50+ Best Website Builders in 2024

Looking for the best website builders? We've got you covered! Our blog features 50+ of the best platforms, with in-depth reviews to help you make the right choice for your project.

by Editorial Team • 13 March 2024


Nowadays, anyone can create a website easily with the right website builders. Our top picks for the best website builders are designed for various purposes, including e-commerce and blogs, making web design straightforward without needing coding skills.

Popular choices offer templates and AI commands for a quick start, simplifying the process of adding images and content before publishing. Most website builders we recommend are all-in-one packages, providing web hosting, domain registration, SEO, AI features and editing tools for a single monthly fee — ensuring you get value, simplicity, and scalability for your online project.

Build website with Dorik

Best Website Builders for Any Skill Level

Our website builder experts reviewed 50+ builders and listed all of them here.

Top 10 Builders:

  1. Dorik
  2. Wix
  3. WordPress
  4. Shopify
  5. Webflow
  6. Squarespace
  7. Bubble
  8. Zyro
  9. Jimdo
  10. Carrd

Read on and get the details of all 50+ website building platforms.

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1. Dorik: Best No-Code and AI Website Builder

Editor's Pick

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $15 per month (billed annually)

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5 

Product Hunt Achievement: #1 Product of the Week

Dorik AI


Dorik is the best no-code and ai website builder in the industry. Whether you need a landing page or a full-fledged website for your business or clients, Dorik will get your website up and running in minutes without compromising quality. It is the most flexible white-level platform that allows you to build and launch your dream website.

Key Features

The builder is ready to let you enjoy numerous striking features. All the features and functions have made it the best platform for building a website. Here we are describing some of them. Let’s learn more! 

AI Site Generation: This feature will help you generate a full website with a single prompt. You can even regenerate any specific section or the full layout with a single click. 

AI Text Generator: You can generate relevant and engaging website copies depending on your prompt. Even you can regenerate them as you need.

AI Image Generator: Dorik AI will provide you with pixel-perfect images. Moreover, you will be able to re-generate images by writing prompts as per your requirements.

Drag & Drop Builder: It allows you to build your website step by step using a visual interface without writing any code. You can add texts, headings, images, buttons, videos, and other elements using the drag & drop editor. Just pick an element and place it on the page where you want it. Plus, you can also easily move any element around the page.

Well-structured Templates and Blocks: Dorik offers you 80+ pre-built templates with 250+ stunning UI blocks and 20+ elements. You can add New Sections and insert any pre-built blocks. Besides, you are free to include a Section with Regular Columns or CMS Row with Columns to customize your template depending on your needs.

Responsive Design: Dorik ensures that your website will look good on any device. You will have a convenient experience with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

White-Label Dashboard: This unique feature helps you establish your own branding. You can build websites for your clients without letting them know that you have created them using Dorik.

So, you can give your client access to the dedicated Dashboard of your client's website. Every aspect of your CMS, including your layouts, designs, and illustrations, is entirely customizable.

However, we are presenting you with the Best Ways to Choose a White-Label CMS

Custom Collection: Dorik Custom Collection is another noteworthy advantage for you. It allows you to store content on the database and present it anywhere on your website. It reduces the hassle of repetitive tasks. 

Hosting, Global CDN & Unlimited Storage: You need not worry about the hosting plan because Dorik takes care of it. Once you create a site in Dorik, it will be automatically hosted. The platform uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) & DigitalOcean web hosting services and serves static content from its Global CDN to provide a flawless experience. Most surprisingly, you will enjoy unlimited storage in every plan.

Free SSL/HTTPS: There is no compromise with website security. You can feel safe as your website will carry a free SSL/HTTPS certificate.

Custom Domain: Dorik supports using custom domains, allowing users to add their own domain name for their website instead of a subdomain of the website builder platform. Thus, you can expand your own identity.

Built-in Blogging Platform: The platform allows you to easily create and manage a blog on your website, with features like slugs, categories, tags, comment moderation, and many more. You can format your blog posts using headings, blockquote, images, etc., to make them easy to read. Additionally, you can embed content from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Codepen, Github, etc. So, Dorik is the best website builder for blogs.

Learn how to create and optimize your blog for better SEO performance using Dorik CMS

Membership & Gated Contents: You can create free or paid membership tiers for your audience and control access to your content according to the audience's plan. The built-in payment system will allow you to accept payments from your audience without paying any extra fees.

Team Collaboration: You can add team members and collaborate with them to get input on designs, feedback, or brainstorming sessions.

Powerful Integrations: You can integrate marketing, analytics, and payment tools to collect, send, and organize your data. It includes Zapier, MailChimp, Integromat, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Airtable, PayPal, Stripe, Gumroad, and many more. You can also use Crisp as a live chat box on your site.

If you are interested to create a job board using Dorik and Airtable, you can read the following article.

How to Create a Job Board Using Dorik and Airtable in 3 Easy Steps

Native SEO: With Dorik, you have total control over your website's SEO performance, from content to design to sharing. The features include built-in SEO settings, JSON-LD data structure, automated sitemap generator, canonical URLs, built-in image optimization, etc.

Learn why Dorik is the best website building platform for SEO  

Supports Multiple Languages: You can build your site in your preferred language. 


Dorik is very cost-effective website builder in the industry. It starts from $15/month if you pay ANNUALLY. If you like to pay monthly, you can pay $19/month.

Check Dorik Pricing in details.

Ease of Use 

Dorik is the most accessible and user-friendly tool to build your site online. It has a low learning curve. The Dashboard and the editing panel are super easy to understand. You can quickly navigate through the site and edit the content where necessary.

Plus, this no-code builder offers DocumentationTutorial Videos, and Community support to make everything simple and effective.

Dorik User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

The blog feature is super cheap compared to other providers, and the no-code editor is super efficient - no fuss.

Dorik has the best site templates for many use cases. I could easily find the one fitting my need and adapt it to my company branding.

It's easy and simple to get a good-looking website in a few hours.

Best value for money for single page websites and blogs.

Dorik is the BEST Website Builder with integrated White Labeled CMS Dashboard. 

I was confused between the Classic offer and the CMS offer and I had to restart my website.

FAQs on Dorik

Can I make a multilingual site using Dorik?

Yes, you can. You will get the entire process of creating a multilingual site in the Dorik Help Desk.

Can I Use Global Fonts in Dorik?

Yes, you are allowed to use Global Fonts in Dorik.

2. Wix


Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $4/month to $35/month

G2 Rating: 4.2/5

Capterra Review: 4.4/5


Wix is a cloud-based website builder that enables individuals and small businesses to create, manage, and grow professional-looking websites. With Wix, you can build a website in minutes without worrying about coding or complex design concepts.

Key Features 

Let’s have a look at some of Wix’s features.

Drag-and-Drop Editor: Wix provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that allows users to create and customize their websites without coding.

Responsive Template: It comes with over 500 fully responsive templates covering various businesses and industries.

SEO-Friendly: Its advanced SEO tools will help drive organic traffic to your site. Your sites will be fast and secure.

E-commerce Feature: With Wix's eCommerce features, you can easily add an online store to your website and start selling products or services online.

Wix ADI: Plus, using the Wix ADI feature, you can design a customized website just by answering a few questions.

Velo by Wix: Even you can build advanced web applications through Velo by Wix.

Other Features: Domain customization, an online booking facility, integrations, App Market, Analytics, Contact Management, Member Login, and many more.


Wix offers seven different pricing editions under two broad categories- Website Plans and Business and eCommerce Plans. It also has a free option for you.

You will find four different pricing in Website Plans, starting from $4 per month to $24 per month. The plans are Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and VIP. The more advanced the plan you buy, the more features such as bandwidth, storage space, video hours, the Site Booster app, and the Visitor Analytics app you will get.

Business & eCommerce plans:

It is perfect for accepting online payments. This section has three pricing plans: Business Basic starts at $17 per month, Business Unlimited at $25 per month, and Business VIP at $35 per month. Most of the features are the same. You will see the differences in bandwidth and video hours.

All the pricing plans are based on yearly subscriptions. You have to pay the full amount when purchasing.

Ease of Use

Wix's drag-and-drop editor is great for beginners as it is easy to customize. It also has a range of tutorials, guides, and support resources. However, the multitude of features may need to be clarified.

Wix User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Wix is the perfect website management platform training wheels.

The Best Website Creator for emergency Use and for small businesses without any knowledge of coding.

Simple and easy to setup and use for small businesses.

Wix is a fantastic and clean website creator.

Not that easy as you may think.

Absolutely awful customer service and support when things go wrong (which they do, daily).

FAQs on Wix

What are the disadvantages of Wix?

Here are some disadvantages of Wix:

  • The free plan displays Wix branding
  • Limited transferability of data
  • It does not offer free tracking & analytics
  • Poor SEO features
Is Wix good for beginners?

Yes, Wix is suitable for beginners. But its vast amount of features may cause difficulties for beginners.

3. WordPress 


Free Plan: Available

Pricing: Free

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.6/ 5


WordPress.org (WordPress) is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is one of the world's most popular website builders and blogging platforms. WordPress.org is self-hosted, meaning you must have your domain name and hosting account to use it.

Key Features 

WordPress presents you with the essential features to create both simple and complex websites. Some of them are as follows:

Attractive Themes: You can choose from thousands of free and paid themes or create your own theme using HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builders: It also offers drag-and-drop page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc. They help you insert different elements with the click of your mouse.

Plugins: There are almost  60,251 plugins available for free that allow you to add new features and functionalities to your site.

User Management: This feature lets you give specific access to specific people. You may not need all the people on your website with the same role. So you can mark them as Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

Easy Content Management System: Managing your website content in WordPress is stressless. You can log in to your account from anywhere and can do the necessary modifications with ease.

SEO Friendly: Websites developed in WordPress site builder are optimized for search engines. It means your site will perform better in search results. 

Easy Integration: WordPress can be easily integrated with other websites and platforms, such as social media integration and e-commerce.

Multilingual Support: Moreover, WordPress lets you translate your website into more than 75 languages.


WordPress.org is free of cost. You can design free sites here. But to publish your site, it requires a domain name along with a web hosting plan. It means you have to pay for them. If you want to add more features and functionalities to your site, you may need to buy premium plugins from third-party companies.

The following articles will help you to host your website.

How to Host a Website Easily?

Ease of Use 

Though WordPress is user-friendly, you may need more technical knowledge to simplify it. On the other hand, for people having prior essential coding experience or technical knowledge, WordPress would be a playing ground for them. However, if you want to avoid using manual HTML, CSS, or PHP codes, you are free to use different plugins based on your necessity. 

WordPress User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

All in all, my experience with WordPress has been good. I think that the blogging experience is just about in the top 5.

WordPress is Dynamic Heaven. Simply the most robust open source CMS out there. Versatile with plenty of options!

WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacking, attacks, and spamming and often you only learn this once you've been attacked. More should be done for security.

Extremely inconvenient for first-time users. Heavily text-based and can be confusing for learners to navigate through it.

FAQs on WordPress 

Can I install WordPress on my computer?

Yes, you can install WordPress on your computer using MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), or Flywheel.

Does WordPress offer customer support?

No. You will not get any customer support from WordPress.org. But you will find numerous community resources and forums willing to help others.

4. Shopify

Free Plan: Available (Free Trial in all Plans for 3 days)

Pricing: $29 to $299 per month (billed yearly)

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5


Shopify is a cloud-based multichannel e-commerce website builder. It provides various tools and features to help merchants sell products and services online, including payment processing, inventory management, shipping and tax calculations, and customizable storefronts. Businesses of all sizes use Shopify.

Key Features 

Drag-and-Drop: Shopify's drag-and-drop interface makes adding products, collections, and pages to your site easy.

Customizable Templates & Pages: Shopify is one of the best website builders with professionally designed templates. It gives you the option to add and customize pages, including the ability to add images, text, and other media.

E-commerce Functions: You can sell products directly from the website, with features like product listings, shopping carts, and checkout.

Integrations: Shopify integrates with major credit cards and payment processors such as PayPal and Apple Pay. It offers discounted shipping rates and integration. You can easily navigate your business's metrics from the Shopify dashboard.


Shopify offers a free trial. The Basic plan begins at $29/month (billed yearly), the Shopify plan at $79/month (billed yearly), the Advanced program at $299/month (billed yearly), and Starter at $1/month. The Starter plan enables selling products through social and messaging apps.

Shopify's most expensive and feature-rich plan is SophifyPlus starting at $2,000 per month.

Ease of Use

Though Shopify includes many features and functions, you may find it difficult to manage. The main reason behind this issue is that the builder is divided into two interfaces.

They are 1) The Frontend and 2) The Backend. 

The Frontend controls the design editing part of your store. On the other hand, you have to add your products and manage the inventory from the Backend interface.

Shopify User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

The most impressive thing about Shopify is that it is both powerful and simple to use, which is the biggest struggle of platforms that want to secure their users with a number of features.

Good for those entering the online sales business, but a mid-range system for professionals.

Shopify makes selling products simple.

High cart flexibility and low cost.

Expensive for Small Businesses.

It can be a bit confusing and scary when you first look at it with a blank website.

FAQs on Shopify 

Can Shopify stores be hacked?

Online Shopify stores frequently become the target of hackers. So, it would be best if you were more cautious regarding your site's security. 

Can I ban a customer from my Shopify store?

Yes, you can! To do so, you have to go to your Shopify admin panel. Then navigate to the customer's page. Finally, hit the "Block customer" button.

5. Webflow

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $14 to $212 per month (billed yearly)

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Capterra Review: 4.4/5


Webflow is an excellent website-building platform that provides everything you need to create and host your own website without writing any code. It offers design, content management, e-commerce, and marketing tools.

Key Features

Though there are alternatives to Webflow, the platform tries to satisfy its users all the time with its amazing features. Here are some of them.

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Webflow is easy to use and has a drag-and-drop interface that makes designing your website simple and fun.

Responsive Website Templates: Webflow has 100+ free and premium responsive website templates to kickstart your design process and customize as needed.

Design Tools: With the Designer, you can add elements to your pages, such as text, images, videos, forms, animations, buttons, etc.

CMS: Webflow has a built-in content management system (CMS), which allows you to manage and update your website's content.

Collaboration: Webflow allows multiple users to collaborate on a website design, with version control and the ability to leave comments and feedback.

Integrations: Webflow integrates with various third-party apps and services, including marketing automation, email, and analytic tools.


Webflow offers its pricing in two main categories: General and E-commerce. General has four plans from $14 to $39/month (billed yearly). The Starter Plan is free and requires a .webflow.io sub-domain. Other plans differ by content editors, CMS items, and bandwidth.

The E-commerce Site Plan offers three deals from $29 to $212 per month (billed yearly). All the deals in this category include all the Business plan features.

Ease of Use 

Webflow combines everything you require to build a website, but it may seem complex for new users. But with enough time and help from resources like courses, blogs, e-books, forums, and the community, creating websites will be like child's play. It is one of the best website builders for designers.

However, if you are not satisfied with the features of Webflow, consider these 8 must-have features while choosing Webflow alternatives.   

Webflow User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

It is a pleasure to use, has brilliant tutorials, and massively expands what a small team was able to do.

The perfect website builder for designer.

Superb for visual Development, and easy animations. An ideal tool to build your website according to your needs.

The worst part of Webflow is his learning curve, I take a long time to learn how to use and manipulate it, but after this, it's really easy. Another bad thing in Webflow is the you get stuck to his host.

If something goes wrong, their support is absent and you're stuck building new site on a different platform.

FAQs on Webflow

Are Webflow websites SEO-friendly?

Yes, websites built by Webflow are SEO-friendly.

Can I import my website or my code?

Yes, you can import HTML, CSS, assets, and JavaScript codes if you use a paid plan.

6. Squarespace

Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: $16 to $49 per month (Billed annually)

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5


Squarespace is another unique platform in the realm of website builders. It aims to make website creation accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills. By providing an intuitive and streamlined platform, you can quickly and easily build a website that reflects your brand, showcases your products or services, and engages with your audience.

Key Features

Some of its key features are mentioned below:

Beautiful Design: Squarespace offers a variety of professionally-designed templates that can be customized to fit your brand.

Drag-and-Drop Editor: The drag-and-drop editing interface makes adding, arranging, and customizing elements on your pages easy.

E-commerce: You can create and manage online stores with Squarespace's e-commerce tools, including product management, order fulfillment, and secure payment processing.

Analytics: Squarespace provides detailed analytics and reporting to help you track your website's traffic, sales, and engagement metrics.

SEO Features: It also provides built-in SEO tools. The SEO functionality will help you to make your website visible in Google Search.

Integrations: Squarespace integrates with various third-party apps and services, such as social media platforms, email marketing tools, and more.

Blogging Tools: Furthermore, you can manage your blogs from a smartphone using Squarespace's Blog App.


Squarespace comes with four major pricing plans- the Personal plan starts at $16, the Business plan at $23, the Commerce(BASIC) at $27, and the Commerce(ADVANCED) at $49 per month (Billed annually).

With all the plans, you will enjoy the free domain customization option. The Business plan charges a "fully integrated e-commerce 3% transaction fee," but it is free for the latter two plans.

 Ease of Use

Customizing your website is a breeze with Squarespace. The "Undo" button comes in handy if you want to reverse any changes. But it does not autosave changes, meaning a wrong move requires starting from scratch.

However, you will get enough guidance while creating your website.

Squarespace User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

The templates are amazing, beautiful design and the recommended color palette, type family are very useful.

Squarespace is the perfect web solution for small business owners. Great for Freelance Web Designers!

Easy drag-and-drop alternative to other web platforms.

Sometimes there is a lag time where the system takes a little while to respond and that can be annoying.

 Extremely limited features and integrations.

FAQs on Squarespace 

Are there free Squarespace plans?

No, there is no free plan in Squarespace.

Is it possible to monetize a Squarespace site?

Yes, it is possible to monetize a site built by Squarespace. You can add Google AdSense, affiliate links, or other banner ads to your website.

7. Bubble

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $29 to $529 per month

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Capterra Review: 4.6/5


Bubble is a visual programming platform and one of the best website builders allowing users to create web applications like SaaS platforms, CRMs, marketplaces, social media sites, and service websites without writing code. Since 2012, Bubble has been helping non-technical people to automate their business processes.

Key Features

Drag-and-drop Editor: You can build pixel-perfect and fully responsive designs without writing HTML or CSS codes.

Custom Domains: With Bubble, users can add a custom domain name to make their app White-label. If you struggle to choose a perfect domain name, the following blog will come handy. 

6 Simple Steps to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

Version Control and Backups: Bubble automatically backs up your data. So you can efficiently utilize the version history to test any changes safely. Restoring any previous version is not an issue anymore.

Database Management: Bubble has an integrated database system that allows you to store and manage data for your application.

Convenient Integrations: The platform offers integrations with other tools and services, such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Segment, Stripe, Braintree, and more.

Collaboration: It allows up to 40 collaborators to work on the same application, making it easy for teams to work together.


Bubble has five main pricing plans: The Free plan offers the core platform features and carries Bubble branding. The Personal plan starts at $29 per month, the Professional at $129 per month, and the Production at $529 per month. Most of the Professional and Production plan features are the same. But the amount and number of options with each feature will vary.

Moreover, you can contact the authority for the Custom plan for more specified features and functions. Plus, they offer discounted programs for Students, Universities & Non-profit organizations.

However, if you create software for clients, you can go for the Agency plan that costs $78/month per designer.

Ease of Use

There are so many features in the editing panel that you may need help to start. Once you are familiar with the platform, you will love it for sure. You can enhance your website’s features and functions by installing plugins. Additionally, you will get videos, manuals, blogs, community forums, etc., to solve any issue.

Bubble User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Fast implementation, really great support, very good energy comes from that. Great way to test out working solutions and ideas.

Bubble Is Great For Technical Users.

Great tool, but it will frustrate you.

Very complicated but interesting product.

 At first I had problems with understanding it. I suggest a more specific manual.

FAQs on Bubble 

Is Bubble SEO-friendly?

Yes, the platform performs well in SERP. It allows you to set meta tags, customize URLs, and generate site maps.

Does Bubble use AWS?

Yes. Bubble stores its data using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

8. Zyro

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $11.99 per month to $14.99 per month

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Review: 4.7/5


Zyro is another powerful website builder founded in 2019. Its parent company is Hostinger. You are free to choose from dozens of well-structured templates. Zyro offers excellent AI tools like logo maker, image resizer, business name, slogan generator, etc., so creating a fully functional website with Zyro is easy and fun.

Key Features

Some of its key features are mentioned below:

Drag-and-Drop Editor: The drag-and-drop editor allows you to add texts, buttons, images, videos, e-commerce and marketing tools, etc., to your template.

Pre-made Website Templates: More than a hundred customizable templates are available in Zyro. Depending on your necessity, you can add different elements and pages to your template.

E-Commerce Functionality: If you wish to launch an online store, select a template that offers an online store page. Then easily manage inventory, orders, payments, checkouts, reporting, customer service support, etc., from a single dashboard.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Zyro's CRM lets you stay in touch with your customers. You can send automated emails describing current discounts, offers, etc.

Blogging: You can use Zyro's AI Writer, blog title generator, and other AI tools to start a new blog.

Mobile & SEO Friendly: Websites built and launched from Zyro are well-optimized for different types of devices and provide SEO settings.

Powerful Integrations: Zyro allows you to integrate Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Kliken, different payment methods, Facebook pixel, Pinterest tag, Facebook Live Chat, etc.


Zyro offers two different pricing plans. The first plan is Website which starts at $11.99 per month.

On the other hand, the Business plan starts at $14.99 per month. It comes with all the features of the Website plan. Additionally, this plan permits you to sell up to 500 products.

Ease of Use

Zyro is still in the race with its ease of use. The drag-and-drop editor has made customization quick. You need not make it device responsive because the builder automatically does it for you. Plus, the integration process is also simple.

Zyro User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Developing a website is now easy using Zyro!

 The easiest and less restrictive editor, hands down.

 Great Investment. Zyro - Easy to use.

Not for e-commerce due to terribly bad SEO performance.

 The biggest con is the lack of add-ons or plug-ins.

FAQs on Zyro

Can I use a custom domain?

Yes, you can add a custom domain to the Zyro website.

Can I change my template once I've built my website?

Yes, you have the freedom to change a template.

9. Jimdo

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: 0$ - 39$ per month

G2 Rating: 4.0/5

Capterra Rating: 4.3/5


Jimdo, a German website builder and hosting platform, was launched in February 2007.

They offer two different services; Creator and Dolphin. Respectively, one is their original drag-and-drop website builder, and another is their new AI website builder.

Jimdo's core users are Small businesses, self-employed artists, freelancers, people who want to be entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to create a website without prior technical expertise or coding skills.

Along with the website building services, they provide hosting services, domain registration, and e-commerce functionality to the users.

Key Features

The key features of Jimdo are:

Mobile-Friendly: Mobile users are expanding dramatically these days, and keeping this in mind, Jimdo has designed a mobile-friendly website.

Users can see, edit and use Jimdo from mobile devices like desktops.

Logo Creation Tool: Jimdo has created a logo creation tool for their website for new business owners who still need to do branding for their business.

They can use the Jimdo logo creations tool's icons, fonts, borders, and colors to create their own logo.

Online Store Builder: Users can use Jimdo's online store plan to create an online website. Jimdo provides premium plans divided into basic, business, and VIP for online stores.

Depending on pricing plans, Jimdo allowed users to use up to 100 products and 450 variants in an entire online store and 36 variants per product.


Jimdo has two pricing plans; Website and Online Store. Each plan has different sections.

The Website Plan has four sections, Play for free, Start for personal website ($9 per month), Grow for business website ($15 per month), and Unlimited toolbox for success (39$ per month).

And the Online Store has three sections, Basic for small stores (15$ per month), Business for professional online stores (19$ per month), and VIP, the Complete Toolbox for success (39$ per month).

Ease of Use

Jimdo has provided its services in 2 different ways. Dolphin and Creator.

Dolphin is an AI-driven editor. All you need is to answer some questions about your requirements, and it will create your website according to your answers.

On the contrary, the Jimdo creator allows users to drag and drop elements into the pages. Somewhere it is easier than the dolphin. 

Jimdo User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from Capterra and G2:

An easy-to-use tool as a website builder.

 Jimdo allows me to quickly create content and maintain my website from any browser.

Amazing and easy-to-use tool for website development!

 Ultimate option for no-code site and best option for beginners.

easy and quick set up but somewhat limited design.

Good Tools but not cigar.

FAQs on Jimdo

Is Jimdo a Free Website Builder?

Yes, Jimdo is a free website builder.

Jimdo offers free and premium options, with limited features in the free plan and advanced features in the paid plans.

How Much Storage Does Jimdo Provide?

500 MB to Unlimited storage.

In the play plan, anyone can use up to 500 MB of storage.

10. Carrd

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $9 to $469 per year

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5


Carrd was launched in 2016 as a website builder designed for non-technical users to create fully responsive one-page websites quickly and easily. With minimal effort, you'll be able to create a professional-looking, responsive website in very little time with it. It's best for beginners who are just exploring the website builder community.

Key Features

Do you want to know what Carrd is offering to attract people? Well, here you go.

Rich Template Collection: Carrd offers 75+ templates to ensure you find something you like that suits your style. You will see them categorized by different niches.

Drag and Drop Editor: It offers a drag-and-drop editor where you can edit the elements without any complexity.

Free and Custom Domain: You'll get a free subdomain when you create the site with the free plan. You'll have custom domain support when you go PRO.

Widgets and Embeds: It offers embedding widgets from popular third-party services like PayPal, Stripe, Gumroad, Typeform, etc. It also allows users to embed custom code to create a unique website.


Carrd offers a basic plan for free with access to most of its core features. On the paid side, it doesn't offer any monthly plan; they offer only yearly subscriptions.

It has 14 different paid plans, with prices starting at $9 and going up to $469 per year. When the $9 package allows you to create 3 sites with Pro and custom templates, the $469 package will allow you to create 500. You will also get access to premium templates, password protection, and payment gateway integration feature with some of them.

Ease of Use 

Carrd deserves high accolades for this. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Labels are easy to spot, and there's no terminology that could confuse any average Joe. An easy-to-follow instruction guide will help you learn the basics when you start building.

Carrd User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra.

Carrd, an easy website to use and work with, perfect for almost anything.

Carrd Is One of My Most Used Platforms For A Reason.

 The templates are a winner, easy to use, the best value for money.

Carrd: Amazing.

 It lacks some flexibility in terms of integrations with other tools.

The absence of a pop-up menu stands out for me. This is one feature that I struggle with.

FAQs on Carrd 

Why is Carrd so popular?

Carrd is very popular because of its vast collection of templates, easy-to-use builder, and close-to-zero learning curve.

Is Carrd good for websites?

Yes, Carrd is really good for one-page websites like landing pages, portfolios, profiles, business cards, etc., but it can't create multi-page sites.

You can create one-page as well as multi-page websites with Dorik, one of the best no-code tools in the market.

11. Square Online (formerly Weebly)

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $79/month(2.9% + 30¢ per transaction, when you make a sale)

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5


Founded in 2009, Square Online has become one of the top eCommerce platforms for freelancers, large enterprises, mid-size businesses, and small businesses to build websites and sell their products online.

Key Features

Square Online offers some essential features to make your website a high-functioning one; some of the features are -

Websites: You can build websites and sell products with Square Online’s simple process.

Order Management: You can manage orders with a cart and checkout facility on your website.

Marketing: Square Online also offers you marketing and SEO tools like- lead-capturing forms, and ads.

Analytics: You can see site statistics and some advanced eCommerce statistics with Square Online.

Brand Customization: You can remove the Square branding from the footer if you purchase a paid plan. 


Square Online offers three pricing plans - Free at $0/month, Plus at $29+/month, and Premium at $79+/month.

The Plus and Premium plans include website-building features for orders, carts, checkout, marketing, payment integrations, and analytics. You can get it by upgrading and their custom plan.

Ease of Use 

Square Online is built with keeping the process minimal and easy. No matter how inexperienced you are, their simple interface will make your website-building journey a smooth one.

Square Online User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

Easy to use! I definitely Reccomend for small businesses!

A godsend for the restaurant industry.

Square has been a great place to grow my online presence through the years.

Very Useful and Quick to Set Up.

0 stars Unable to setup account online. Support over the phone told me we cannot use Square.

FAQs on Square Online 

Is Square Online reliable?

Yes, Square Online is reliable. As an e-commerce platform, Square online is great to use with its other facilities.

Does Square Online process online payments?

Yes, Square processes online payments. Square makes it easy to accept payments online through credit and debit cards.

12. Duda

Free Plan: Available (14 days Trial)

Pricing: $19 to $59 per month

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5


Founded in 2009, the Duda website builder has become a platform that website creators and agencies can trust. From personal websites to business websites for example building a restaurant website, Duda can create it all. You can build a website faster with its dynamic page creation and automated workflows.

Key Features 

Let's see what Duda is offering in this space.

Automate Site Creation: Creating websites based on your customer's existing data is possible. This process takes only a few clicks which is mindblowing.

API Integration: You can integrate more than 100 APIs to customize different types of website (DIY, DIFM, and DIWM) creation flows.

Team Collaboration: Duda allows up to 10 members to work seamlessly on a project with the Agency premium plan. You can share assets and set permissions for different team members for better and more effective collaboration.

Pre-built Templates and Sections: You can use pre-built sections and templates to build your website faster with pixel-perfect design. You can also create customized designs as well as save and share them with your team members. You can even reuse them across multiple projects.

Top-notch SEO: All the sites built with Duda perform exceptionally well in terms of SEO.


Duda has five different plans (Basic, Team, Agency, White Label, and Custom) in total, and 3 of them have fixed pricing (Basic, Team, and Agency).

The Basic plan costs $19/month, where you can create 1 site. Then, the Team plan is priced at $29/month and offers the ability to create 1 site and add 4 team members to collaborate. Finally, the Agency plan will cost you $59/month and allow you to make 4 sites and add 10 team members.

The other two plans require a meeting between the client and Duda's sales team to finalize the price.

Ease of Use 

Duda offers loads of tutorials to teach you how to operate the builders so you can easily navigate your website creation journey. It's safe to say that it is a beginner-friendly platform with some advanced features to upgrade your site.

Duda User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra.

Best Software for Digital Media Agencies.

Duda is an incredibly easy platform to work with.

Duda: The Perfect Website Builder for Agencies and Freelancers Alike.

Outstanding Platform and Excellent Customer Support.

Blogging isn't as robust as what you'd hope.


Is Duda a CMS?

Yes, Duda is a website builder with a CMS. You can create a content-rich website using Duda and efficiently manage the content with it. It also has e-commerce tools so you can manage your products too.

Does Duda Offer Storage for Hosting?

Yes, Duda offers unlimited storage space with all of its premium plans.

13. GoDaddy Website Builder

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: ₹249 to ₹999/month

G2 Review: 3.9/5

Capterra Review:  4.2/5


GoDaddy is a web hosting services provider and re-seller though they have an online website-building platform allowing its users to build sites without technical knowledge. Anyone can pick their desired template from the vast collection and create their website online.

Its on-site editor helps users flexibly design and re-design any part of their website. It also allows people to get hosting, set up page SEO, and improve their market performance all in one space.

Key Features

GoDaddy website builder provides a range of services to assist its user to make their website building easier. Here are a few key features of the GoDaddy site builder:

Templates: Being everyone's favorite, the GoDaddy website builder assists one in getting their needy template from a range of template collection ideas by answering a few questions. It automatically shows templates from their pre-made collection of about 100 templates. After choosing any templates, one can still change the theme of their selected template from the editor. 

Integrations: Users can connect their social media profiles, adjust new pages, and add buttons, pop-ups, and chat options. It also allows users to pick designed email marketing templates to send newsletters, email campaigns, and promotional emails.

SEO Tools: Users can optimize their site settings for better SEO by setting up meta descriptions and page titles.

CMS: GoDaddy website builder also has the credibility to let users have a blog site, write their words and publish them.

Settings Editor: From the settings editor, one can set the site's privacy policy and cookie banner and get the previous version of their website if they get themselves messed up with their current version.


Including a free plan that allows one to get a website with SSL certification, 24/7 Customer Support, analytics, and Custom Domain connection GoDaddy also has four pricing plans. These paid plans allow users to add social media platforms, set site SEO, email-marketing features, and much more.

All of their paid plans Basic (starts with ₹249/month), Standard (starts with ₹499/month), Premium (starts with ₹699/month), and E-Commerce (starts with ₹999/month) are accessible for free.

Ease of Use

GoDaddy web builder is easy to use when your initiative is not to get the very depth of designing and developing. It is a user friendly website builder. It gives you access to make overall changes to your website without costing more time.

GoDaddy Website Builders User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra & G2.

My overall experience was and will continue to be good and strong.

When creating content, the formatting was terrible and difficult to use.

My overall experience with GoDaddy Website Builder is really amazing because now I can create a website using this perfect website builder.

All the basic features are free. Which is a good option for new users.

The price is a bit high, and I am not sure why, but my website gets very little traffic. This is frustrating after two years.

The thing I like most about GoDaddy is that they are uniquely domain central. They put their greatest focus on registering domains and are relatively easy to.

FAQs on GoDaddy Website Builder:

What are the disadvantages of GoDaddy Website Builder? 

Though anyone can build a website faster and in a simpler way by using the GoDaddy website builder, it has some limitations fields:

  1. Header sections of all their pre-designed templates look the same
  2. You can not get any SSL Certification using the free plan.
  3. It allows a little to make changes to the pre-designed templates.
  4. There is no place to add custom sections on your page. 
Is GoDaddy Website Builder good for beginners?

Yes, it is.

14. Sheet2site

Free Plan: Available (Free Trial)

Pricing: $49 to $349 per month

G2 Rating: N/A

Capterra Rating: N/A


Sheet2Site was founded in 2018 and soon grabbed the attention of many. With it, you can build a fully-functioning website using your Google Sheets data. Doesn't it sound interesting? Well, that's what Sheet2Site does. It offers the opportunity to develop your own website without needing coding experience, using pictures, text, filters, and links managed through Google Sheets.

Key Features

Sheet2Site presents an array of features, which we'll see in this section.

Multi Filter Option: You can create a marketplace with product showcasing with this builder and add multiple filters to sort the products. It's a handy feature for selling products.

Job Boards: It can easily generate a job board for you by using a template for the UI and taking data from a Google sheet. The same goes for employee directories.

Payment Integration: If you are selling something, you need to receive the payments, too, right? Sheet2Site allows you to set up a payment page with Google forms and Stripe.

Embed Sheet2Site Page: You can easily embed a Sheet2Site page into your existing website and display it in a visually appealing way.


Sheet2Site mainly offers two different pricing plans: Basic and Premium. You can enjoy a free trial and create free sites. You can either pay monthly, where you pay $49 for the Basic and $99 for the premium plan or pay annually for both plans, where you'll receive some discounts.

Ease Of Use

If you have experience using Google Sheets, creating a website with Sheet2Site will be a walk in the park. With their template collection, you don't need design experience to make your site stand out. It'll take minutes to set up a website. You can also read the documentation on their site and watch some tutorials to get the hang of it.

Sheet2Site User Reviews 

Here are some user testimonials from Sheet2Site’s website.

This tool is awesome.

Best product I've found in the last two years.

Would definitely recommend Sheet2Site for anyone that is looking to get a job board up in no time!

Sheet2Site is an invaluable service for anyone who loves spreadsheets as much as I do.

FAQs on Sheet2Site 

Can I use Sheet2Site for free?

Yes, you can use it for free for a trial period.

Does Sheet2Site has an easy learning curve?

Yes. The learning curve is relatively low, but if you have zero experience using Google Sheets, then the learning curve might be steep.

15. Unstack

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $49 to $999 per month

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: N/A


Unstack is a website and marketplace development platform that's been around since 2019. It does not require coding knowledge, allowing business owners (startups, e-commerce, and old), Shopify sellers, marketing agencies, marketers, and developers to instantly create websites, storefronts, and landing pages.

Without experience in design or technology, you can use Unstack to build and publish a website, conduct an A/B test, and turn visitors into leads. That's why SaaS startups should choose no-code platforms

Key Features

Unstack is a platform that is built for business people and developers at the same time. Let's see how Unstack does it.

Unstack for Shopify: Unstack has a dedicated section for Shopify merchants to build shoppable landing pages for their customers. You can integrate your Shopify store with Unstack to seamlessly transfer product details and keep add-to-cart and purchase options.

Unstack for Websites: This section is for brands who want to build their digital presence. Unstack's no-code content management system will put the marketing team in the driver's seat. No need for professional developers to maintain the site.

Content Blocks: Unstack offers a drag-and-drop UI builder and customizable content layouts through the use of content blocks in the platform.

Marketing Tools: The platform also offers business assistance with multiple built-in marketing tools.

Built-in SEO Settings: Fast page loading speed, SSL-certified site security encryption, mobile device optimization, and dynamic XML sitemaps ensure better SEO performance.

Integrations: You can click and integrate your website with over 30+ platforms and tools such as social media marketing tools to ensure your business growth.


Unstack offers two different pricing categories: one is for Websites ($49 to $299 per month), and the other is dedicated to Shopify store owners (has a price range of $99 to $999 per month).

When the pricing of Unstack for Websites plans mainly varies according to the number of page creation limit, the Shopify plans are priced based on the total pageviews allowed per month and the number of landing pages.

Ease of Use 

Unstack is one of the best platforms to build a website. The drag-and-drop interface of Unstack's website builder allows for the quick creation of landing pages and blogs, as well as using videos and other types of marketing content. If you find it difficult, you might have to watch some video tutorials to understand how you can use its features.

Unstack User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from G2.

Powerful App for Shopify Landers

Great product but even better support

Quick setup and launch

Very efficient tool for an early startup.

Terrible cancel and plan change experience.

FAQs on Unstack 

Does Unstack free plan offer all features?

No, Unstack’s free plan offers minimal features to try out.

Does Unstack provide support?

Yes, Unstack offers a range of customer service support such as onboarding, integrations, and launch support, as well as special support from tier-one engineers, monthly consultancy from their team of experts, and many more.

16. Webydo

Free Plan: Available (First Month Free Trial)

Pricing: $90 to $480 per month

G2 Rating: 4/5

Capterra Rating: N/A


Webydo is a professional website builder designed for web designers, professional graphic designers, and agencies looking to create high-quality website designs for their clients. It was launched in 2010, and with it, designers can create custom white-label websites without writing any code.

Key Features

Webydo comes with enough features to start your productized web design business.

Easy to Build and Manage: Webydo allows designers to create unique, high-quality designs with the drag-and-drop interface and leave the coding part to the builder. Webydo's CMS makes it easy to manage the content and update the websites from the central dashboard.

Team Collaboration: Webydo also provides collaboration tools, making it easy for designers to work with their clients and teams on website projects. It allows up to 10 designers to work together at the same time on different projects.

White-label Sites: You can create websites without mentioning the builder's name and deliver them to your clients as your own product. It is a crucial part of any web design business.

Client Billing: You can add a client billing system to your site to receive payments from your clients and keep the documentation organized.

Responsive Designs: All websites built with Webydo are fully optimized for mobile and other devices, ensuring that it performs smoothly on all platforms.


Webydo offers four pricing plans – Pro, Team, Agency, and Enterprise – that cater to different business needs and budgets. The Pro plan costs $90/month and lets you create 10 sites. The Team plan costs $180/month and offers free hosting for 30 sites. The Agency plan is $480/month, where you can host 100 sites.

The Enterprise plan is custom designed, and you can contact Webydo to discuss your particular needs and then fix a price. If you pay yearly, you'll enjoy discounts on each plan.

Ease of Use

Webydo is a professional website builder, making it more advanced than other site builders. If you have prior design experience, you'll catch on in no time. But if you are a beginner, you will need to watch some tutorials and put in some effort to get in the groove.

Webydo User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from G2.

Powerful style editor

Visually stunning

Good as long as you don't try to do anything that has complex visuals

Great website builder without the use of code.

Great - but with limits.

Webydo is a great platform for those who do not want to learn conventional website building software.

FAQs on Webydo

Is Webydo suitable for custom website design?

Yes, Webydo is ideal for those looking for a professional website builder that allows them to create custom website designs according to its principles without writing code.

Does Webydo have a learning curve?

Yes, it does have a learning curve if you are new to website building or designing.

17. Namecheap Site Maker

Free Plan: Available (14 days trial)

Pricing: $3.88 to $8.88 per month

G2 Rating: 4.0/5

Capterra Rating: N/A


Namecheap is a well-recognized name as a domain registrar, but they also offer a website builder called "Site Maker." It is a budget-friendly web builder, and users can create personal sites (portfolios, wedding website creation, personal trainer, etc.) websites or a simple website for their business using Site Maker. It is still in the beta version, so we can expect more features in the future.

Key Features 

Here are some key features of Site Maker that are worth mentioning:

Unlimited Hosting: Namecheap offers unlimited hosting space with every Site Maker premium plan. You can use as many visual contents as you like without worrying about storage.

Mobile-Friendly: Sites built with Site Maker are auto-responsive for all device types.

SSL Certificate: Site Maker websites come with a free SSL certificate that encrypts data transmission and protects the site.

Unlimited Visitors: Namecheap didn't limit the number of visitors per month, so the Site Maker websites can handle unlimited traffic.

Integrations: You can integrate multiple tools to keep track of your website's performance and improve the user experience.


Namecheap offers two different plans. The Personal Site Maker plan costs $3.88 per month, where you'll get access to basic website templates and preset color themes and designs. You can't customize them.

On the other hand, the Business Site Maker plan is priced at $8.88 per month and gives you access to custom business templates. You can also use personalized fonts, buttons, and colors.

You can enjoy discounts on both plans if you subscribe to yearly payments. You'll also get a free .design, .contact, or .xyz domain.

Ease of Use 

The builder is straightforward and easy to use right from the beginning. When you sign up, it'll ask you some questions about what you want to build and ask you to pick a template, font, and color. Then, based on your answers and selections, it'll generate a site for you. You can customize the design later.

Site Maker User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from G2.

Easy and affordable website builder in the market.

Affordable website builder for beginners.

One of the best website builders - Namecheap website builder.

Building website made easy via Namecheap.

It's not that amazing because of some limitations.

FAQs on Namecheap Site Maker 

Can I edit my website on Namecheap?

Yes, you can edit your website created with Site Maker anytime you want. You can sign in to Namecheap and visit the Site Maker app to find your website. From there, you can edit your site and re-publish it.

Is a website built with Namecheap Site Maker secure?

Yes, Namecheap Site Maker websites come with a free SSL certificate to ensure site security. All your data and information is secured there.

18. Pixpa

Free Plan: Available (15-day free trial)

Pricing: $4/month to $25/month

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5


Founded in 2013, Pixpa is a website builder focusing on visual creative people looking to start a portfolio or a small online store. Whether you want to showcase your skill, start an online business, set up your online store, or publish blogs — Pixpa makes it easy for you to manage all your task from one place, not to mention the time and money it saves.

Key Features

Pixpa offers an array of stunning features for their users; some of them are -

Website for Creatives: Whether you are a creative person or in business need, with Pixpa, you can create stunning websites without compromising the quality.

Client Galleries: Pixpa offers you to make your client galleries as perfect as possible with their unique tools.

Blog: You can start a blog with Pixpa’s easy-to-use blogging option. 

SEO Optimization: Pixpa helps you to make your website search engine friendly and optimized to bring in traffic.

E-commerce: You can build a full-functioning online store with Pixpa and grow your business.


Pixpa has Three types of pricing plans monthly, yearly, and pay 2 yearly. Monthly pay starts at $6 to $25/month, yearly pay starts at $4.80 to $20/month, 2 yearly pay starts at $3.60 to $15/month.

Every plan has Four other plans - the Basic plan offers essentials(content, website gallery) to create a personal site; the Creator plan offers to build a portfolio website with an online store; the Professional plan offers more functionality of your online store(showcase, sell & share), and the Advanced plan offers advance website optimization, marketing, and eCommerce tools.

Ease of Use 

Pixpa is a platform that combines simplicity and ease of use with user-friendliness. With its drag-and-drop feature, anyone with little to no experience can easily build a website and launch their very first online store.

Pixpa User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra :

Exceptional Platform With Exceptional Service.

Great product in order to move faster with high-quality website.

The best value for money overall package for a pro photographer to maintain his own website!

An easy to use web platform, great customer service support!


Feature rich, still needs more.

FAQs on Pixpa 

What is Pixpa good for?

Pixpa is good for those who are looking for a visual website builder. For creatives who want to make their online presence visually enriched and launch an online store, Pixpa is the platform they are searching for.

What can I sell with Pixpa?

Pixpa allows you to sell both physical and digital products or services. Depending on your plan how many products you can sell can be a limitation.

19. Oxygen

Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: $129 to $229/one time(60-day money-back guarantee)

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Capterra Rating: 4.0/5


Oxygen is a visual website builder founded in July 2016.

Oxygen offers lifetime updates, support, and unlimited installations. You can use this license on the websites you build for clients too.

Key Features

Oxygen emerges with numerous amount of features to make your website-building journey a fun one; some of them are -

Drag and Drop Editing: Oxygen allows you to edit using the drag-and-drop feature. You can set spacing and re-order with this feature.

WooCommerce: Oxygen offers a WooCommerce feature and allows you to get visual control of your WooCommerce store.

Header Builder: Users can create custom website headers visually on Oxygen. Also, you can include sticky and overlay headers.

Global Colors: Oxygen’s global colors allow you to change color in one place and see the effect everywhere the color was used.

Developer Friendly: Oxygen is developer friendly as it is built with fundamental HTML elements.

Advanced Functionality: Oxygen offers some advanced functionality to give their users a flexible builder experience.


Oxygen offers Four plans - Basic starts at $129/one time, WooCommerce starts at $149/one time, Ultimate starts at $179/one time, and Oxygen+Breakdance starts at $229/one time.

These plans offer lifetime unlimited licenses, and by upgrading you will get WooComerce, Composite Elements, and Breakdance packages.

Ease of Use 

Whether you are an amateur or a veteran Oxygen will be a plain ground for you to play with. With its simple user interface and flexibility, you can build any website you desire.

Oxygen User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra & G2:

Perfect for appointment integration

The Best Visual Website Builder for Agencies & Individuals. 

The cost effective tool is wonderful for small and large projects with its XML feature.

Oxyzen makes it very easy to build websites with minimal knowledge.

Not easy to switch and get your data out.

Not compatible with all plugins you may want to use. 

FAQs on Oxygen

Is Oxygen the best page builder?

Yes, Oxygen is one of the best page builders out there. With its customizability, flexibility, and deep features it is a wonderful tool for anyone website building journey.

Is Oxygen builder SEO-friendly?

Yes, Oxygen builder is SEO-friendly.

20. Typedream 

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $15 to $25 per month

G2 Rating: N/A

Capterra Rating: N/A


Typedream is the newest member of this list as it was launched in 2021. It is a no-code website builder with a Notion-like interface. It is a simple and easy-to-use editor to create professional-looking websites. Notion users will find the editor familiar and convenient to use. Other beginner-level users will also get the hang of it very quickly.

Key Features

Typedream offers some exciting features that add value to its simplicity and capability. Let’s see some of them.

Animations: Typedream allows you to add text animations like rolling texts, ease-in-and-out, and many more just like you can do in Powerpoint and Google slides.

Protected Pages: You can lock your pages to restrict access to yourself or members-only with this editor. With this feature, you can create internal documentation, run online courses, show customized content, and much more.

Template Collection: It has a wide range of templates (60+) from portfolios to blogs, shops, notion-themed sites, etc. All of them are fully customizable.

Drag-and-drop Editor: It comes with the classic drag-and-drop editor that makes it very beginner-friendly.

SEO Settings: All the templates are mobile responsive and have faster loading speeds. You can also add meta titles for pages and meta tags for images.

Team Collaboration: Typedream offers the feature to add team members to work seamlessly on projects. You can set different roles for different members to give them specific and restricted access.

CMS: It has a built-in CMS that lets you grab data from your Notion database and display them on your webpage.

Integrations: You can integrate many popular services into your website like Google Analytics, Stripe, Mailchimp, etc.


Besides the free plan, Typedream offers two different pricing plans (Launch and Pro plan). The Launch plan costs $15/month and gets down to $12/month when paid annually. You’ll get a free .xyz domain for 1 year, a team collaboration feature, code injection, and more.

The Pro plan is priced at $25/month and you can enjoy it at $20/month if you pay yearly. This plan allows you to add protected pages, display 5000 data items from the notion, 5000 form submissions, and more.

Ease of Use 

Typedream has a very low learning curve and a very informative and organized documentation page. It is very beginner-friendly and allows some features that professionals will like.

Typedream User Review (H4)

Here’s a user testimonial from Typedream’s website.

Typedream remains the fastest web builder for landing pages.

FAQs on Typedream

Is Typedream Good?

Yes, Typedream is a good choice as a simple website builder. It is an even better choice if you have experience in building websites in Notion.

What is Typedream used for?

You can use Typedream for creating web pages using templates, customize them, show data from Notion, and connect any existing database without coding.

21. Morphic

Free Plan: Available (14 days Trial)

Pricing: $250 to $550 per month

G2 Rating: 4.9/5

Capterra Rating: N/A


Morphic is an AI-driven website builder with CMS that has been in the market since 2020. It automates the design process for agency websites and helps to cut down the designer fees altogether. Any business can create a brand-focused website by giving out some basic information to the Morphic website builder.

Key Features 

You'll love this AI-powered builder if you are a fan of the AI revolution. Let's see some of its key features.

Design Creation by AI: This builder designs top-quality professional-looking websites with some basic information from the users. The automated tailored design will be focused entirely on your agency's branding style and theme — no need for an expert designer to design the website.

Pixel Perfect Design and Layout: The design quality will be agency-grade, and the flexible layouts for further customizations are the cherry on top.

Best SEO Performance: All the sites built with the Morphic website builder score outstandingly well on Google Lighthouse's SEO.

Drag and Drop Builder: You can use the classic drag-and-drop feature to move the sections around and create pages for personal customization.

Integrations: You can easily use add-ons and integrate many analytical and performance booster tools into your site.

Enterprise Hosting: With every premium plan, you will get enterprise hosting to save you from the hassle of dealing with external hosting providers.


Morphic offers four pricing plans: Launch (1 user, $250/month), Pro (3 users, 4 hours design/developer support, $400/month), Business (5 users, 6 hours design/developer support, $550/month) and Enterprise (need to contact the sales team for this deal). You can enjoy a free trail for 14 days. 

Ease of Use 

Morphic is as easy as it comes to designing agency websites without hiring designers. You can tell it what you need, and it will generate multiple options for you with the help of AI. It'll only take some minutes before you can publish it.

Morphic User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from G2.

Easiest website building platform I've ever used.

Experience the power of simplicity with Morphic Website Builder.

Intuitive website builder with excellent customer service.

High Design / Low Cost / Custom / Easy to Use / Efficient.

FAQs on Morphic

Can Morphic really design a website all by itself?

Yes. Morphic is a website builder that can build top-quality websites with AI-driven design. All you have to do is provide it with some information about your business and design preference.

Can I move my website from another builder to Morphic?

Yes, you can easily and quickly move your website from other builders to Morphic. It will even match your previous builder's pricing for the first 12 months.

22. HubSpot CMS Hub

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $25 to $1200 per month

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5


HubSpot is widely popular for providing CRM, marketing, and sales tools. The website builder is the latest addition to their artillery. HubSpot CMS Hub was introduced in 2020 to provide its users with a better web content management system. It soon became a platform for marketers and developers to create beautiful websites with a better user experience.

You can take advantage of the website builder by combining it with the CRM tools of HubSpot.

Key Features

The strong zone of HubSpot CMS Hub is that its CRM platform powers it. Those who used HubSpot CRM tools already know what it can do regarding client management and marketing. It also has some other features that you'll like.

Drag and Drop Builder: It's not a unique feature, but sometimes having something familiar isn't a bad thing, right? It's especially true for site builders, as almost all of them offer this feature.

Pre-built Templates and Themes: You can use HubSpot's pre-built themes and templates to build your website without worrying about the design. Hubspot also allows you to customize them.

Fully Integrated CRM Tools: You can keep track of your site's visitors in one place and leverage CRM data to create tailored digital experiences. With HubSpot CRM, your website can become a powerful tool for your business growth.

Blog Maker: You will get blogging software to create blog posts and edit the blog's design with themes and a convenient visual editor.

Secured Hosting: HubSpot offers premium cloud hosting for all your websites when you opt-in for a premium plan at no additional cost. You'll get a free SSL certificate to ensure site security.

Connect Custom Domain: You can publish your site with a custom domain in all the premium plans of HubSpot CMS.


You can use HubSpot CMS for free and publish your website with HubSpot's subdomain name. Besides that, you can choose a premium plan from three different CMS Hub plans: CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

The starter plan is priced at $25/month, where you can create only 50 pages. The professional plan costs $400/month and offers 10,000 pages. Finally, the enterprise plan offers 10,000 pages, 50 dashboards, and up to 300 teams to work together for a price of $1200/month.

Ease of Use 

This builder is like a gold mine for marketers and developers who works with marketing industry clients. This builder offers some fantastic features, but it has a moderate learning curve if you are not already a pro-HubSpot CRM tools user. You'll see guided directions when you visit the CMS Hub that will make the process smoother.

HubSpot CMS Hub User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

A User-Friendly and Constantly Evolving CMS.

Basic CMS that works well with the Hubspot CRM.

The power of a real CMS. Hubspot is a great all-in-one solution to your CMS, CRM, and web needs.

My least favorite part about using HubSpot CMS is that some things are just not customizable.

It is expensive and there are less plugins and templates.


What is CMS Hub HubSpot?

It is a website builder with an integrated content management system powered by HubSpot's CRM platform.

Is CMS Hub free?

Yes, starting with the HubSpot CMS Hub is free, where you will get limited features. For advanced features, you will need to buy a premium plan.

23. Brizy

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $499/year

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5


Founded in 2018, Brizy is a website builder for anyone with personal, freelance, or agency needs. You can start your own web development business with Brizy.

Key Features

Brizy presents you with incredible features to build stunning websites; some of them are: 

Drag-and-Drop: With Brizy’s drag-and-drop feature, you can easily build a website and add sections.

Membership & WooComerce: You can make your membership website and WooComerce website too.

White Label: You can build white-label websites and start your business using their agency plan.

Form & Popup: You can add forms and popups to your website using Brizy.

Global CDN & Cloud Hosting: You get global CDN and cloud hosting on every website you build with Brizy.


Brizy offers three pricing plans - Free website builder plan, Brizy WordPress, and Brizy Cloud.

In Brizy WordPress pricing, there are 2 plans - Yearly & Lifetime. Yearly pricing starts at $79 to $499/month, and Lifetime pricing starts at $149 to $399/month. In Brizy Cloud pricing, there are 2 plans - Yearly & Lifetime. Yearly pricing starts at $49 to $499/month, and Lifetime pricing starts at $9 to $49/month.

These plans differ on how many pro websites you can build and some advanced features like - WooCommerce, membership, and white label functionality.

Ease of Use

The clutter-free interface of Brizy is easy for anyone to build websites without much of a struggle.

Brizy User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

Great website builder for Wordpress.

By far the easiest web page builder I've every used.

Good product.

Brizy is awesome!

It had some bugs.

FAQs on Brizy 

Is Brizy SEO-friendly?

Yes, Brizy is SEO-friendly. Their cloud hosting and global CDN ensure site responsiveness and SEO boost.

Can I make a popup on Brizy?

Yes, you can make a popup on Brizy. Also you can add custom forms too.

24. Strikingly

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $59/month

G2 Rating: 4.0/5

Capterra Rating: 4.2/5


Strikingly started its journey in 2012. Since then, it's been an excellent option for beginners. You can build a one-page site, a blogging site, or a small business site in no time. Not to mention the flexibility and ease of usability it provides.

Key Features

Strikingly is a website builder known for its simple and elegant features; some of which are -

Domain Names & Built-in HTTPS: You can register a new domain name or use the one you own. Also, all the websites get free HTTPS.

Simple Store: You can sell products on your full-functioning eCommerce website with Strikingly.

Simple Blog: With Strikingly’s super-easy blogging, you can keep your visitors updated.

Analytics: All sites of Strikingly come with built-in analytics where you can see who’s been visiting your site with easy-to-read charts.

Sign Up & Contact Forms: You can add a sign-up form or create a Contact Us page or form on your website if you are starting a new service or want to get feedback. 


Strikingly has Five types of pricing plans - monthly, yearly, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years. Every plan consisted of three sub plans - Limited starts at $6 to $12/month, Pro starts at $11.20 to $20/month, and VIP starts at $34.40 to $59/month.

These plans differ in the amount of storage, sites, bandwidth, eCommerce, membership, multi-language auto-translation, and removing Strikingly branding facility as you upgrade your plan.

Ease of Use 

Strikingly is built with focusing quick and easy-to-set-up options. Anyone new or expert will have fun using it.

Strikingly User Reviews (Capterra) 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra :

Website Design Software with Ease.

Excellent, elegant, and simple web design software for any level.

Best Single Page Website Builder.

 A very nice website building software.

Good website builder.

Very poor, inexperienced support staff.

FAQs on Strikingly 

Does Strikingly cost money in the free plan?

No, Strikingly does not cost money in the free plan. But if you want to upgrade, you have to buy the premium plans.

Is Strikingly Secure?

Yes, Strikingly is secure. With its built-in HTTPS, you get enhanced security and SEO boost on your site.

25. ReadyMag

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $65/month

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Capterra Rating: N/A


Founded in 2013, ReadyMag is one of the best website builders focusing on designers, creators, agencies, and enterprises.

If you are someone looking for a website builder that is simple and high-functioning, ReadyMag can be a great platform to work with. Also, if you are an agency or enterprise, this will serve the need.

Key Features

ReadyMag comes with unique features to make a high-functioning website; some of them are -

Templates: Whether it’s a portfolio, presentation, e-commerce site, or editorial, ReadyMag gives you the thing you need. With their vast collection of templates, you can build anything you desire. Plus, you can design engaging landing pages with ReadyMag. Here is a checklist for creating winning landing pages

Forms: You can collect contacts, text feedback, and files from your visitors using ReadyMag’s forms.

Custom domains, SSL, and Privacy: You will get custom domains, SSL, and privacy on your website with ReadyMag.

E-commerce: With this feature, you can turn your ReadyMag website into an online store and start selling products.

Collaborate: You can include up to 10 collaborators on a project with ReadyMag.


ReadyMag offers two pricing plans - Monthly and Annually. Every plan consisted of Five sub plans - Free starts at $0/month, Personal starts at $13.5 to $15/month, Freelancer starts at $22.5 to $25/month, Studio starts at $36 to $40/month, and Business starts at $58.5 to $65/month.

Depending on your needs ReadyMag offers personal to business plans and you can get 10k to 75k views per month by upgrading.

Ease of Use 

ReadyMag is an easy-to-use website builder that anyone can use without much struggle. The content creation and editing options are super simple; you will have complete control over your website, how it looks, and what shows up.

ReadyMag ReadyMagUser Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from G2

One of the best no-code solutions.

The perfect balance between simple and powerful.

A powerful tool to push your creative boundaries.

 Very useful tool for making online presentations and landing pages.

One Star; Dreadful.

Awful, glitchy editing software that does not update when you republish.

FAQs on ReadyMag 

Is ReadyMag a CMS?

No, ReadyMag does not offer a CMS. You have to integrate third-party tools to enable and manage it.

Is ReadyMag good for SEO?

Yes, ReadyMag is good for SEO. Websites built with ReadyMag do show great SEO results when optimized wisely.

26. Photler

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $35/month

G2 Rating: 5.0/5 (Depending on only one review)

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5


Photler is a website builder founded in 2015. They focus on photographers who want to create a photography website and sell their photos.

Key Features

Photler tries to satisfy its users with its gorgeous features; they are -

Simplicity: You can choose any theme and customize it according to your needs without hassle.

Easy Import: With Photler, you can import photos with one click from anywhere, anytime.

Blogs: If you love to tell stories, you can simply turn your photo gallery into a gorgeous blog post.

Selling Photos: From your Photler portfolio website, you can easily sell your photos and turn your website into an online store.

Map Tools: You can pin your travel photos to the map with the Photler website.


Photler offers two pricing plans - Monthly and Annual. Every plan consisted of three sub plans - Free starts at $0/month, Standard starts at $14.99 to $19/month, and Premium starts at $29.99 to $35/month.

These plans offer templates, storage, and E-commerce functionality. Standard and Premium differ in offering multiple stunning themes, unlimited photo size, video embed, E-commerce tools, a password-protected gallery option, newsletter, Photler brand removal, etc.

Ease of Use

Photler focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Anyone can build and launch their first website in no time.

Photler User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

5 stars to an amazing team!

Soon to be a household name!

A great start to incredible potential.

A great idea and a great platform.

Still really clunky. Needs more investment in user adaptability.

FAQs on Photler 

Can I import photos from Instagram?

Yes, you can import photos from Instagram, and it will take just a moment.

Does Photler provide API?

No, Photler does not provide API.

27. Elementor

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $499/year

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5


Founded in 2016, over 11M websites are built with Elementor today. Whether you want to build a landing page, a full-blown website, or an eCommerce store, Elementor will have your back. No matter how inexperienced you are, the learning curve will ensure you can build what you desire.

Key Features

Whether you want a simple or complex website, Elementor offers various features to fulfill your need. Some of the features are -

Drag-and-drop editor: You can drag, drop, and customize every part of your website visually without writing a line of code.

Templates: Elementor offers 300+ website templates that fit every industry and need. You can choose and customize as you need.

Widgets: You can create every part of your page with their 100+ widgets and do complex designs. 

E-commerce: You can build your e-commerce website and connect with customers with this feature.

Workflow: You can optimize workflow easily with Elementor. From management to site setting, all in one place.


Elementor offers four pricing plans- Free, Strattic, WordPress Hosting, and Page builder plugin.

In the Strattic plan, users get Theme+Editor+Hosting at $99/year. In the WordPress Hosting plan, there are Monthly and Annual pricing. It ranges from $166 to $499 per month. In the Page Builder Plugin plan, there are 4 plans - ranging from $59 to $399 per year.

These plans differ on how many Pro websites you can build with all the other features like - monthly visits, bandwidth, and storage.

Ease of Use 

The user interface of Elementor is one of the easiest that anyone can start their journey. Also, Elementor offers a learning curve that will help you to build stunning pages.

Elementor User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra 

A user-friendly website builder for small business owners, highly recommended!

Top Choice For Website Builder.

Best Wordpress CMS based Website design Builder.

Build a website simply and easy.

Elementor is a no-brainer solution if you want to create websites!

Costumer service is the worst!

FAQs on Elementor 

Is Elementor difficult to use?

No, Elementor is not difficult to use. The interface of Elementor is super easy to use, and anyone can make the changes they want.

Does Elementor need coding?

No, Elementor does not need any coding. The interface is drag-and-drop based, so you do not have to write a single line of code. 

28. ClickFunnels

Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: $127 to $297/month (14-day free trial)

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5


ClickFunnels is a website builder founded in 2014. It allows businesses in consulting, e-commerce, marketing, and automation to make website visitors turn into your customers. For anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or creator ClickFunnels comes as an all-in-one package.

Key Features

ClickFunnels offers some astounding features; they are -

Websites: You can build stunning websites exactly the way you want.

Sales Funnels: The ClickFunnels sales funnel feature helps you convert online visitors into actual paying customers.

Online Courses: If you want to create online courses and wish to earn by sharing your knowledge, experience, or passion, ClickFunnels will be there for you.

E-commerce Store: You can sell products online with the ClickFunnels e-commerce store feature.

Membership Site: You can build a membership website and generate recurring revenue.

Marketing & Blog: You can reach and engage with the audience with their marketing features. Also, create blogs and post them.


ClickFunnels offers two pricing plans - Monthly and Annual. Every plan consisted of Five sub plans - Basic starts at $127 to $147/month, Pro starts at $157 to $197/month, and Funnel Hacker starts at $208 to $297/month.

These plans differ in the number and amount of features and funnels you can use in a feature. Other than this some additional features are there in the Pro and Funnel Hacker plans.

Ease of Use 

The user interface of ClickFunnels is simple and easy to use for anyone with little to no experience.

ClickFunnels User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

More than just software - business and life changing tools.

Great Tool for Modern Marketing.

It is very easy to use.

Clickfunnels: The Ultimate Tool for Building High-Converting Sales Funnels.

A powerful tool with a steep (and often unnecessary) learning curve.

Love the Idea But Fails in Deployment.

FAQs on ClickFunnels 

Can you build a full website on ClickFunnels?

Yes, you can build a full-functioning website on ClickFunnels.

Is ClickFunnels good for SEO?

Yes, ClickFunnels is good for SEO. You can conduct SEO on the website and on pages.

29. Hostinger

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $2.99/month

G2 Rating: 4.2/5

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5


Founded in 2004, Hostinger is a web hosting service with a website building facility. You can build your website with eCommerce and marketing integrations.

Key Features 

Let’s see what Hostinger offers to build your website a compact one -

E-commerce: You can build an online store on your website with the eCommerce features of Hostinger.

Free Email: Hostinger also offers free emailing services to their user.

Marketing: You can add marketing integrations on your website with Hostinger.

Unmetered traffic: Using Hostinger, you can get unmetered traffic with unlimited GB.


Hostinger website builder plan is $2.99/month.

Ease of Use 

Hostinger is simple and easy to use for anyone new or experienced. You do not need to worry about learning their complex features as most of the work is ready to use.

Hostinger User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

Feel home for hosting at hostinger.

Hostinger is Great!

I love how Hostinger delivers thier promise about customer satisfaction.

One off the Best Hosting Provider in Market.

Works for some sites.

Will Never Use Hostinger Web Hosting Again.

FAQs on Hostinger

Is Hostinger secure?

Yes, Hostinger is secure. Hostinger offers pretty good security features for you and your visitors.

Is Hostinger good for high traffic?

Yes, Hostinger is good for high traffic. All the Hostinger plans can handle high amounts of traffic.

30. Universe 

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $9.99 to $119.9 per site

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Capterra Rating: N/A


Universe no-code website builder for Apple devices was introduced in 2014. It allows building professional-looking websites on the go using iPhone, iPad, or Mac to save time and ensure convenience. You can use it to create personal websites for example portfolios, blogs, and photography websites, as well as direct-to-consumer-focused e-commerce sites with stores and product showcasing. 

Key Features 

The unique feature of the Universe website builder is that you can build a website using mobile devices. Some other key features include:

Grid Style Editor: Besides pre-built templates, Universe website builder offers a grid editor to allow more creative design.

Build with Blocks: Inside the builder, you'll get lots of blocks you can use on the grid to upload content, make an interactive site, integrate a payment system, and much more.

Unique Pre-built Templates: The template collection of Universe is vibrant, and all of them are unique in terms of look and elements.

Inventory Management: The built-in inventory management tool makes managing your online store products easier. You can easily add and delete new products and product details to the inventory, which will be automatically updated on your webpage.

Easy Checkout and Payment System: You can add a checkout card with a payment button for convenient product selling and transactions. Controlling an online shop from Univers is child's play.


You can upgrade the Universe app to Pro with the in-app purchases feature. You can go Pro for 1 site for $9.99 and the price goes all the way up to $119.99 which allows you to work with many new and advanced features.

Ease of Use 

With the classic drag-and-drop feature, the usability of this website is as easy as it gets. You can use templates or choose a blank canvas to design your website and publish it with a .univer.se subdomain. Or you can use your domain by upgrading to their Pro or Domain+ subscription. You can either purchase a new domain inside the Universe app or use your existing domain if you have any.

Universe User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from App Store.

Excellent mobile website builder.

Incredibly simple and beautiful.

Ahead of its time.

The app does live up to the hype of being able to create decent looking websites on the go with no design experience.

Software amazing, support trash.

Very Questionable Terms of service.


Is Universe website builder free?

Yes, it's primarily free to use, but you'll see lots of in-app purchase options that you can buy to unlock more features.

Does the Universe website builder app work on android?

No, currently, it is only available in the app store for Apple devices, so it doesn't work on android.


Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: $1 to $25/month

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Capterra Rating: 4.2/5


Founded in 1988, IONOS is a website builder with domain hosting services. They also offer competitor analysis.

Key Features 

This builder comes with some astounding features; let’s see them. 

Custom HTML: You can build a website without any coding and add custom HTML code if you need customization.

Professional Templates: You can choose from industry-standard templates and make changes as you want.

SiteAnalytics: You can track competitors and analyze your site.

Online Booking Tool: You can also integrate an online booking tool into your site.


IONOS offers three pricing plans - Plus at $1 to $15/month, Starter at $5 to $9/month, and Pro at $15 to $25/month. These plans differ in storage amount and some advanced customizations.

Ease of Use 

IONOS website builder is super easy to use and you do not need to write a single line of code or know any skill.

IONOS User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from Capterra and Trustpilot.

Good Product to go ahead.

The service is value for money.

A great partner to optimize your business.

 Great customer service.

No Payment Receipts.

Know your software before going for it!


Can IONOS be trusted?

Yes, IONOS is super trustable. They provide dedicated hosting and powerful features.

Is IONOS webmail free?

Yes, IONOS webmail is free. IONOS offers 2GB of email storage per email address. Also, they provide spam filters and IONOS webmail free of charge.

32. Site123

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $0 to $5.80/month

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.4/5


Founded in 2015, Site123 is a website builder that helps users to build high-functioning websites. Anyone looking for building an SEO-friendly, multilingual website without writing a single line of code - Site123 serves them well.

Key Features

Site123 presents you with some awesome features. Let’s see what they offer -

Online Store: You can build an eCommerce website and make your business run with Site123.

SEO Tools: With Site123’s SEO tools, you can optimize your website and increase traffic.

Blog: With Site123, you can build your personal blog easily.

Plugins & Integrations: Site123 offers various plugins & integrations that you can implement and build a top-notch website.


Site123 offers two pricing plans - Free at $0/month, and Premium at $5.80/month.

In the Free plan, you get 250MB storage, 250MB bandwidth, and a subdomain. Where in the Premium plan you get 10GB storage, and 5GB bandwidth, connect your domain, remove the Site123 floating tag, and online store.

Ease of Use 

Site123 works like an editor; anyone experienced or inexperienced can go live with their websites without much hassle.

Site123 User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra.

Super simple and great visual results.

Got it Done with Ease Looks Great.

Greatest website domain to use!

online chat display too small , hard to read.

Platform letting me down.

FAQs on Site123 

Can I download my website from Site123?

No, you cannot download your website from Site123. They are a proprietary web service.

Is Site123 secure?

Yes, Site123 is secure to use. They protect the user's website completely free of charge.

33. Constant Contact

Free Plan: Available for 30 Days.

Pricing: 9.99$ - 45$ per month.

G2 rating: 4.0/5.

Capterra rating: 4.3/5


There are many website builders and Constant Contact is one of them. It is mainly an email marketing and online survey platform established in 1995 by Randy Parker.

It provides marketing, design, and landing page-building services to its users: small businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Key Features

The key features of constant Contact are:

AI-Powered Editor: The AI-powered editor of Constant Contact assists users in creating high-performing landing pages.

It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and make suggestions for improving the content and design of a landing page.

Integrations: Constant Contact integrates with 124 software and platforms to help users extend the reach and impact of their landing page and email campaigns.

You can integrate e-commerce, CRM, and other software and platforms. Plus, social media integration is also allowed. 

Email Marketing: Constant Contact is well known for its email marketing services.

Through this feature, they provide various services to the users, such as managing email lists, high-volume sending, building and personalizing emails, sending outbound emails, etc. to the users.

Reporting and Analytics: Constant Contact offers real-time reporting and analytics.

Constant Contact can perform basic A/B testing and reporting without integrating with other tools.

Although, if you want, connect the google analytics tracking code to your constant contact account.


Constant Contact has 2 pricing plans named Core and Plus. The Core is for the people who will start marketing to their customer base. And Plus is for marketers who need enhanced features to fuel more growth.

Core plan pricing starts from 9.99$ per month, offering 100 email templates, sign-up forms, and integration with some popular tools.

On the other hand, their recommended plan, Plus, starts from 45$ per month. This plan includes everything from the Core plan and list growth tools, dynamic content personalization, automated communications, Etc.

Ease of Use

Constant Contact helps its users with video instructions and in-app tips. This allows the users to use the features and elements smoothly. For example, in-app tips suggest to the user what to do next to receive more email addresses.

The constant contact website is nicely organized, as anyone can find the menu bar and features in just a few clicks.

Though this software is known for email marketing services, it claims to be one of the best website builders and e-commerce platforms soon. However, it has some difficulties while working on it.

Constant Contact User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Best option to email marketing.

Best Email System with the Best Customer Service!

An Extremely User-Friendly Email Marketing Platform: Constant Contact.

A good and reliable old-friend.

Reliable but a Little Costly.

Easy To Use, But Graphics/Look Has Early 2000s Vibe.

FAQs on Constant Contact

Can You Make Landing Pages with Constant Contact?

Yes, you can.

With Constant Contact, you can create or design landing pages for your website. You can use these landing pages to promote a product, service, event, or offer.

Can Constant Contact be Used as a CRM?

No, Constant Contact does not offer a full-fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

But it does have some CRM-like features such as contact management, email automation, and lead capture.

34. Zoho Sites

Free plan: 15 days free trial

Pricing: $8 - $32

G2 Rating: 4.0/5

Capterra Rating: 4.3/5 


Zoho Sites is one of the best online website builders designed for creating and managing websites, launched in 2005. 

It provides an intuitive drag & drop editor, plenty of free templates, robust and seamless integrations, and more to help its users to create their websites and grow their businesses effortlessly.

The users of Zoho sites are freelancers, large to small sized Enterprises, and Non-Profit businesses.

Key Features

Some key features of Zoho sites are,


With the Zoho site website builder, anyone can customize their own website with their exclusive drag-and-drop feature.

Free Hosting:

Zoho provides its users with free web hosting with a subdomain. However, you can integrate your own domain name.

With free hosting, they also provide a free SSL certificate. Also, users can create their own data backups to get everything restored.


Unlike other website builder platforms, Zoho uses its own product for integration purposes. Their own integrated platforms are Zoho CRM, Mail, Desk, etc.


The pricing plan of Zoho sites has been divided into 2 sections. One is for Business, and another is for Agencies.

There are 2 plans in the business section: Starter ($8 per month) and Pro ($23 per month). And only 1 plan in the Agency section: Agency Plan ($32 per month). You can choose yearly plans also.

Altogether these 3 plans come with exclusive features and facilities, such as free hosting storage and other necessities and site credibility.

Ease of Use

Zoho sites are already smoother in use. Then again, they place some tutorials to help the users understand the builder. They described everything from beginner guides to website migration in a nutshell.

Along with the smoother side, they have some drawbacks, as some users claimed that the builder gets slower than usual frequently.

Zoho Sites User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

My experience has been great! Excellent customer support-friendly platform! I truly recommend it!

Great no-code site builder.

This easy-to-use but limited page builder isn't a good value.

A friendly way to create web pages.

I love Zoho Sites. It's great for business.

Easy to use and looks good; communication less good.

FAQs on Zoho Sites

Can Zoho Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, Zoho sites can integrate with QuickBooks.

To track the time and maintain overall billing according to the timesheet, Zoho allows users to integrate with QuickBooks.

Is There Any Limit on the Number of Pages?

Yes. Only on the pro subscription can anyone use unlimited pages unless the number of pages is limited to 5-50 per site.

35. Renderforest

Free Plan: Available.

Pricing: $0 - $49.99 per month.

G2 Review: 4.7/5.

Capterra Review: 4.8/5


Renderforest is an online-based platform with various design-related services, launched in Armenia in 2013.

Renderforest provides a no-code website building service along with videos, logos, mockups, and designs to let the users fulfill all needs in one place.

The primary users of Renderforest are freelancers and mid to small-sized Businesses.

Key Features 

The key features of the Renderforest website builder are: 

Website Status: Renderforest is allowing you to go offline whenever you want with just a click. This feature allows users to restrict their website instead of deleting it.

Template: Renderforest has 100+ templates and allows users to search according to their needs in their own languages. It is indeed a great way to let users choose their desired template.

Components: Among so many categories of components, 3 of them are worth mentioning. They are trendy headers, countdown features, and testimonial cards. 


Renderforest offers several services, so they aligned all the services in a pricing list. However, we will discuss only the website builder functionality of each pricing plan.

They have a total of 4 pricing plans: Free ($0 per month), Lite ($14 per month), Pro ($29.99 per month), and Business ($49.99 per month). Among them, Pro is the most popular.

Users can also choose yearly plans to save up to 40%.

The more premium plans you choose, the more storages, templates, and advanced website control you will get.

Ease of Use

The process of entering the builder and designing a template is more straightforward than most other platforms. Also, they provide various logo choices to pick one for their own business.

Moreover, you can choose your business-related logo icon from their AI suggestions which really works nicely.

Along with all of the advantages, Renderforest has some drawbacks. The focused drawback is you can not undo it while editing your logo.

Renderforest User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Renderforest is a game changer.

Wow, easy to use, and save my time. That's what I am looking for.

A one-stop shop for creative needs.

Good website for pre-built templates.

Started looting their customers!


FAQs on Renderforest

Is Renderforest a Cloud-Based Platform or an App?

Yes. Renderforest is a cloud-based platform and has an IOS app.

Can Multiple Users Use One Account?

Yes. Users can only add multiple users to an account on the agency plan, and all the projects will be saved automatically.

36. Google Sites

Free Plan: 14 days free trial.

Pricing: $6 - $30 per user per month.

G2 Rating: N/A (Overall 4.6/5 for Google workspace).

Capterra Rating: 4.2/5


Google Sites, created in 2008, is a web page-building platform and a part of G-suite.

Google Sites allows users to create and publish simple websites without extensive technical knowledge or coding skills.

It is best for individuals, small businesses, and organizations that need a comprehensive, flexible, and collaborative solution.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Google Sites. 

Section Layout: Google site section layout templates are basic yet give a polished appearance. Users can combine text and photos on a page using section layout templates.

Collapsible Text: Google sites allow users to add a collapsible text box to save space on their Google Site. This collapsible text also can be edited or deleted. Moreover, whenever you want, you can turn the collapsible text off.

Announcement Banners: An announcement banner holds important information hat appears on the upper of the header. And Google sites will allow you to keep an announcement banner on your site, and anytime you can edit it.


There is no separate pricing for Google sites, but we can compare the pricing with G-suite pricing.

Google Workspace offers a 14-day free trial with 5 pricing plans.

Business Starter at $6 per month, offering 30 GB storage + G-suite facilities. The most popular plan, Business Standard, at $12 per month, offers 2 TB storage + G-suite facilities. Business Plus at $18 per month, offering 5 TB storage + G-suite facilities.

Enterprise at $20 per month offers as much storage as users need with advanced security and support + G-suite facilities. Enterprise Plus at $30 per user per month. This plan is not mentioned on their pricing board. If you are interested in purchasing, you need to contact their sales team directly.

Ease of Use

Google site functionality is too easy to learn. Most of the features are pre-built, so it won't take time to build a website. Moreover, you don't need prior database knowledge to build a website. 

After all of these benefits, Google Sites' drawbacks lie in the blogging features. There are no pre-built blogging features, so building a blogging website will take longer than usual time and techy knowledge.

Overall, Google's site has an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface, which helps users to save time. 

Google Sites User Reviews

Here are some Google sites user reviews from Capterra.

Google Sites Is Great & Has A Lot of Potential for Drive Users.

Anyone can design a web page.

Simple and easy to use.

Basic site-making software.

Basic site-making software.

Make quick websites.

FAQs on Google Sites

Is Google Sites Free?

Yes! Google Sites is free. You can build your website on google sites at 0 costs. You can use all its features for free as google sites have no separate pricing tiers.

Does Google Sites have SEO?

Your website will get a complimentary SEO audit from Google if you build it with Google sites. 

It will automatically go through all your pages and scan all the content to ensure it's ready for SEO.

If you have any further queries about SEO, you can take a look at these SEO FAQs

37. Mailchimp Stores

Free Plan: Available.

Pricing: $0 - $29 per month.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5.

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5


Mailchimp store is an online store where anyone can sell products through a website. This software was established in Georgia in 2001.

Mailchimp store offers users to build an online store to sell products where users will get a secure payment gateway, shopping and checkout functionality, product listing page, description, etc.

The users of the Mailchimp store are freelancers, Large to small-sized Businesses, Non Profit, and Public Administrations.

Key Features

Some key features of Mailchimp stores are,

Cart Management: Mailchimp stores allow users to place a cart in their online store to represent unfinished e-commerce transactions.

Shipping Information Collection: Mailchimp store lets users set flat rate shipping costs for all items in their store. Additionally, for faster service, users can add up to 2 custom shipping options or choose Standard shipping solely.

Payment Gateway Integration: Mailchimp stores integrate with Stripe for the secured payment gateway. For this instance, users can receive payment from customers directly through their Stripe accounts. 

Products: Mailchimp provides users with a product listing and description system in their online store. Users can easily add more products and delete products at any time.


As Mailchimp has various services, they have divided its pricing plan into 3 sections. Among them, the Website and Commerce section is for Mailchimp Stores. 

The Mailchimp Store pricing plan is divided into 3 sections again. And these are Free ($0.00 per month), Core ($10 per month), and Plus ($29 Per month).

Each section has some similar functionality; however, some comparisons can be seen in additional storage fees, domain, Integrations, add-ons, etc.

Ease of Use

Mailchimp Store is generally considered user-friendly and easy to use with its drag-and-drop builder and templates. Still, its difficulty level can vary based on the user's technical skills and e-commerce needs.

Mailchimp Store User Reviews

Here are some reviews from G2

Mailchimp Store - Too good to be true.

Mailchimp is good, but there are other options.

Everything you need to start a store in one place!

Even a beginner can create an e-commerce web with the help of Mailchimp Store. Loved it !!

 Mailchimp Store: The Kickstart That Your Online Business Needs!

Easy to get started, still needs some additional features.

FAQs on Mailchimp

Is Mailchimp good for e-commerce?

Yes, Mailchimp is good for e-commerce because it is one of the best Shopify alternatives on the market today.

Is Mailchimp Store Good for Beginners?

Yes, it is. Mailchimp is an easy-to-use tool with an intuitive UI to familiarize users with the builder.

38. Canva

Free Plan: Available.

Pricing: $0 - $8.49 per month.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 Overall.

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5 Overall


Canva, founded in 2012 in Australia, is a free-to-use one-page website builder and online graphic design tool. It is usually used for social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. 

The ideal users of Canva are students, teachers, business owners, marketers, other professionals, and non-designers.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Canva one-page website builder,

Color Palette Generator: Canva allows users to change and choose a color palette for their website theme with various options.

Free Templates: Canva provides thousands of free templates to users to build unique one-page websites. Many of them are paid templates. Only pro users can use them. 

Free Images, Icons, and Graphics: Like templates, Canva provides thousands of free images, icons, graphics, fonts, etc.


Though Canva provides users with most of the elements for free, it requires some payment for pro design and functionality. Canva has 2 different pricing sections; Pro and Team.

Pro has 2 plans; Free at $0 and Canva Pro at $6.49 per month. Anyone can save 29% by choosing a yearly plan.

On the other hand, the team has very exciting plans. So, basically, it has only 2 plans; Free at $0 and Canva for Teams at $8.49 (for 2-5 people). Anyone can save up to 19% by choosing yearly plans.

Canva for Teams plan allows you to add your team member number up to 15000.

Ease of Use

Canva's one-page website builder is user-friendly and easy to use. Canva lets users create a one-page website effortlessly with a drag-and-drop feature. It is also easier with gorgeous pre-built templates and unlimited space.

Canva User Reviews

As there is no review for the Canva one-page website builder, we are covering some of the overall Canva users reviews from Capterra,

I really like canvas because it is an easy-to-use application.

Great for small business & personal applications!

Lost hours of work, don't know and can't fix the problem.

FAQs on Canva

Is My Canva Website Secure?

Yes, it is. Canva allows you to publish your website with password-protected security. So it's entirely in your control.

Can I Connect My Social Media to My Website?

Yes, you can. You can link up your social media to any element of your website. Right-click on the component, select the link, and paste the URL., and it's done.

39. Appypie Website

Free Plan: 7 days free trial.

Pricing: $18 - $36 per month.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5.

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5


Appy pie is an app development software established in 2015 USA. It allows users to build applications, websites, chatbots, etc., in one place without coding.

It offers brilliant features to its users to build excellent websites. They also provide free domain and google workspace to the users.

The ideal users of Appypie are Freelancers, Large to Small Businesses, Non-Profit, and Public Administrations.

Key Features 

Here are some key features of the Appypie website,

AI-Powered Design Assistant: The Design Assistant uses AI to generate custom designs based on the user's preferences and website content. They are making it easy to create a professional-looking website in minutes.

Code-Free Customization: Users can modify their websites using Appy Pie without coding expertise or being tech-savvy.

Advanced Analytics: You can monetize your websites with Appy Pie's built-in technologies, including AdSense and affiliate marketing.


Appy Pie website pricing plan is divided into 2 sections. They are: 

Start- $18 per month. It is perfect for personal projects. Comes with basic features, 50MB Storage, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

And Appy pie's most popular plan is- Grow which is $36 per month. Best for small businesses. Comes with everything from a start plan and unlimited storage, live chat, etc.

Ease of Use

Appy Pie is a comprehensive website builder that offers an easy-to-use platform for creating professional websites. The platform has a user-friendly interface that doesn't require coding knowledge.

Customers can easily develop and edit their websites with the platform's guidance. Since customer support is available around the clock, users can get assistance whenever needed. With Appy Pie, creating a professional website is made simple and accessible.

Appypie User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra

We turned our complex website into a full app on every device 100% seamlessly.

Shop No Further...Appy Pie is what you need.

If they improve a few things, they could be great.

 A complete failure using Appy pie.

Love this platform! It is my go-to!

 Frustrating Waste of Time.

FAQs on Appypie

Can I Cancel My Appypie Account at Any Time?

Yes, You can cancel your account anytime if the Appypie website builder does not meet your requirements.

Will My Website Work After I Cancel My Subscription With You?

No. Your website will stop functioning as soon as you cancel your subscription.

40. GetResponse

Free Plan: Available.

Pricing: $0 to $119 per month (Including Custom Pricing).

G2 Rating: 4.2/5.

Capterra Rating: 4.2/5


GetResponse, an email marketing and online campaign tool was launched in 1997. Along with email marketing, GetResponse provides website-building functionalities, product marketing, promotion, and sales.

The core user of GetResponse is freelancers, large to small-sized businesses and non-profit and public administrations.

Key Features

Here are some key features of GetResponse: 

AI Responsive Builder: GetResponse has AI responsive functionality where you will be asked a few questions and allows you some features. And that AI tool automatically will load your website within 10 minutes. It is indeed a time-saving process.

Inbuilt Pop-Ups: GetResponse allows users to use their in-built pop-ups while building a website. These pop-ups are conversion optimized and attractive, which anyone would love.

Ready-Made Sections: Whether you built a website manually or by AI tool, they have created a lot of templates with ready-made sections. You just need to input your data, and your website is almost ready to publish. No coding knowledge is required.


GetResponse pricing has 2 separate sections; "For Everyone" and "Mid & Large Companies."

Among them, ‘For Everyone’ section has 4 plans. Free - $0, Email Marketing - $19, Marketing Automation - $59, and E-Commerce Marketing - $119. In each plan, you can customize the contact numbers. Moreover, to save up to 18%, you can choose a 12-month plan, and for 30% savings, choose a 24-month plan.

On the other hand, 'Mid & Large Companies' have 2 plans. Max and Max Plus. Both plans are customizable with some fantastic features. You will need to tap on the 'Get A Quote' button to purchase.

With these plans, users will get a website builder with landing pages, custom domain connections, integration facilities, etc.

Ease of Use

GetResponse's interface is simple and easy. All the features and functions are within arm's reach.

The templates and drag-and-drop features made the process of building a website intuitive. Moreover, a beginner can create a website within 10 minutes with their AI function. It requires just a little information. However, it couldn't fulfill all the needs.

GetResponse User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra

Do business with simplicity.

Best All-in-One Marketing Platform for Every Online Business.

GetResponse from a Person who is not techie.

A Lot of Options for the Price.

Getresponse lost its edge.

Good feature set for the price, but clunky to use.

FAQs on GetResponse

Does GetResponse Host the Website?

Yes. GetResponse provides secure domain hosting to users so they won't need to move several platforms for their business and get all the stuff under one roof.

Will My Website Look Good on Mobile Devices?

Yes, it will. GetResponse allows users to build mobile responsive websites. So, any website that uses GetResponse will look good on mobile devices.

41. Leadpages

Free Plan: 14-days free plan.

Pricing: $49 - $99 per month.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5.

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5


Leadpages, one of the best website builders, founded in 2012 in the USA, is a software that enables users to create mobile-responsive websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. It assists small businesses in connecting with their target audiences, collecting leads, and making purchases. 

The buyer persona of Leadpages is freelancers, mid to small-sized businesses, and non-profits.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Leadpages: 

Online Sales & Payments: Leadpages allows users to make sales, accept recurring payments, and deliver digital products from any webpage, landing page, or pop-up. They also provide you complete control over your payment by stripe.

Real-Time Analytics: Leadpages provides a lead meter to let users get data-powered, real-time conversion tips at their fingertips. 

Customizable Templates: Leadpages provides professionally designed and conversion-optimized website templates for users to customize by dragging and dropping elements according to their needs. Here no coding knowledge is required.

Free Leadpages Virtual Workshops: Leadpages let the users access the exclusive virtual workshop and enhance marketing knowledge and strategies. The workshop provides expert information which is not readily available elsewhere.


Leadpages has 2 pricing plans; Standard and Pro. The Standard plan is $49 per month and comes with free hosting, 1 site, 40+ standard integration, etc.

And the most popular plan of the Leadpages, Pro, at $99 per month, comes with everything under the standard plan. It also includes 3 sites, tech support, online sales payment, unlimited A/B Split Testing, etc. The builder provides 14 days of free services for each plan allowing to make free sites. 

Ease of Use

Leadpages website builder is way easier with drag and drop functionality. With the drag-and-drop feature, users can easily move elements and stuff from section to section or, sometimes, in sections.

Moreover, it is easier to resize columns and rows, just like editing a picture on Canva. Overall, Leadpages is an intuitive builder where the user doesn't need to know the code.

Leadpages User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Good choice for landing pages.

Leadpages - super functional.


Easy to use for landing pages.

 Proven High-Converting Landing Pages.

Poor support and difficult to use.

FAQs on Leadpages

Can I Integrate Leadpages With My Existing Website?

Yes, you can. You can easily integrate Leadpages conversion tools like landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars to your existing website.

What is Leadpages Suitable For?

Leadpages is suitable for small businesses. Because it helps small businesses to connect with audiences, collect leads, and close sales.

42. WebWave

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $10 to $22/month

G2 Review: 4.6/5

Capterra Review:  4.2/5


WebWave is a no-code, drag-and-drop platform to build websites for yourselves and your clients. It is more like a Photoshop editor, which assists people in building sites with many organized functionalities. 

 Key Features

Here are some important features of WebWave you will appreciate to have:

Templates and SEO Optimization: WebWave's pre-built templates have been organized into eight categories, including e-commerce and business purposes templates. You will find a bucket of fields to work on and make changes to your website from themes, make it fully responsive, and organize them for better SEO.

Image and drag-and-drop editor: Its in-built image editor, massive library of images, and the feature to copy and paste elements wherever you want to input are unique and time-saving.

Form-builder: You can effortlessly build and manage custom forms like surveys and contact us forms for your website.

Custom Code: You will find the freedom to give your creativity a new pick by adding custom coding to your site.

Integrations: Its features are well-established for starting a web design business with multiple accessibilities. It also provides integration for sites like- Spotify, LiveChat, google analytics, and a few more.


Including a free plan, WebWave website builder has three more plans named - Starter( begins at $10), Premium ( begins at $14), and Business (begins at $22) with different features.

Their free package allows access to get 1 GB of free file storage and bandwidth. Multilingual websites and membership pages with password protection accessibility. The free plan also provides access to the CMS platform so users can create and manage their blogs easily.

Their paid plans start from 10 USD to 22 USD, unlocking bucket features like- a free .com domain for one year, e-commerce features, unlimited email accounts, and many more.

Ease of Use

The builder is easy to use and straightforward to customize your website. The documentary video tutorial and pop-up guide will help you a lot. But, if you are a non-tech person, have tried platforms like photoshop, or built any site before, it will be challenging for you to catch its features on a first shot.

WebWave User Reviews

Here are some reviews from TrustRadius.

Well SEO optimized templates code and a lot of integrations with 3rd party apps.

Users must manually adjust layout settings to achieve true responsive design.

I love how easy it is to connect with my non-coder business owners that I help to grow their business.

Takes a bit more time and makes things a bit more difficult.

Rising star of Drag' n' Drop Website Builder arena.

Granular control of settings and animations using layers.

FAQs on WebWave

Is WebWave Free? 

Yes, But to get more services and make the best use of them, you need to buy paid plans.

Who Should use WebWave? 

Web designers who need to build more sites for clients and agencies would find it easier to manage their multiple websites from the dashboard.

43. Ucraft

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $10 to $69/month

G2 Review: 4.6/5

Capterra Review:  4.6/5


Ucraft is a simple and easy-to-use website builder which will allow you to build a website for your small businesses, create a logo, get hostings, and all. Though it has been built for multiple purposes, it does not serve many features for e-commerce sites.

Key Features

Discover the key features of Ucraft included down below:

Free web hosting: You can build and host your website on Ucraft’s server without even paying for it as their pricing packages offers this service.

Logo maker: Their logo maker tool helps you make your desired logo with additional accessibility like -icons, fonts, colors, and all.

Blogging Platform: Ucrafts blogging platform allows users to create and manage their blogs easily.

E-Commerce tools: You can manage orders, add products, sell services, create coupon codes, and a lot of stuff you need to run your online shop from Ucrafts e-commerce tools.

Landing page builder: You can build a customer-winning landing page with its few developed features like- free A/B testing, mobile responsiveness, customizable website templates, etc.

Allow integrations with 3rd party tools, like - Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and many more.


Free plans are available on Ucraft for everyone. Meanwhile, a 14-day free trial is available on each paid plan. They have three paid plans, the Pro plan starts at $10, the Pro Shop starts at $21, and the Unlimited starts at $69.

These individual packages have been organized by targeting different personas and purposes.

Ease of Use

The overall design and layout of this website are very simple and easy. Beginners will not find it sleeky to get started with it. Though it claims itself as a drag-and-drop editor, it has limitations. You just can not move any elements from their own section to another.

According to features limitations, it's not smooth for professionals if they would like to put their creativity into customizing.

Ucraft User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra. 

The only real negative for me is that the software works with so few internet browsers.

I love how you can add fonts and customize the website.

 It's really easy to use, and the design options are attractive.

I wish there were a bit more templates, maybe, but everything is super easy to modify, so this is just a minor little detail.

The platform has many limitations, both from functional and design perspectives.

FAQs on Ucraft

What are the disadvantages of Ucraft?

Here are some disadvantages of Ucraft:

  • Limitation of features for e-commerce sites.
  • You can not move elements from one particular section to other.
  • Pricing does not worth the service if you are in need of advanced features for a larger storage capacity.
Is Ucraft good for beginners?

Yes, its’ smooth and bold design theme will let you move forward without getting stuck on any features. If you do not need a strong e-commerce site for your products, Ucraft will be a good-to-go option for you.

44. Simvoly

Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: $12 to $149/month

G2 Review: 4.6/5

Capterra Review: 4.8/5


Simvoly is a cloud-based all-in-one platform that allows its user to build white-level websites, build their blog pages, e-commerce funnels, sales funnel, email marketing, membership, and everything they need. Users can create their website, customize it, and do A/B testing to get the best output of their website from this fantastic platform.

Simvoly also helps sales executives to store clients' information and previous history of purchases, store and use them for future needs.

Key Features

Let’s have a look at some significant features of this website builder:

Page Builder: Designers and developers can build websites from their 200+ block and page templates and customize them with the easiest drag-and-drop builder. Its style editor is super easy and simple to use for everyone.

Funnel Builder: Build funnels to get analytics of your website visitors and share them with others as well. There are 100+ funnel templates available on Simvoly to help you create effective funnels within no time.

CRM: Their CRM will help you with lead generation, customer data maintenance, and website interaction reporting.

E-Commerce Integrations: You can easily sell your services and products online by adding them as it gives you access to add online store options to your site. 

Apart from these, Simvoly also has- features that will assist you with email marketing, creating events for getting appointments, site automation, and all.


Along with four paid plans with a price range of $10 to $149, Simvoly also offers 14 days of free trials. Its highest pricing plan unlocks unlimited domain connections, funnels, and pages on top of 3 website-building accessibility. Furthermore, you can have thousands of subscribers and email-sending accessibility in this plan with 400 GB bandwidth.

Their paid plans include Personal ( begins at $12), Business ( begins at $29), Growth ( begins at $59), and Pro ( begins at $149).

Take the best use of the Growth and Pro plan by getting unlimited product showcasing for a complete e-commerce solution.

Ease of Use

Whether you are a designer, business person, or a photographer, Simvoly makes it easier for you to build your site, build sales funnels and make the user management system fast and smooth. Its features and design theme is easy to understand and interact with. It also offers AI-powered site creation based on the keywords you will provide. So, it's hassle-free and time-saving.

Simvoly User Reviews

Here are some reviews from G2. 

Page editing functionality in mobile view needs improvement.

 Great web builder and funnel builder.

Awesome all-in-one platform for online coaches and entrepreneurs.

I would say there are some features and integrations (ex, dropshipping integration) that larger platforms like Squarespace have that Simvoly doesn't. 

Great Customer Service. Missing a few integrations for e-commerce.

FAQs on Simvoly

Is It Easy-to-use for beginners?

Yes. It Is. As its theme and features are oriented in an excellent manner to help individuals create a website, Simvoly has a bundle of features to help you go for it.

Is it suitable for big online shops?

No! Simvoly is good for small businesses. But, if you would like to sell hundreds of products online, you may go for other builders.

45. Berta

Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: €3.99 to €14.99/month

G2 Rating: N/A

Capterra Rating: N/A


Berta is an ideal portfolio website builder for photographers, artists, craftsmen, designers, and other creatives. 

Key Features 

Berta offers all the cool features to make your website a simple and elegant one; the features are: 

Visualize What You Create: You can see how the published website will look with the things you upload, drag-and-drop, and see what you have built.

Mobile Friendly: You get a device-friendly website with Berta that works on any device.

Font Collection: With Berta, you get more than 500 Google Web Fonts to choose from.

Secure Hosting: Berta offers secure hosting, as all the websites are hosted in a secure cloud with backups.


Berta offers two pricing plans - Monthly and Annual. Every plan consisted of Five sub plans - Basic starts at $3.99 to $4.99/month, PRO at $8.99 to $9.99/month, and Shop at $12.49 to $14.99/month.

In Basic they offer a website with 1 GB storage space; PRO offers unlimited storage space, Multi-site function, and Remove branding; Shop offers PRO features + PayPal integration.

Ease of Use 

With its simple and minimalist layout, Berta is an easy ground for anyone to build a website.

Berta User Reviews 

We couldn't able to find any reliable customer reviews for Berta CMS.

FAQs on Berta 

Is Berta free?

No, Berta is not free. You will have to buy a plan to build a website with Berta.

Can I integrate third-party services with Berta?

Yes, you can integrate third-party services with Berta. Berta offers various integrations like - Google Analytics, Mailchimp, PayPal, and more.

46. Snapps

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $79-$997/month

G2 Review: 4.9/ 5

Capterra Review:  4.9/5


Snapps is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder which allows local businesses or small businesses to create a website from pre-made 100+ templates, create one by their AI Wizard or write custom codes to add a personal touch.

It has a lot and every type of content you can implement on. Each page of your website will have a different SEO setting to ensure each web page ranks on google for various purposes.

Key Features

In this section, we are going to have a short look at this website builder's key features-

Customizable: From the Snapps dashboard, its design tool allows you to make changes to your site's layout, including text color, background design, and all. You can add empty and dynamic pages to your site from page settings.

Drag-and-drop Editor: You will find it fun to drag and drop elements from their vast widget collection anywhere on your site.

Blogging Platform: Every site you build with Snapps will come with a blog page. A professionally written blog can drive huge traffic to your site. You can hire writers or just start writing on your own. If you prefer the second option, the following article will help you a lot. Let's discover what's in there! 

How to Become a Better Writer: The Ultimate Guide

Customer Support: You can get 24/7 help through your email whenever you need it.

Mobile Optimization: It makes it easier for your client to stay connected with you as all of their templates are optimized for mobile screens.


There is two pricing system that indicates their plans on both a monthly and yearly basis named - Starter Pack, Decade Pack, Agency Lite Pack, and Agency Pro Pack.

The starting pricing plans on the monthly package start from $79, allowing five websites to publish. Whether the highest plan on monthly packages provides access to publish up to 50 sites with a pricing plan of $599.

Besides, their yearly plans start at $66.25 per month and end at $495.83 per month, providing the same services.

They are also providing a 'Century Club pack,' which will allow you to build up to 100 sites at $997 each month or a yearly plan costing $830.83 per month.

Ease of Use

Most of the users of Snapps found it super easy and ended up with no errors while working on it. Integrations on tools are easy and fast.

Snapps User Reviews

Here are some reviews from G2. 

Nothing. Their support is awful and they hold your domains hostage.

Snapps is an absolute gem when it comes to building lead-generation websites.

Snapps is by far the best option for local service-based business websites.

Everything is built right in.

 Snapps templates are also top-notch - they truly have so many to choose from.

The templates are beautiful, responsive, and professional looking.

FAQs on Snapps

Can I migrate my previous site to Snapps?.

Yes, you can. To migrate your sites to Snapps, you need to contact their migration team, who will be by your side instantly.

Can I customize my site using mobile with Snapps?

Yes, you can. Though, their mobile editor has limited functionality. Working from a computer will give you a better experience.

47. RebelMouse

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: Starts From $5K/month.

G2 Review: 4.3/5

Capterra Review:  4.5/5


So, when looking at RebelMouse, we found it as a creative agency with its own CMS platform.

RebelMouse was first launched in 2012. Its CMS allows people to create a website where they can accumulate all of their social media platform's content and showcase them.

Key Features

Some key features of RebelMouse are noted down below:

User Management: RebelMouse tools are allowing access to users to keep control of who can get access to and edit their websites.

Analytics: Including Traffics and performance reports, this platform provides analytics on your website's performance.

SEO Optimization: To make it smoother and fast for visitors to find your website, RebelMouse offers SEO tools and optimizes your website for search engines like Google.

Social Media Aggregation: Allows users to aggregate all their social media content in one place and showcase them.

Schedule Post: Users can draft their posts and schedule them for their social media platforms like- Facebook, YouTube, etc.


As a creative agency, RebelMouse offers a wide variety of tech solutions starting at $5k for you to run a premium media site. The price range will fluctuate depending on the services you implement in your site design.

Moreover, RebelMouse's CMS platform could be the best fit for a team full of smart creators and product managers, giving them access to flex their creative juices.

Ease of Use:

Though RebelMouse has been built to be user-friendly for people with zero technical knowledge, it also has some major drawbacks! It is missing some advanced features which can make a professional's work speed slower.


Here are some reviews from G2.

Easy-to-use technology coupled with aggressive audience growth capabilities.

I love that RebelMouse combines traffic-driving features into a seamless publishing platform. 

Seamless Publishing - Wonderful Team.

The templates are fairly basic and in my opinion as a designer, everyone's page ends up looking very similar.

The only dislike would be the time it took to learn how to use and how to use features but like with any social media it takes time and patience.

Great program for streamlining social media!

FAQs on RebelMouse

Who can use RebelMouse?

Small businesses, content creators, bloggers, and individuals who want to build a website with the lowest technical knowledge will find building a website with RebelMouse easier.

Can you customize your website that has been built with RebelMouse?

Yes. Though it might not feel as comfortable as other CMS platforms, changes like changing fonts, color, layouts, etc., can be done with RebelMouse.

48. UENI

Free Plan: Not-Available

Pricing: $10.75 to $41.58/year

G2 Review: 4.0 / 5

Capterra Review:  4.2 / 5


UENI was built back in 2014. This excellent platform is helping local businesses to build websites, giving all-in-one solutions with marketing features. They are also providing support and tools that will allow users to improve their website performance and increase revenue.

Just answer a few questions, and they will build a UENI-branded website for you in 7 days.

Key Features

Getting started with UENI is exceptionally different and needs a few steps. Let’s discover some of its features:

Website Done for you: If you want to get a website, first you need to buy a plan from them. After that, you need to answer a few questions to help them create a website for you.

Their web designers will create a website within seven days, and they will conduct a meeting with you before finalizing your website. At this meeting, they will guide you on how to use your site for your small business, and if any changes are needed, they will hear them from you.

Easily Editable by you: You can customize and change content through the Editor whenever you need.

Built-in SEO Tools: They help their user website rank higher with built-in SEO tools and optimize content for search engines like Google.

Google Business Profile: They will also help you create Google My Business account and assist you to go live instantly. The day your website is up on the internet, you can start getting bookings.

Read some inspirational quotes for your small business.


Pay once, and use it forever. You can buy a Lifetime plan for $149 from UENI and use it forever.

They also have three more packages ranging from $10.75 to $41.58 annually and monthly. The lower-cost plan comes with only $10.75, but this plan is only available on an annual basis. However, to get a faultlessly running website, their most popular 'Plus' plan unlocks quarterly SEO reviews, four email accounts, third-party website plug-ins, email marketing integrations, etc. 

Ease of Use

As UENI builds websites for small businesses, their design, functionalities, and themes come with a simple and easy-to-use layout. Also, their blog documentation makes it easily accessible.


Here are some reviews from G2 and Capterra.

Great Web host.

Excellent service. 

Sometimes, when you type a description of your product. It would type and jump back, so I thought that was annoying. 

UENI is a fantastic tool for those of us that are just starting out with a business.

Simple to set up and affordable for those with limited budget and time! 

1.000.000 promises before payment, 0 delivered after!


Does UENI have any free plan?

No! UENI does not have any freemium or free plan.

Does UENI have any app?

No. But, iPad and iPhone users can add the UENI Hub to their homepage.

49. 10Web

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $10 to $170/month

G2 Review: 4.4/5

Capterra Review:  4.3/5


10Web is an AI-powered WordPress platform built in 2017. It will assist you in building websites faster, getting hosting, and boosting your page speed.

Key Features

Email Integrations: Get an Email account to communicate with your customers within your website builder.

Content Management: They provide a wide range of tools so that you can manage your website’s content and publish them.

White Label: Providing your client with a white-label website is easier as you can rebrand your website-building platform by creating your own logo, and domain names.

SEO and Site Analytics: Optimize your site for better SEO, and get analytics of your site growth.

Customizations: You can enjoy the ready-made templates, use the drag-and-drop interface, edit the site with HTML Inputs, and get unique domain names for your website.

AI Assistant: Generate and create content by AI Assistant with plugins like Yoast and Classic Editor.

You can get access of also tools like- AI Generator, PageSpeed Booster, Hosting, marketing tools, etc.


The plans of 10Web are distributed into three packages.

  1. Personal: starts at $10/month and allows users to build 1 website.
  2. Premium: Begins at $24/month and holds a lot to bring your business to the next label.
  3. Agency: Build 10 websites for $60/month.

Ease of Use:

Building websites, whether it is blogging or a business website, is easy and fast to build and customize.

10Web User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra & G2. 

Super hosting and a great tool for beginners.

they allow people to log in from the plugin side itself, making it slightly risky for technical clients who can directly login to our 10web account.

It makes fixing SEO issues on my website.

The migration plugin needs to be updated to avoid errors.

Great program with fast and competent support.

After transferring 18 sites to their hosting, we quickly realized they could not guarantee to achieve the speeds, and their 10web plugins created major proble.

FAQs on 10Web

Who can use the 10Web Website Builder?

Freelancers, website developers, small business owners, and agencies can use 10Web.

Is there any free plan or freemium available on 10Web?

Yes. Anyone anytime can get a 14-day free trial on this platform.

50. Odoo

Free Plan: Not Available

Pricing: $0 to $11/month

G2 Review: 4.4/5

Capterra Review:  4.1/5


Odoo website builder is among the software Odoo's many all-in-one management apps. Their website builder allows users to build websites, edit pre-designed websites, and make changes to go live quickly.

Key Features

Let’s have a look at Odoo’s key features:

Media Manager: You can get manually optimized copyright-free graphics and photos for better speed.

Smart color preset: Make your site color combination more advanced. Select a background color that will automatically change the text and button colors for better readability.

Website Configurator: Their Artificial Intelligence Designer allows users to build a website in 3 steps.

Multi-Websites: You can run multiple websites from the same database and share your products between them.

Visitors Targeted Content: Your website will automatically adapt to the country and the ads your visitors come from, etc.

Though we have picked the very mentionable features above, the Odoo website builders also have features like e-commerce functionality, CRM, external widget embedding, and many more.


Odoo web builder pricing depends on several factors. It will let you play with its calculator asking a few questions like- Do you already have any design, the number of pages you would like to have, would it be mobile responsive, and how many languages will you prefer?

Depending on your answers, prices for your packages will get changed.

Ease of Use

From choosing a pricing plan to completely customizing your entire website, using the Odoo website builder is unique and easier. A few issues like not allowing users to save the site before publishing, no options to undo your work, and no backup system might make your experience complex!

Odoo User Reviews

Here are some reviews from G2 Crowd and Capterra.

A powerful website builder, but a bit too detailed. Overall useful.

The customization options seem to be too detailed for novice users or non-designers and one may struggle a bit to find the exact option for customizing a particular element.

Sometimes, it freezes and I lose my work done. 

Reports are easily accessible through Google Analytics. 

It needs to mature a little bit. 

It solves the need to have all the elements of a website in an easy app.

FAQs on Odoo

Does Odoo have live chat support?

No. Due to limited support servers, Odoo is unavailable with live chat support. But you can still send your queries by filling out a form on their help desk.

Does Odoo Offer SEO optimization tools?

Yes. They offer a few built-in SEO tools that will help users to optimize their websites for Search Engine rankings.  

51. Ecomposer

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $14.99 to $59.99/month

G2 Review: 4.8/ 5

Capterra Review: N/A


EComposer is a Shopify page builder app or plugin that allows business owners to create multiple types of pages by using their pre-made templates, sections, and drag-and-drop editor.

Key Features

The most and unavoidable features of EComposer are listed below-

Drag-and-drop Editor: EComposer page builder has made it easier and fast to design pages and add elements with its drag-and-drop editor. You can import and insert any section and templates by copying them within seconds.

Live Margin-Padding Feature:  EComposer helps you to give your design an aesthetic look with its live margin& Padding feature.

Custom and Google Fonts: You can upload your custom fonts or connect them with Google fonts.

E-Commerce Elements: It also has E-Commerce elements like product listings and add-to-cart buttons to help you make your pages well-established. When making your design and editing are done, you can save it to draft or publish it whenever you like to go live.


You can get any type of 3 pages for your Shopify theme and create 20 templates from pre-made layouts of 65+ pages and 200+ sections for free. With more established features, Ecomposer has three paid deals - the Standard plan starts at $16, the Pro plan starts at $32, and the Premium plan starts at $124 per month.

EComposer’s Standard plan gives access to create 15 pages/sections, and the Premium allows you to create unlimited pages/sections. What comes in extra is everything you need to make changes to your design is unlimited on the Premium plan.

Ease of Use

The design layout of EComposer was built to be user-friendly, helping people easily adapt who do not even have design experience at all. Their wide collection of 100+ templates, 190+ sections, and 90+ elements helps anyone to design their page for their Shopify website.

EComposer User Reviews

Here are some reviews from G2

Best page builder app but its tech support is even better!

The app allows fairly complex high-level web design requirements achievable for an end user without experience.

The number of integrations should be increased.

It may be a bit more difficult for beginners, but using each tool takes practice.

Great layout, easy to use.

The app has not a lot third-party apps integrated. For example the upsell widget is not as I want to, but there is only one upsell widget available.

FAQs on EComposer

Does EComposer work with every Shopify theme?

Yes. But, some pages may not support specific design elements or features that have been provided by the EComposer.

Can a user use a custom design on EComposer?

Yes. Everyone can use their custom design, fonts, logos, and elements by uploading these to the EComposer media library.

52. Softr 

Free Plan: Available 

Pricing: $49 to $269 per month

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Capterra Review: 4.7/5


Softr is a website builder platform enabling users to create and launch websites and web applications without coding knowledge. It provides a range of templates and customization options, drag-and-drop website building, e-commerce functionality, and the ability to create custom databases and web apps. It can turn your Google Sheets or Airtable into internal tools, portals, directories, etc. 

Key Features

Let's see some of the key features of this website builder.

Responsive Design: All websites and web applications built with Softr are designed to be responsive, meaning they can be accessed on any device, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. 

Membership Sites: Softr allows users to create membership sites that require users to sign up and log in to access certain pages or content. 

Payment: Softr lets users accept payment in minutes. Users can sign up and sign in securely with email and password or with a magic link, ensuring their personal and payment information is protected. 

SEO Optimization: Softr offers built-in SEO optimization tools to help users improve their website's search engine ranking. Users can create fast-loading pages.

Custom Form: Users can easily embed forms into their website or web application. This feature is helpful for businesses that require customer feedback or want to collect user data.

Integrations with Third-Party Tools and Services: Softr integrates with various third-party tools and services, including Stripe, Zapier, Google Analytics, Integromat, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and more.


Softr offers five pricing plans: With the Free Plan, you will enjoy five internal/100 external app users, five workspace collaborators, and one custom domain. The Basic Plan costs $49 /month, the Professional Plan costs $139/month, and the Business Plan costs $269/month. 

The Enterprise Plan suits larger companies needing extra volume, security, and support. You have to contact the company to get a quote for this plan. 

Ease of Use

The user-friendly interface will help you create your website without hassle. But sometimes, you may face issues handling some features. There are a few limitations of functionality and design. Again, you may face a learning curve to start with the Softr template. 

Softr User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

Fantastic platform for quickly creating powerful websites.

No code platform taken to another level.

Phenomenal, Simple, Affordable & Exceptional Customer Service!

Sometimes some features are difficult to handle.

Through the block editor nature it loses some of its customization options.

FAQs on Softr

What kind of websites can I build with Softr?

With Softr, you can build various websites, including landing pages, business websites, blogs, portfolios, online stores, membership sites, and web applications.

Does Softr offer support and resources for users?

Yes, Softr offers users a range of support and resources, including documentation, video tutorials, and live support via chat and email.

53. Plasmic

Free Plan: Available 

Pricing: $0 to $384 per month (Billed Annually)

G2 Rating: 4.9/5

Capterra Review: Not Available 


Plasmic is a no-code website builder that enables users to create custom websites without coding. It provides a drag-and-drop visual editor, customizable templates, multi-platform design, collaboration, accessibility, integration with other tools, and export capabilities. The platform suits individuals, small businesses, and enterprises who want to create custom websites quickly and easily.

Key Features

The key features of Plasmic are

Visual Editor: Plasmic's drag-and-drop visual editor allows users to design their websites without coding knowledge. Users can easily add, move, and edit elements on their websites.

Headless CMS: Plasmic offers a headless CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to manage their website content separately from the website's presentation layer.

Multi-Platform Design: The builder enables users to design desktop, tablet, and mobile websites. 

Collaboration: Users can collaborate with their team in real-time. They can invite team members to edit the website design, leave comments, and review changes. 

Zero lock-in with code eject: Users can quickly obtain entirely generated source files for their entire project at any time, allowing them the flexibility to walk away from the platform.


You will get four pricing plans: Starter-Free, Basic starting at $80; Growth at $384; and Enterprise (Annual billing only), a customized plan. The Starter plan includes features like Up to 3 editors per project, Up to 3 collaborators per team, Figma import, Headless CMS, Unlimited code components, and many more.

The Basic plan offers 100K monthly page views 30-day version history with all the features of the Starter plan. On the other hand, the Growth plan provides more features such as A/B testing, Scheduled content, Localized CMS content, etc. 

Ease of Use

Plasmic offers unparalleled flexibility to create dynamic data-driven components. It lets designers retain complete control over their project's UI and UX aspects. However, you may experience a learning curve at the beginning of your journey. Ít lacks user community support. Besides, it can be challenging to keep track of different views.

Softr User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from Capterra

Phenomenal Experience.

Easy to learn, and incredibly powerful.

Game Changer!

The learning curve is a bit steep.

Lack of resources for users.

FAQs on Plasmic

What will happen when your limits are exceeded?

You won't be able to publish your Plasmic designs anymore. But you can edit your website, and it will not be affected.

Can I integrate Plasmic designs into existing stacks?

Yes, you can integrate it into any part of your existing website.

54. TemplateToaster 

Free Plan: Available

Pricing: $49 and $149 

G2 Rating: 3.7/5

Capterra Rating: 4/5


Launched in 2009, TemplateToaster is a Windows-based web design builder, CMS theme maker, and template builder that helps create websites. It is a downloadable software program that lets users create websites using pre-made template designs from scratch with no coding skills required.

As a desktop website builder, TemplateToaster provides a user-friendly solution for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. It uses CMS themes to help users generate template designs for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and more. The software offers a wide range of responsive pre-designed templates. These templates can be easily customized to create a website just as you want. 

Key Features

TemplateToaster is not just a web builder, it comes with complete functionalities and resources you require to create a stunning website with no coding skills. Most importantly, users can enjoy flexibility in customization to create all kinds of websites, from simple blogs to eCommerce sites. 

CMS Compatibility: TemplateToaster is compatible with all of the major CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, Virtuemart, and more. It helps build different layouts and designs for each CMS. Whether you want to create a small business website or launch an online store, TemplateToaster is what you need. 

Drag & Drop UI and WYSIWYG: TemplateToaster is a drag-and-drop web builder, so it does not take much time to create a UI design using the templates. Not to mention, no coding skills or knowledge is needed. All you need to do is pick an area, drop the block, and edit it in just a few clicks. Also, the advanced WYSIWYG editor makes it simple to modify the designs.

Responsive Templates: Mobile-friendly websites are important for SEO. While creating a website with TemplateToaster themes, you do not have to worry about mobile-friendliness, as all of the themes are responsive. 

Third-Party Integrations: The web maker does support third-party plugin integration. You can choose any extension, free or paid, depending upon the CMS. And associate them with your project. 

Web-Standards Compliance: The template designs comply with the latest web development standards, including W3C and Bootstrap. Not to mention, templates consist of clean code, which helps maintain a smooth experience and a great user experience.

Built-in SEO Capabilities: The template designs come with H1/H6 headings which helps users to easily create a clear structure, which helps with SEO-friendly websites. 

Great Customer Support: If users come across any error or issues, they can expect an immediate response from the team. Customer support is provided through the Support Ticket System. You can also reach the Help section from their homepage.


You can download TemplateToaster offline website builder from their official website for free. The software has unlimited free trials for you to explore the functionalities. With the free version, you can create templates, but you won’t be able to install them on the CMS program. There are two paid versions:

The Standard Edition is for $49 and supports all CMS, free updates for a year, Bootstrap framework, and more. The Professional Edition is for $149 and allows you to create a website from scratch, change headings, custom images in templates, and more. 

Ease of Use

Creating a website with TemplateToaster is engaging and intuitive even for the newbies, thanks to the drag-and-drop UI and advanced WYSIWYG editor. Since it is an offline software program, you do not even need an internet connection to create a website, so you can work anytime and from anywhere. Not to mention, you can easily edit any project’s HTML/CSS code to give your site a professional look and feel. 

TemplateToaster User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from G2 and Capterra

Best offline website builder software

A great resource for building templates

TemplateToaster is one of a kind! Highly advanced but still easy to use.

Bootstrap 3 support has really made TemplateToaster ahead of its competitors.

Not available for MAC and linux.

FAQs on TemplateToaster 

Can I create a website without coding?

Yes, with TemplateToaster, you can easily create a website using pre-designed templates without absolutely zero coding skills or technical knowledge. 

Is TemplateToaster good for website building?

Yes, TemplateToaster is good for website building with tons of exciting features and functionalities. It is a great website builder option for beginners as well as professionals looking to create a website quickly and easily. Thanks to the drag-and-drop UI and advanced WYSIWYG editor.

What Should You Consider While Choosing the best Website Builder

When choosing a website builder, several key factors should be considered to ensure you find the right fit for your needs. These factors include-

Ease of Use

Choose a user-friendly website builder that offers a drag-and-drop interface for easy customization.

Design Templates

Look for a website builder that presents a variety of design templates that match your desired aesthetic.


Consider your budget and compare the pricing options of different site builders to find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Technical Support

Confirm that the website builder you go with provides solid technical support, like live chat or phone support, if you encounter any issues.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Pick a website builder that includes built-in SEO tools or integrates with third-party SEO tools to help improve your website's search engine ranking.


Consider your website's growth potential. Choose a website builder that can grow with your business and handle an increase in traffic and functionality.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it's essential to choose a website builder. It should give you the power to design responsive websites that look good on desktops and mobile devices.


Consider the website builder's ability to integrate with the necessary tools and platforms you use, such as email marketing services, social media integration, and analytics tools.

Blogging Capabilities

If you plan to use your website for blogging, seek a website builder that features easy-to-use blogging features and customization options for your blog posts.


Website security is crucial to protect your website from hacking and malware attacks. Therefore, go for the one that offers built-in security measures and regularly updates its security measures to keep your website secure.

Custom Domain Name

A custom domain name gives your website a professional look and helps establish a solid online brand. So it would be best if you decided on a platform that allows you to use your own custom domain name and requires an easy setup.

Existing User Reviews

Check for existing user reviews to see what other people say about the builder, including its strengths and weaknesses. It can help you better understand the product and see if it meets your needs.


Think about the level of customization you want, including the ability to add custom code and the availability of pre-designed templates and themes to use. This will help you determine if the builder offers enough options to create a unique and personalized site.

E-commerce Capabilities

If you plan on selling products or services through your website, finding a website builder with built-in e-commerce capabilities is crucial.

Learning Curve

Before making any decision, weigh the ease of learning and onboarding. Some website builders can be complex and require some technical skills, while others are designed to be beginner-friendly and have a shallow learning curve. So settle on a builder that you feel comfortable learning and using.

However, you can read the following article to know more about choosing the best website builder.

The Must Have Features of a Website Builder

How did we make the list?

Our expert team did in-depth research and tested almost all the website builders on this list before adding the name.

We explored the builders extensively to determine how user-friendly it is. We looked for key factors to make an informed choice, such as features, cost, user reviews, pricing, support, etc., in addition to flexibility and versatility.

We put together all the relevant information we found during our research to paint a complete picture for you. You can rest assured that all the information is true and accurate.

Is there a free website builder?

Yes, some website builders offer a free plan. Take Dorik, for example. You can create websites with unlimited pages and publish them with Dorik's free plan. You'll only need to switch to a premium plan when you want advanced features like adding a custom domain or the white-label feature. Besides Dorik, some other builders offering free plans are Wix, WordPress, Strikingly, ReadyMag, etc.

What do professionals use to build websites?

Professional web designers and developers use website builders and CMS software to create custom websites for their clients more often than not. It saves a lot of their effort and time and allows them to build more creative and professional-looking sites in the shortest amount of time. The most popular builders among professionals include WordPress, Dorik, Wix, Squarespace, etc., as the builders offer the most versatile features and customization functionalities than others.

Can you start a web development startup with a website builder?

Yes, you can definitely start a web development startup if you can become a pro website creator using a particular website builder. You have to know the builder inside out before you start offering your services to your clients. If you're interested in this matter, then you can read our guide on how you can easily start your web development agency using Dorik.

Why should you create a website?

In this era of technology, it's hard to imagine a person or a business without an online presence. A website is one of the easiest ways to establish that. You can either create a personal website or one for your business. It will help you to stay in the race with others in terms of personal and professional growth, and with some best practices and modifications, you can even leave your competition behind.


When it comes to website builders, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Different website builders appeal to different groups of individuals according to their features and functionalities. If you want to find the best website builders for yourself, you can first list all the things you are expecting from it or want to do with it. Then, cross-match those requirements with the features of the site builders in our list to find a match.

For example, if you are looking for a white-label website builder for your agency, you’ll have some specific requirements that aren’t offered by all builders. That’s why it’s important to find the right one like Dorik which is the best feature-rich white-label website builder to scale up your agency.

Dorik is one of the most versatile site builders with a wide range of use cases. You can use Dorik to create almost any type of website you might need. Whether it’s a personal site, portfolio, blog, podcast website creation, online courses, other services, or for your business or startup, Dorik can do it all.

Therefore, you can try Dorik now and start a whole new adventure in your website-building journey.

Have fun exploring. Until next time, Adios. 

Editorial Team

With diverse backgrounds and expertise, the Dorik editorial team is committed to producing high-quality, informative, and engaging content for our readers. Whether you're a long-time reader or a new visitor, we hope you find our content valuable and informative.


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