What is an AI Website Builder?

Discover what is AI website builder. Learn everything about these builders and Enrich your website creation with revolutionary AI technology.

by Sumaiya Begum • 17 May 2024

Are you wondering, What is an AI website builder? how does it work, or what potential value can it give you for your endeavors?

Think no more. We will unveil the untold story of the magical AI website builders that can generate feature-rich websites within seconds. So, if you’re curious about it, let’s dive in-

What is an AI Website Builder? 

An AI website builder is a tool or platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to build a website without manually working on it. 

Usually, website builders help users to create websites without writing any code. They provide features like a drag-and-drop editor, pre-made templates, and customization features. In contrast, an AI website generator can create an entire website from your prompts.

Take Dorik AI website builder, for example. It can create any type of website following your prompts. It can also generate website copies and necessary visuals with the help of AI. It is truly one of the best AI tools for creating a website without facing any technical hassles.

AI websites are going to be the future of the website-building industry, and you should join the party as early as you can.

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How AI Website Builders Work? 

So, you've heard about these AI website builders and are curious about the magic behind them, right? Let's dive in!

Imagine you're craving a pizza. Instead of choosing each topping, the crust type, and the sauce, someone just asks you a couple of questions about your tastes, and then BAM! - the perfect pizza is served. That's how an AI website builder works for creating websites.

When you hop onto one of these AI platforms, it'll start by asking you some questions. What's your website about? Do you fancy a modern or a vintage vibe? How many pages do you want? It's all about understanding what you want.

For example, you want to create a portfolio website. So, after landing on the site builder, you have to feed in those answers, and the AI takes over. It dives into a massive pool of design elements, the latest web design trends, and even user behaviors. Combining all this knowledge, it crafts a website that feels like "you."

You don't need to fiddle around with confusing codes or get overwhelmed with a million design choices. The AI handles the nitty-gritty, so you get a site tailored just for you without breaking a sweat.

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What are The Benefits of Using an AI Website Builder 

AI is gaining a massive reputation as a time-saving tool for individuals, among its other benefits. Anyone can launch a website without having any web design or development knowledge.

Let’s dive into some of its compelling good sides- 

1. Enhances The Efficiency of Repetitive Tasks

Building websites with website builders requires repetitive tasks like - font selection, formatting buttons, setting up margins, etc. But AI is eligible to take care of that by using emerging technology. 

As a user, you can allocate your time more efficiently to other tasks without putting effort into these uninspiring redundant activities. 

According to Zahidul Hossain, Senior UI engineer at Dorik, using artificial intelligence in website building not only utilizes the users but can also be a great opportunity for developers. They can now focus on other complex tasks where human intelligence is necessary.

He says- "AI tools are helping developers focus more on Business requirements than spending time unraveling convoluted code, and technical complexity."

expert's thought

2. Provide Creative Control over The process 

As we are eligible to do some creative tasks on our website by using templates, AI does not compromise with that as well. To create your brand identity, you can still personalize colors, contents, and the design layout according to web design principles and laws

3. AI Website Builders Improve Productivity

AI eliminates the necessity of coding or technical experience in website building. Therefore, you can focus on other aspects of your work and improve quality and quantity. 

For instance, sometimes, you need to use UX design tools to test and optimize your website design. But with AI website builders, you can do these tasks in a timely manner. Tasks like iteration and the use of automated features can improve your productivity. 

4. Improves Constantly

AI website builders are constantly improving. It enhances our ability to build profitable websites by bringing new AI features and functionalities day by day. 

For example, if you want to build a website, you would prefer to keep the layout different from a typical, less functional design. Therefore, you must look for web design trends to develop a revolutionary design idea. In the case of AI, you do not need to research for that. AI website builders remain constantly evolving to serve the latest and modern facilities. 

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Cons of Using AI Website Builders

Here are some disadvantages of creating websites using an AI powered website builder: 

Limited Customization

While AI website builders offer convenience, they may come with limitations in terms of customization. Users looking for highly unique or complex design elements might find these builders restrictive.

Customization options are often based on the templates provided by the builder, which means the pre-defined layouts and styles may constrain your website's appearance. It may seem generic to you.

Lindsay Derby, a Senior Product Designer on HubSpot says, 

Widespread AI implementation [could result in] an increasingly flat design landscape in digital spaces.

Dependency on AI

AI website builders heavily rely on artificial intelligence algorithms to perform various tasks, including design, content generation, and optimization. While this can be efficient, it may not always align with specific preferences. 

Users who prioritize a human touch or personalized design elements may find that AI-generated content and designs lack the creative nuances a human designer can provide.

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Types of AI Website Builders 

There are various types of AI website builders. Each offers unique AI features and abilities to its users to help them create an outstanding online presence. I will cover the most significant types of AI website builders that anyone can use to create a captivating website. So, ensure you have all of these on the list. 

Design-oriented Builders: There are many design-based AI website builders that provide various kinds of pre-designed website elements like 

Software builders like Wix ADI, Framer AI, and Weebly offer a wide range of AI-powered pre-designed elements.

Content-driven Builders: Using AI content-writing tools, you can save tons of your time on creating content for your website. Content-generating AI website builders can generate texts as per your needs within seconds. 

Squarespace AI text generator and Hostinger AI website builder can assist you in generating content for your website.

E-commerce Builders: The use of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce-based builders are tailored for online stores. These AI builders provide product recommendations and pricing strategies and even offer customer support with chatbots. 

You can take the Shopify website builder as a perfect example of this. This eCommerce-based builder provides advanced eCommerce features and optimized product recommendations with the power of AI.

Code-based Builders: These AI-generated website builders utilize artificial intelligence to automate the coding process and create websites. These platforms or tools can streamline your coding tasks and reduce your coding errors. You can create more complex, feature-rich, and functional websites using these tools within no time. 

Some of the well-known code-based AI website builders like Bubble, Honecode, and Zapcode provide AI-powered features for coding. 

There are various other tools along with these common types of AI-powered website builders. You can also utilize voice-enabled website builders, SEO-optimized builders that use AI to make workflow more efficient and faster. 

What are the Best AI Website Builders? 

Creating a website is a challenging task. It requires a proper understanding of users’ behavior and deep technical insight. 

In that case, AI comes into play. A well-functioning AI website builder allows users to create feature-rich websites within minutes without technical and coding knowledge.

From our deep research, we have gathered the five best AI website builders to help you create any type of professional website within minutes. The builders are- 

  1. Dorik AI
  2. Wix ADI
  3. Framer AI
  4. Hostinger Website Builder
  5. 10Web

Among all of these tools, Dorik AI is the best AI website builder that will allow you to generate professional websites.

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How to Choose an AI Website Builder

You should remember many things when selecting an AI website builder to build your website. But, I am going to discuss the must-have things you should consider while choosing an AI website builder for your own-

Budget: Before diving in, think about your budget. Some builders pack in more AI features, but they might come with a heftier price. On the flip side, you can find more budget-friendly options with fewer unnecessary things. Knowing your budget upfront helps you pick a builder that fits the bill just right.

Ease of Use: As a non-coder, you might have limited knowledge about the website builder’s functionalities. Therefore, look for an AI builder that has a low learning curve. AI builders that can create an entire website with single prompts can be a great help for that. 

Customization: While generating a website can be an efficient starting point, the builder should provide you with the ability to customize your website. Customizing the website will help you create a brand identity with your unique needs. For example, you might need to create landing pages for your marketing campaign. In that case, the AI should allow you to add, edit, and customize anything on your website whenever you need it. 

SEO: Search engine optimization (aka SEO) is a significant factor for your website. You can secure a higher search ranking on search results and attract more potential customers. So, prefer an AI website builder that builds websites by maintaining the best search engine ranking factors. 

Mobile Responsiveness: Most internet browsing happens on mobile devices. Therefore, there are no ifs or buts about having a mobile-responsive website for better reach. Look for a great AI builder for mobile devices that provides device-responsive websites for you. 

Chat Bot: Your potential customers might contact your brand anytime they need it. Choose an AI website builder that can create functional chatbots for your brand utilizing AI. Builders like Voiceflow use artificial intelligence to develop AI-based chatbot assistance for users. 

Integration: You might need to integrate third-party tools on your site to improve its functionalities. Choose an AI builder that allows third-party integration with your necessary tools. Dorik provides integration with a bundle of automation tools to boost your workflows. 

Scalability: The website must grow as your business grows to adapt to the new needs. After measuring your website's success, it is necessary to add changes to your online presence. Look for a builder that offers scalability options. 

Swash Your Wand and Build Website with The Magic of AI

AI website builders have democratized the web development industry by making it accessible to everyone. They bridge the gap between creativity and technicality, opening doors for businesses, bloggers, and dreamers alike to manifest their visions effortlessly. 

As technology advances, these builders will continue to refine their art, promising a future where the art of creating websites is not just efficient but delightful, too. 

So, whether you are a business person or a creative trying to create an artist’s website, this content answering the question of ‘What is an AI website builder’ welcomes you to explore, generate, and make your digital frontier utilizing artificial intelligence.

Sumaiya Begum

Sumaiya is a technical content writer, and an admirer of furry animals and silent nights. Born and raised in a city known for its green hillocks. 

She spends her days writing for software builders and training young writers on one of the largest non-profit skill building organizations in the country.

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