10 Best Website Builders of 2024

Looking for the best website builders? We've got you covered! We've demonstrated in-depth reviews to help you make the right choice for your project.

by Mortuza Hossain • 11 July 2024

I have been using and testing website builders for many years and for various purposes. Very few fulfil both design and marketing needs. Some even offer AI features to simplify web design further.

We know Dorik, Wix, and WordPress are among the best website builders. However, there are other great options for many different use cases.

In this blog, I will discuss these builders in addition to the popular ones and guide you through the process of choosing the right website builder.

So, let’s dive in.

Best Website Builders to Meet Your Needs

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick overview of my list.

  1. Dorik
  2. Wix
  3. WordPress
  4. Shopify
  5. Webflow
  6. Squarespace
  7. Jimdo
  8. Carrd
  9. Hubspot CMS
  10. Framer

1. Dorik

Dorik home page

I have been using Dorik since 2022. It is now my go-to website builder. I recommend it for its combination of no-code and AI features.

If you need a landing page or a full-fledged website for your business or clients, Dorik will get your website up and running in seconds without compromising quality. It is the most flexible white-level platform that allows you to build and launch your dream website.

Dorik lets you create your website in three different ways. First, you can build your website with AI. Second, you can choose a template and customize it as you want. Third, you can design your site from scratch. Dorik offers 80+ professionally designed templates with 250+ stunning UI blocks and 20+ elements. 

Dorik templates

I am really amazed at using Dorik AI website builder. It is the best AI website builder in the market. You can create a completely personalized and fully responsive website with just a single prompt in seconds. No more lengthy steps or questions asked! Plus, it gives you the freedom to choose any language you want. 

Create a webiste with a prompt

As Dorik AI generates websites based on your prompt, you should provide a detailed description of your site. For example, you can add your goal, design style, color schemes, content focus, sections and pages you want, etc. 

Learn more about how to write prompts for AI website builders

Dorik AI will not only generate a site, it will populate your web pages with SEO-optimized copies and images. Yes! You heard it right. 

Using the Dorik AI Text Generator, you can generate compelling, relevant, and polished copies directly within the Dorik website builder. You can write anything from headings to paragraphs and specific details with the power of Dorik AI. 

You can set different parameters and guide the AI to produce website copy that aligns with your expectations. 

Dorik AI Text Generator

With Dorik AI Image Generator, whatever you can imagine, you can depict it. No more stock images or generic graphics! You can generate your ideal image directly in Dorik AI with a prompt. 

Learn more about what is prompt engineering.

Dorik AI Image Generator

When you will be using the drag-and-drop editor, you’ll surely love it. You can add any element easily. Just pick an element and place it on the page where you want it. It will not overlap any of your existing elements. 

Dorik drag and drop editor

The built-in blogging platform will provide you with a clean blogging experience with all the SEO tools you need. You can even embed content from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Codepen, Github, etc.

You can also establish your own web development agency using Dorik’s white-label dashboard

Dorik also offers User Analytics to measure and analyze your user data. This will give you an idea of user behaviour across your web pages. You can track your website's traffic, sales, and engagement metrics. Depending on the data, you can take any further steps to achieve better output. 

Dorik User Analytics

Key Features of Dorik

Here are some striking features of Dorik: 

  • AI Site Generation: You can generate an entire website with a single prompt. You can even regenerate any specific section or the full layout with a single click.
  • AI Text Generator: Generates relevant and engaging website copies depending on your prompt.
  • AI Image Generator: Provides pixel-perfect images and illustrations in different sizes and shapes
  • Drag & Drop Builder: Allows you to build your website using a visual interface without writing any code. 
  • Well-structured Templates and Blocks: Offers you 80+ pre-built templates with 250+ stunning UI blocks and 20+ elements. 
  • Built-in Blogging Platform: You can easily create and manage blogs on your website. 
  • White-Label CMS: Allows you to create pages, manage your team, and publish your content without the hassle of plugins.  
  • Custom Collection: Dorik Custom Collection allows you to store content on the database and present it anywhere on your website. It reduces the hassle of repetitive tasks.
  • Hosting, Global CDN & Unlimited Storage: Offers free hosting, serves static content from its Global CDN, and provides unlimited storage and bandwidth in every plan.
  • Free SSL/HTTPS: Provides a free SSL certificate.
  • Custom Domain: Dorik supports adding custom domains to its paid plans.
  • Membership & Gated Contents: You can create free or paid membership tiers for your audience and control access to your content according to the audience's plan. 
  • Team Collaboration: You can add team members and collaborate with them to get input on designs, feedback, or brainstorming sessions.
  • Robust Integrations: You can integrate marketing, analytics, and payment tools to collect, send, and organize your data.
  • Native SEO: Gives you total control over your website's SEO performance.
  • Supports Multiple Languages: You can build your site in your preferred language. 

Dorik Pricing 

Dorik is a very cost-effective website builder in the industry. Let’s see the pricing!

  • Starting price: $18/month (billed annually) with unlimited storage. 
  • Free Version: Available 
  • LTD: Available

Check Dorik Pricing in Detail

Ease of Use 

Dorik is the most accessible and user-friendly tool for building your site. It has a low learning curve. The Dashboard and the editing panel are super easy to understand. You can quickly navigate through the site and edit the content where necessary.

Plus, this no-code builder offers DocumentationTutorial Videos, and Community support to make everything simple and effective.

Dorik User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra and G2.

Easy to use and the Dorik team is fastly available.

Low learning curve. If you to create a landing page fast, it allows you to do that. At the same time you can dive deeper and make more complex pages. 

The blog feature is super cheap compared to other providers, and the no-code editor is super efficient - no fuss.

It's easy and simple to get a good-looking website in a few hours.

Easy to build, use and publish your website. Now AI empowerment its become even easier. Go for Dorik

2. Wix

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that makes it easy for you to create, manage, and grow professional-looking websites. With Wix, you can build a website in minutes without any coding or complex design concepts.

I built many sites using Wix to test its capabilities. When I used Wix for the first time between 2014 and 2015, it was not as robust as it is today. The builder now offers various tools to scale up your business. 

When you will attempt to create a website, it will give you two options. Firstly, you can start with a chat. Basically, it’s Wix AI. The builder will ask some questions about your site. It’s like you are talking with an experienced web designer who will build your site as per your requirements. 

Wix AI interface

Secondly, you can go ahead without the chat. It will ask you what type of website you will be building. Depending on your choice, it will generate a personalized dashboard for you. 

What I like the most about Wix is that it provides a completely customized dashboard based on your business type. You will get different dashboards for different types of websites. It’s really a fantastic feature. 

wix website dashboard

After going through all the above steps and answering all those questionnaires, you are not yet in the designing phase. It may seem too lengthy for you. 

However, when you are working on the design part, Wix will again offer you two options. You can design your site with AI, or you can simply pick a template.

I chose the AI option as I wanted to explore and test its functionality. Wix generated the below website analyzing my data.

wix AI generated site

But I got overwhelmed by its page builder. It’s too complicated for a beginner, and you may struggle to navigate your site. 

Another aspect that you may find difficult to use is its adding new elements system. When you add any new element, it will not snap to the grid. It will occupy the place where you drop it.

As a result, it might be difficult to reliably use the exact same amount of padding and margin to align elements on your page.

wix page builder

Key Features of Wix

Let’s have a look at some of Wix’s features.

  • Wix AI: Wix's AI website builder allows you to create a personalized website through a conversational interface.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Wix provides a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize your websites without coding.
  • Responsive Template: It comes with over 500 fully responsive templates covering various businesses and industries.
  • SEO-Friendly: Its advanced SEO tools will help drive organic traffic to your site.
  • E-commerce Feature: Wix's eCommerce features allow you to easily add an online store to your website and start selling products or services online.
  • Wix App Market: You can choose different solutions to enhance your website functionality. 

Wix Pricing

  • Starting Price: $17/month (billed annually) with limited features. 
  • Free Version: Available 

Ease of Use

Wix's drag-and-drop editor is not beginner-friendly. Though you will get many features, you may find it difficult to design and set up your site. However, Wix offers a wide range of tutorials, guides, and support resources to smoothen your journey. 

Wix User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Good platform for web building.

Wix is a conveniently perfect fix for Web Designers.

Worst Customer Service Ever.

Fine option for WYSIWYG website building. Not as good for expandability. Beware of yearly renewal!

3. WordPress.com

I've also built many WordPress.com sites for fun, and I can tell you it's easy and free. 

But first, let me clarify one thing: WordPress.com and WordPress.org are not the same. WordPress.com is a fully-hosted website builder. On the other hand, WordPress.org is a content management system you install on your own hosting.

WordPress.com is not as customizable as WordPress.org. It's great for beginners, bloggers, and hobbyists. However, if you want to create a business website, you might need a different website builder. The free tier has bandwidth limits and doesn’t have a CDN. Keep in mind that you can't install plugins in the free version. 

After creating your account, you can pick a template. You can even design your template from scratch. However, you will be disheartened to see that most of the templates are paid.

WordPress templates

Once you pick a theme, you can choose the Global Colours and Fonts for your WordPress site. Now, you just need to publish your first blog post, edit the website’s design, and launch your site.

WordPress site

The drag-and-drop page builder is simple. It offers the most minimal customization option than any other tool in this list. You will find the basic content formats like paragraphs, headings, lists, and tables. 

But it's not a live editor. You have to see your changes by previewing them on another tab.

WordPress page builder

If you want to see live changes and previews, I would recommend you consider a builder like Dorik.

Key Features of WordPress

  • Attractive Themes with Pre-Built Block Patterns: You can choose from a good number of free and paid themes.
  • Drag-and-Drop Page Builder: It also offers drag-and-drop page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc.
  • SEO Friendly and Device-Responsive: Websites are optimized for search engines.
  • User Management: This feature lets you give specific access to specific people. 
  • Easy Content Management System: Managing your website content is stressless. 

WordPress.com Pricing

  • Starting price: $4/month (billed annually) with limited features
  • Free Version: Available 

The following articles will help you to host your website.

Ease of Use 

Setting up a site on WordPress.com is easy. It guides you through the setup, asks about your goals, and helps you choose a free theme.

WordPress User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

All in all, my experience with WordPress has been good. I think that the blogging experience is just about in the top 5.

WordPress is Dynamic Heaven. Simply the most robust open source CMS out there. Versatile with plenty of options!

WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacking, attacks, and spamming and often you only learn this once you've been attacked. More should be done for security.

4. Shopify

If you want to sell products online and create an e-commerce website, Shopify is the best choice. It provides various tools including payment processing, inventory management, shipping and tax calculations, and customizable storefronts. 

When I first tried Shopify, I was quite surprised. After asking some questions about my business, Shopify directly took me to the product page to add my products. It did not provide any design suggestions or show any template for my website. It’s completely different from the other website builders on our list. 

If you don’t have any ready products at the time of building your Shopify website, you won’t be able to add them instantly. So, it’s better to prepare your products first. 

I did not like this approach, as I was adding my products without seeing how my website would look.

Shopify dashboard

However, the process of adding products is simple and easy. You just need to fill out the form. You can use its generative AI to add your product description. 

Adding a product in Shopify

After adding your products, Shopify will ask you to add a custom domain. Then comes the customization part of your website theme. You can add a theme from the Theme Library. 

Shopify themes

You may find the page builder difficult to use. In Shopify, you will get a section-based editor. Plus, the customization options are limited. 

Shopify page builder

As Shopify excels in e-commerce, you can integrate different third-party apps, social media platforms, and email marketing tools into your website. However, this will increase your cost. 

Key Features Shopify

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Build and customize your site easily.
  • Product Management: Simple form for adding products and inventory.
  • AI Text Generator: Helps create product descriptions.
  • Multichannel Sales: You can sell your products on different marketplaces and social platforms.
  • App Integrations: You can access numerous third-party apps to boost your sales.
  • Secure Payment Processing: Handles transactions safely.

Shopify Pricing

  • Starting price: $19/month (Billed annually)
  • Free Version: Available (Free trial for 3 days)

Ease of Use

Using Shopify is straightforward, but it has a bit of a learning curve. The platform guides you through setting up your store by first adding products, which is simple with its user-friendly product page form and Shopify Magic for generating product descriptions.

However, the design process can be more complex due to its section-based editor and limited free templates. Additionally, the heavy reliance on third-party apps can increase costs and complexity.

Shopify User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

Shopify makes selling products simple. 

High cart flexibility and low cost.

Expensive for Small Businesses.

5. Webflow

Webflow is another excellent website-building platform. You will find it fantastic if you have some coding experience. 

If you’re a freelance web developer or part of an agency, Webflow is perfect for you. You can add multiple workspaces and create multiple websites for your clients. Plus, if you’re familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll find Webflow’s UX quite similar.

When I tried Webflow, it gave me 3 options for creating websites: for my company, for myself, or for my clients. It’s a good thing that they give you a completely personalized journey. 

I selected ‘My Company’ to see its capabilities and test its functionalities. Then they will ask you what type of website you are going to build. 

Webflow website creation options

Next, comes the template selection part. You can choose a template from the library but most of the templates are paid. 

If you want a website builder with a good collection of free templates, I recommend you use Dorik. 

Webflow templates

Once you pick a template, Webflow will take you to the builder. When you will land on the builder for the first time, you will find it too complex. It has a steep learning curve. It’s the most complex interface on our list. 

Webflow page builder

Webflow offers a dedicated E-commerce feature to boost your online business. You can easily set up your store. For example, it allows you to add your business address, currency and tax settings, shipping method, etc. 

Moreover, the CMS is a bit complex. You may face difficulties while optimizing and publishing your blog posts, but once you are used to it, you will find it easier. 

Key Features of Webflow

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Offers a drag-and-drop page builder but it's a bit complex.
  • Responsive Website Templates: Provides device responsive templates.
  • Built-in CMS: Allows you to create and publish blogs.
  • Team Collaboration: Allows multiple users to collaborate on a website design, with version control and the ability to leave comments and feedback.
  • Integrations: Integrations with various third-party apps and services.

Webflow Pricing

  • Starting price: $14/month (billed annually) with limited features. 
  • Free Version: Available 

Ease of Use 

Webflow combines everything you require to build a website, but it may seem complex for new users. You need some technical knowledge to manage this platform. 

Webflow User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

It is a pleasure to use, has brilliant tutorials, and massively expands what a small team was able to do.

The perfect website builder for designer.

The worst part of Webflow is his learning curve, I take a long time to learn how to use and manipulate it, but after this, it's really easy. Another bad thing in Webflow is the you get stuck to his host.

6. Squarespace

Squarespace is a unique platform that makes website creation accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills. When I first started using Squarespace, I was amazed at how intuitive and streamlined it was. 

When you will first attempt to design your website on this platform, it will ask you about your site and its goal. You can create your site in two different ways. You can design your own template by picking the necessary sections and pages. Or you can simply choose a template and then start customizing. 

Squarespace templates

The drag-and-drop editor is another feature that makes Squarespace stand out. It’s easy to use. You can add, arrange, and customize elements on your pages without needing any coding knowledge.

Squarespace drag-and-drop editor

Though I find it satisfying to see my ideas come to life with just a few clicks, you may face some challenges here. When you drag any element to your page, it will be placed exactly where you drop it. It can even overlap other elements. If you do not have enough design knowledge, it will be challenging for you. 

For those interested in e-commerce, Squarespace has you covered. Its e-commerce tools allow you to create and manage online stores. Product management, order fulfillment, and secure payment processing are all integrated.

Moreover, Squarespace provides detailed analytics and reporting. This helps you track your website's traffic, sales, and engagement metrics. I’ve found this information invaluable for making informed decisions about my site.

I did not like that Squarespace does not autosave changes made while editing the site. The worst part is that you won’t be able to publish your site in the trial plan. You can just explore the builder. 

Key Features of Squarespace

Some of its key features are mentioned below:

  • Beautiful Design: Squarespace offers a variety of professionally-designed templates that can be customized to fit your brand.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: The drag-and-drop editing interface makes adding, arranging, and customizing elements on your pages easy.
  • E-commerce: You can create and manage online stores with Squarespace's e-commerce tools, including product management, order fulfillment, and secure payment processing.
  • Analytics: Squarespace provides detailed analytics and reporting to help you track your website's traffic, sales, and engagement metrics.
  • SEO Features: It also provides built-in SEO tools. The SEO functionality will help you to
  • Integrations: Squarespace integrates with various third-party apps and services, such as social media platforms, email marketing tools, and more.
  • Blogging Tools: Furthermore, you can manage your blogs from a smartphone using Squarespace's Blog App.

Squarespace Pricing

  • Starting price: $16/month (billed annually) with limited features. 
  • Free Version: Available 

 Ease of Use

Customizing your website is a breeze with Squarespace. The "Undo" button comes in handy if you want to reverse any changes. But it does not autosave changes, meaning a wrong move requires starting from scratch.

However, you will get enough guidance while creating your website.

Squarespace User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

The templates are amazing, beautiful design and the recommended color palette, type family are very useful.

Easy drag-and-drop alternative to other web platforms.

 Extremely limited features and integrations.

7. Jimdo

I have enlisted Jimdo in this list because it’s an easy website builder. You will get custom domains, SEO tools, and automated business listings to boost your business. Jimdo also provides tools for booking services and integrating with social media.

Once I have signed up for Jimdo, the builder gave me two options for creating my site: one focusing on No-code and the other one was for the coding experts. I chose the No-code option. 

The builder will then ask you to provide some basic information about your site. You can define your website’s type, style, goals, etc. You can also pick the sections and pages you want on your site. However, you can skip these if you want.

The best thing I like about Jimdo is that it lets you import your photos from your Facebook page or Instagram account.

We’ve shown you earlier that most of the website builders present you with a good number of templates, but Jimdo will not do it. Jimdo will provide you with two different versions of a template for your site based on your provided data. You can choose any one of them. 

Jimdo template

After selecting a template, Jimdo will take you to the builder, where you can edit your site. The builder offers basic customization options. 

I found it strange that Jimdo will not allow you to do the SEO settings on the free plan. You have to upgrade your plan to enjoy this feature. 

Jimdo page builder

Jimdo also offers e-commerce functionality. You can create and manage your online store here. You can easily add your products, Business Profile, payment system, product delivery options, etc. 

Key Features of Jimdo

The key features of Jimdo are:

  • Logo Creation Tool: Jimdo has created a logo creation tool for their website for new business owners who still need to do branding for their business.
  • Online Store Builder: Users can use Jimdo's online store plan to create an online website. Jimdo provides premium plans divided into basic, business, and VIP for online stores.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Mobile users are expanding dramatically these days, and keeping this in mind, Jimdo has designed a mobile-friendly website.
  • Users can see, edit and use Jimdo from mobile devices like desktops.

Jimdo Pricing

  • Starting price: $11/month (billed annually) with limited features. It’s for the Website Plan. 
  • Free Version: Available 

Ease of Use

You may find Jimdo difficult to use. It offers limited customization options compared to other builders in this list. 

Jimdo User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from Capterra and G2:

An easy-to-use tool as a website builder.

 Jimdo allows me to quickly create content and maintain my website from any browser.

Very outdated website builder.

8. Carrd

Carrd is a fantastic tool for creating simple, one-page websites. You can build one-page websites in just minutes. Carrd offers a variety of fully customizable templates. 

If you are looking forward to make a personal profile, a landing page, or a portfolio, Carrd can be a good  choice for you. 

When I tried Carrd, the builder asked me to choose a starting point. It means you have select a template to go ahead. You can also pick a blank page if you want to make your site from the scratch. 

I tried both options to test its capability. But I will suggest you to select a template if you are a beginner because it will be easier to customize. 

Though Carrd offers a good number of templates, a few of them are free. If you want a feature rich template, you have to use a paid one. 

Carrd templates

Carrd’s page editor is not sophisticated in comparison to other website builders in our list. It offers some basic customization options. If you are a beginner, you may like it. 

To add any element, you have to select your preferred one. No drag-and-drop editor. 

Carrd page builder

As I already said, it’s a one-page website builder, you won’t find any e-commerce feature in Carrd. 

Related Read: Best One Page Website Examples

Key Features of Carrd

Here are some key features of Carrd:

  • One-Page Site Builder: It’s perfect for personal profiles, landing pages, and portfolios.
  • Customizable Templates: Variety of fully customizable templates to fit your needs.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures your site looks good on any device.
  • SEO-Friendly: Tools to optimize your site for search engines.
  • Embedding: Supports embedding of custom code, widgets, and forms.

Carrd Pricing

  • Starting price: $9 /year with some basic features. 
  • Free Version: Available

Ease of Use 

Carrd deserves high accolades for this. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Labels are easy to spot, and there's no terminology that could confuse any average Joe. An easy-to-follow instruction guide will help you learn the basics when you start building.

Carrd User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews from Capterra: 

 The templates are a winner, easy to use, the best value for money.

 It lacks some flexibility in terms of integrations with other tools.

The absence of a pop-up menu stands out for me. This is one feature that I struggle with.

9. HubSpot Website Builder

HubSpot is widely popular for providing CRM, marketing, and sales tools. HubSpot CMS Hub was introduced in 2020 to provide its users with a better web content management system. It soon became a platform for marketers and developers to create beautiful websites with a better user experience.

What I like about this builder is that you can combine your website with the CRM tools of HubSpot.

I found the signup workflow very impressive. The website builder will collect some data for example the goal, style, nature, etc. about your website to provide you with a tailored website. It will ask 

Then, it will generate a completely personalized website based on your information. 

If you don’t like the generated template, you can choose one from pre-built themes. You will find a lot of options there and most of them are business-oriented. 

HubSpot templates

The drag-and-drop page builder is fantastic. You simply drag modules onto the page, and they create live elements you can edit directly. You see your changes in real-time without needing a preview tab.

I love that it's beginner-friendly yet powerful for developers. You can create custom modules and even tweak the site’s source code. For example, you can upload a custom CSS stylesheet in your settings. This flexibility makes it perfect for anyone, from novices to experienced developers.

HubSpot page builder

Key Features HubSpot

Here are some key features of Hubspot website builder: 

  • Drag and Drop Builder:  Easily create and customize pages without coding.
  • Pre-built Templates: You can use HubSpot's pre-built themes and templates to build your website without worrying about the design.
  • Fully Integrated CRM Tools: You can keep track of your site's visitors in one place and leverage CRM data to create tailored digital experiences. 
  • Blog Maker: You will get blogging software to create blog posts and edit the blog's design with themes and a convenient visual editor.
  • Secured Hosting: HubSpot offers premium cloud hosting for all your websites when you opt-in for a premium plan at no additional cost. You'll get a free SSL certificate to ensure site security.

Hubspot Website Builder Pricing

  • Starting price: $23/month (Billed annually) with limited features. 
  • Free Version: Available

Ease of Use 

This builder is like a gold mine for marketers and developers who works with marketing industry clients. This builder offers some fantastic features, but it has a moderate learning curve if you are not already a pro-HubSpot CRM tools user. You'll see guided directions when you visit the CMS Hub that will make the process smoother.

HubSpot CMS Hub User Reviews 

Here are some reviews from Capterra.

The power of a real CMS. Hubspot is a great all-in-one solution to your CMS, CRM, and web needs.

My least favorite part about using HubSpot CMS is that some things are just not customizable.

It is expensive and there are less plugins and templates.

10. Framer

Framer is a design tool that allows you to create interactive and visually stunning websites. It's perfect for designers and developers looking to build sites without code. Framer offers a range of customizable templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and powerful animations. 

When I signed up for Framer, the builder gave me a blank canvas. It’s similar to Figma. You can even import your design from Figma. If you are new to this kind of designing tool, you may find it difficult to start.  

Framer drag-and-drop editor

At first, I got confused seeing the blank canvas. Then I found that it also offers some pre-built templates. You can browse them and select one. But you will be frustrated as most of them are paid.

Framerl templates

You can manage your website content using Framer CMS. It allows you to create multiple Collections for storing your data. Framer CMS supports dynamic content and integrates seamlessly with the design tool. With collaborative features, you can work with your team in real-time to keep your site fresh and engaging.

Framer also supports AI website generation. I tried to generate a web page by giving a detailed prompt. My idea was to create a page for a pet shop. But unfortunately, it could not satisfy me. It generated a web page with irrelevant images and texts. Even some of the sections were not relevant. 

So, if you want to create your website with AI, I recommend you to try Dorik AI for free. 

Key Features of Framer

  • AI Page Builder: You can generate any web page using Framer AI.
  • Responsive Design: Your sites will be device-responsive.
  • Powerful CMS: You can easily add, edit, or delete any content.
  • Localization: This will help you to create your site in your preferred language. 
  • Collection: You will be able to create any custom collection with your preferred fields.

Framer Pricing

  • Starting price: $5 per site per month (Billed annually) with limited features. 
  • Free Version: Available

Ease of Use 

Framer is user-friendly, ideal for beginners and experienced designers. Its drag-and-drop editor allows for interactive website creation without coding, with real-time updates simplifying design. However, its advanced features might be overwhelming for absolute beginners, requiring some learning.

Framer User Reviews 

Here are some user reviews of Framer from G2

Smooth and easy to migrate no code tool

Dysfunctional support and gaslighting

A little tricky, but neat.

What Should You Consider While Choosing the best Website Builder

When choosing a website builder, several key factors should be considered to ensure you find the right fit for your needs. These factors include-

AI Features: 

Select a website builder that offers AI features like AI text generation, AI image generation, AI page generation, etc. to fasten the process. 

Ease of Use

Choose a user-friendly website builder that offers a drag-and-drop interface for easy customization.

Design Templates

Look for a website builder that presents a variety of design templates that match your desired aesthetic.


Consider your budget and compare the pricing options of different site builders to find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Technical Support

Confirm that the website builder you go with provides solid technical support, like live chat or phone support, if you encounter any issues.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Pick a website builder that includes built-in SEO tools or integrates with third-party SEO tools to help improve your website's search engine ranking.


Consider your website's growth potential. Choose a website builder that can grow with your business and handle an increase in traffic and functionality.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it's essential to choose a website builder. It should give you the power to design responsive websites that look good on desktops and mobile devices.


Consider the website builder's ability to integrate with the necessary tools and platforms you use, such as email marketing services, social media integration, and analytics tools.

Blogging Capabilities

If you plan to use your website for blogging, seek a website builder with easy-to-use blogging features and customization options for your blog posts.


Website security is crucial to protect your website from hacking and malware attacks. Therefore, go for the one that offers built-in security measures and regularly updates its security measures to keep your website secure.

Custom Domain Name

A custom domain name gives your website a professional look and helps establish a solid online brand. So it would be best if you decided on a platform that allows you to use your own custom domain name and requires an easy setup.

Existing User Reviews

Check for existing user reviews to learn what other people say about the builder, including its strengths and weaknesses. This can help you better understand the product and determine whether it meets your needs.


Think about the level of customization you want, including the ability to add custom code and the availability of pre-designed templates and themes to use. This will help you determine if the builder offers enough options to create a unique and personalized site.

E-commerce Capabilities

If you plan on selling products or services through your website, finding a website builder with built-in e-commerce capabilities is crucial.

Learning Curve

Before making any decision, weigh the ease of learning and onboarding. Some website builders can be complex and require some technical skills, while others are designed to be beginner-friendly and have a shallow learning curve. So, settle on a builder that you feel comfortable learning and using.

However, you can read the following article to know more about choosing the best website builder.

Learn more about The Must Have Features of a Website Builder

Is there a free website builder?

Yes, some website builders offer a free plan. Take Dorik, for example. With Dorik's free plan, you can create websites with unlimited pages and publish them. You'll only need to switch to a premium plan when you want advanced features like adding a custom domain or the white-label feature.

Besides Dorik, some other builders offering free plans are Wix, WordPress, Strikingly, ReadyMag, etc.

What do professionals use to build websites?

Professional web designers and developers use website builders and CMS software to create custom websites for their clients more often than not. It saves a lot of their effort and time and allows them to build more creative and professional-looking sites in the shortest amount of time.

The most popular builders among professionals include Dorik, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Can you start a web development startup with a website builder?

Yes, you can definitely start a web development startup if you can become a pro website creator using a particular website builder. You have to know the builder inside out before you start offering your services to your clients.

Why should you create a website?

In this era of technology, it's hard to imagine a person or a business without an online presence. A website is one of the easiest ways to establish that. You can either create a personal website or one for your business.

It will help you to stay in the race with others in terms of personal and professional growth, and with some best practices and modifications, you can even leave your competition behind.


Choosing the right website builder depends on your specific needs. I've tested many builders over the years. Each one offers unique strengths, focusing on design, marketing, ease of use, or special features.

You can choose your builder according to your requirements and budget.

However, you can try Dorik for your next project or website migration. 

Mortuza Hossain

Mortuza Hossain is a content writer and editor at Dorik with expertise in SaaS, SEO, WordPress, eCommerce, and Technology. He writes to deliver reliable and valuable information that solves people’s problems worldwide. Apart from work, he loves to travel, read, watch movies, and spend time with his family and friends.  

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