to Create a Personal Website: Step-by-Step Guidelines  

What are the benefits of having a personal website?

The benefits of having a personal website are many. Such as,

  • Easy to being recruited
  • Acquire competitive advantage
  • Enrich the chances of landing a job
  • Enrich creativity
  • Work better than a resume
  • Opportunities to achieve new skills,

And more that goes beyond explaining. That's what you're also guessing, right? 

How to make your personal website stand out?

To make your personal website stand out, practice the following steps, 

  • Choose an upright template that meets your specialty. In Dorik, you will get 80+ templates to choose from according to your specialty. 
  • Use color and font in harmony that suits your theme.
  • A video can attract people more than a picture, so try to
  • Make sure to update great content.
  • Use stunning, attractive, and decent visuals on your own website.

Wrapping Up

A web design process meets a collection of several skills and expertise in maintaining a website. By creating a website, one will automatically achieve such mastery.

We all get mesmerized by multiple website templates and designs. But here, we've presented a very few of the best personal website examples for you to draft your plan.

Hiring a developer to build your personal site is not mandatory, but you can create one with any of the best website builders with excellent facilities. For example, the no-code and ai website builder- Dorik provides free templates and sophisticated website builder features.


Meet Zikra, a digital marketer at Dorik. Alongside marketing, Zikra is very passionate about technical writing for her audience. Besides, Zikra can be found hiking in the mountains or trying out new recipes in the kitchen when she's not busy writing. 

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