How to Create a Contact Us Page

Do you want to know how to create a contact us page? Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you to make an effective one.

by Athqiya Rahman Chowdhury • 29 December 2023

Creating a "Contact Us" page is essential for your website as it allows visitors to reach out to you with their inquiries or feedback.

But creating one may appear as a complex and tiresome task for you.  

So, here I'll show you how to create a contact us page. Plus, I'll present some excellent examples for your inspiration.

Let's start our journey! 

Must-Have Elements of a Contact Us Page

If you want to create a professional website, it must have some essential elements for an effective "Contact Us" page. 

The following are some elements that you should consider. 

Contact Information

Display your contact information prominently on the contact page. You can incorporate your personal or company name, address, cell number, and email address. 

This provides website visitors with multiple options to get in touch with you.

Contact Form

Another essential element of a contact page is contact forms. The users can send messages directly through it. 

You should add as few form fields as possible in, like the user's name, email address, and message. In a word make a simple form. 

However, you can customize your contact forms fields based on your specific requirements.

A Clear Call-to-Action 

You must use a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) to guide site visitors on what action to take. 

For examples, you can include "Get in Touch," "Send Us a Message," or "Contact Our Team." 

Plus, make the CTA button or link prominent and easy to find.

If your business has active social media accounts, consider including links to your social media profiles on your contact page. It will allow site visitors to connect with you on their preferred social platforms.

Location Map

If you have a physical location, embedding a map or providing directions can be helpful for website visitors who want to find your office or store.

Steps to Creating a Contact Us Page 

You can create a contact page on your website in multiple ways.

But I'll show you the easiest one using Dorik. It requires no coding knowledge. 

You can construct your contact page in two ways with Dorik, one of the best website builders. They are: 

  1. Using a pre-built template
  2. From the scratch

Let's see them in practice!

Design Your Contact Us Page With A Pre-built Template

There are many pre-built templates available in Dorik that you can use to design your contact us page.

You can save time using a pre-built template because it will make your page more professional and easy to use. 

Here's how you can use Dorik’s pre-built template to design your "Contact Us" page:

  • Log in or Sign up to Dorik.
  • After that go to your Dorik Dashboard and create a new site following the on-screen instructions.
  • Then click on Design & Pages option from the dashboard. It'll take you to the builder.
  • Now, navigate to the upper left corner of the builder and click on “Pages.”
Selecting a page from the dashboard 
Selecting a page from the dashboard 
  • Select the “Contact” page from the available options. 
Selecting a Contact page
Selecting a Contact page

Now you’ve got the “Contact Us” page that comes with the template.

You can customize it as you want. For example, you can edit the contact form, headings, visuals, google map area, etc. 

Most importantly, you can integrate live chat functionality with Dorik. 

How to Customize a Contact Us Page from Scratch

Whether you are creating a portfolio website or developing your small business website, the contact us page is a must. In the above, I explained how to create a contact us page using pre-built templates.

Now, I will explain how you can create a contact us page from scratch. Let’s dive into it.

Step 1: Add a Contact Form 

Follow the steps below to add a Contact Form to your page.

  • Go to your Contact Us page.
  • Click on Add Element in an empty row and section.
  • From the General Elements section, select Contact Form

Now you've got your contact form. You can customize its field as your own choice.

Editing the Contact Form Element

The Contact Form element editor has the following options: 

  • Form Configuration
  • Fields
  • Form Style
  • Input Label Style
  • Input Field Style
  • Button Text and Style

Follow the steps and instructions below to edit a Contact Form on your site. 

Step 2: Add an Active Cell Number

There are numerous advantages to including a contact phone number on a contact form. A benefit is that it enables site visitors with urgent or critical queries to contact sales department or the admin panel to find answers. 

This can contribute to increased user happiness and credibility. It can also aid in preventing fraudulent activities since the authority can use the phone number to confirm the user's identity.

Thus, adding a phone number to the contact form can enhance the user experience and build interaction between the website and its visitors.

Step 3: Add Your Address

Attaching your company's address on a contact form can be vital for a few reasons:

  • Putting your physical addresses on the contact form lets people know that your business is genuine and has an actual location. It increases your business credibility.
  • Placing your address on the contact form supports regional SEO.  This can improve your search engine rankings for local searches if your service focuses on a particular region.
  • Including your physical location on the contact form can help people find you if they need to visit your company in person. Even the sales rep can visit your location.

Step 4: Add Google Map

Adding Google map to your website is one of the most effective contact methods. There are several key benefits to including a Google map on your site.

Google Maps integration in a website provides users with detailed information about locations and directions, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. 

Your address, phone number, website direction, and reviews are all things that an embedded Google Map can provide.

For example, if your run a restaurant website, you can easliy add Google map to it. It will increase your visibility. 

Adding google map
Adding google map

Step 5: Add Social Media Links

You should add social media links to your site because they will benefit you in different ways.

Some of them are mentioned below.  

Increased visibility: You may expand your visibility and make it easier for users to locate and interact with you on other platforms by linking to your social media sites. It may help you gain more exposure and reach.

Customer Service: Many consumers prefer social media to ask inquiries or receive company assistance. Including links to your social media accounts on your contact page makes it easy for clients to seek help or support from you.

Enhanced brand image: If you communicate with customers on social media, you can improve your brand's reputation and image.

When your users click on your social media links, they may also see your brand campaigns and reviews from other patrons. This can make people more likely to trust and stay with you.

Test Your Contact Us Page

It is crucial to constantly test your "Contact Us" page to ensure that it works properly and provides a positive user experience.

Therefore, it would not be wise to host your website without properly testing the contact us page. 

Check links: Make sure that all the links on the page work, including the "Submit" button and any links to social media or other pages on your Website.

Examine the form: Fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page and send it to ensure that it works and you get the messages.

Test on different devices: Verify that the "Contact Us" page is accessible on various platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Test response time: Determine the amount of time it takes to obtain a response after submitting the form. Set up an automatic response to inform users that their submission has been received.

Best Ways To Manage Your Collected Contacts 

Contact forms are a faster and more convenient way to get contacts from potential clients.

The information they provide is valuable, but it will be a loss for both parties if it gets stuck in your form submission process.

You can manage and store data of contact forms in two different ways.

They are:

  1. Email integration
  2. Third-party integration (Zapier, Pabbly connect, and integromat )

Firstly, you can connect the contact form to your email, and it will transfer all data and queries of your users directly.

Secondly, you can connect your contact form to third-party apps such as Zapier, Integromat, or Pabbly Connect. They will automatically transfer your users' information to applications like Mailchimp and Google spreadsheet.

Using this process, you can store your customer's information for different purposes. It can save you time and effort because you won't have to type the data from the form into other systems manually.

It can also help you organize your work. Thus, you will not miss or forget any crucial information. 

Here I’m going to describe the Zapier integration process. So, it would be better if you know what is Zapier and how it works.

Plus, to integrate your form with Pabbly Connect or Integromat, you can follow the same process as integrating with Zapier.

To integrate Zapier on your Contact Form, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Zapier account and go to your Dashboard. 
  • Click on the “Create Zap” button on your dashboard. 
  • Choose the Webhooks by Zapier option from the Trigger step. 
  • Choose Catch Hook from the “Event” option. 
  • Go to Test Trigger and copy the webhook URL
Creating webhook url
Creating webhook url

Process of adding the link in Dorik dashboard

  • Go back to your site, navigate to the contact form, and select Zahier from the "Send To"
  • Paste the copied link in the Webhook URL input field. 
  • Click on the “Click here to send test data” option. 
  • Go back to Zapier and click on Test Trigger
  • Zapier will find your request. 
  • Now publish your site.
  • You can now integrate other applications like Google Forms, Docs, etc., from Zapier. The event data from your site will be sent to those third-party applications through Zapier.
 Adding Webhook URL on contact form
 Adding Webhook URL on contact form

For your convenience I am adding some videos here :

How to Connect Zapier on Dorik.

How to Connect Integromat on Dorik Website Builder

How to use Pabbly Connect on Dorik

Examples of Some Attractive Contact Us Page

Searching for examples of contact us pages to help you to create your own?

Let's check out some examples of contact pages so you can find ideas to implement on your site to enhance your online presence.


Netflix’s "Contact Us" page

On Netflix’s "Contact Us" page, there is a form to submit queries or issues. You will also find a button to submit it.

Additionally, the page has quick links to access information and troubleshoot common problems quickly.

The company has created it for customer satisfaction. 

Grover Web Design

Grover web design contact us page
Grover web design contact us page

Grover Web Design offers a straightforward contact form with a CAPTCHA to prevent spam entries. 

There is also a physical address, an email address, and links to their social media profiles on the "Contact Us" page.


Marvel contact us page
Marvel contact us page

Marvel’s contact form is a way for customers and fans of the Marvel brand to reach out to the company with questions, comments, or concerns.

The form typically includes fields for contact information, such as name, email address, and a message section where individuals can provide detailed information about their inquiries.

FAQs On How to Create a Contact Us Page, Answered

What is the purpose of a contact us Page?

The goal of a contact us page is to make it simple for visitors to ask questions, provide feedback, or request additional information about the website, the organization, or its products and services. A well-designed contact page can help develop trust and credibility with visitors by demonstrating the company's accessibility and willingness to listen to their feedback.

Can I call the “contact us” page a landing page? Are they Similar?

No, They are not similar.

A landing page is an independent web page developed for the purpose of an advertising or marketing campaign. It is intended to prompt the visitor to take a particular action, such as completing a form or purchasing.

Landing pages are commonly used in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns and can be tailored to a specific audience or demographic.

In contrast, a contact us page on a website offers users information about how to contact the company or organization. It may also include contact information, connections to social media sites, and a list of frequently asked questions or subjects.

Is it mandatory to have a contact us page on my Website?

Yes. Including a contact page on your website is always recommended, as it permits visitors to communicate with you or your business. This is particularly crucial if you run an e-commerce website, as it enables clients to ask inquiries and report any problems they may face.

Can I integrate third-party apps with the contact form for free?

Yes, it is generally possible to integrate third-party applications with your website's contact form for free. But if you create your form by utilizing "custom Form" in Dorik, Then it is premium to integrate third-party apps.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Contact Us page is significant if you want to connect with your visitors, clients, or customers on a deep and trustworthy level.

However, the greater the number of people who are prepared to contact you, the greater the number of leads and clients you will have.

I hope you can create a straightforward and captivating contact us page by following the processes mentioned in the blog. 

So, we suggest you to explore Dorik for better output.

If you still need something to ask relating to how to create a contact us page, please let us know in the comments.


Athqiya is a content writer at Dorik. She has always been interested in writing, and decided to pursue it as a career after completing her studies. She is a hard worker and very skilled in her field. She has written numerous articles on various topics.

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