What is a Logo: All Your Questions Answered

A logo is a representation of a company or brand. Find out all your answer on what is a logo, why logos are important, types and elements of logo design.

by Sumaiya Begum • 15 May 2024

A logo is a representation of a company or brand. It can be an insignia, a symbol, or the brand's name. In this competitive world, logos have a variety of styles and forms, beholding their creativity and marketing strategy inside.

Well-designed, fine-structured logos can help brands stand out, promote public identification, deliver a message, and develop brand recognition. Well, it requires a huge responsibility for a tiny token! 

In this blog, I will delve into what is a logo, why logos are important, what common types are, and the components of a creative logo. So, let's begin the journey of answering all the questions about logos in this blog-

What is a Logo?

A logo is a brand´s visual identity that portrays much without saying much! It represents a brand, its value proposition, and what it does to help people identify the company or the brand.  

Creating an effective logo for a brand is all about adding a perfect visualization for its brand personality. A great logo design may contain an emblem, a logotype, and a tagline.

Why are Logos Important?

Logos are a crucial part of a successful business. The first thing that comes into a visitor's mind is a logo when they think about a brand. According to Zippia, 73% of consumers are likelier to buy products from brands they know. Besides, 75% of people recognize a company by its logo.

As logos has a vast advantage to an organization, it is quite difficult to explain all its benefits in a short write-up. But still, I tried to outline the core importance for you so you may give it a quick look-

Logos Craft a Memorable First Impression

A picture worth a thousand words. Thus, logos are the introduction of your business to your potential customer, whether you run a small business website or a big one in the physical market. Whenever a person sees your logo, it will help them visualize your brand's value proposition. They will feel interested in your brand whenever they notice the same logo somewhere else in the future.  

Think about yourself as a consumer. From whom do you buy a product when you go to a market? From a brand that you never see in your life? Or a brand that's more familiar to you? Thus, seeing a company's logo anywhere draws a memory and urges us to trust it.

Captivates Your Audience

Logos have the unique power to catch users' attention and communicate with them in the quickest way possible. The tiny graphic or the visual helps your business grab visitors' attention if you can design an attractive and user-engaging logo.   

Builds Brand Identity

Iconic logos are branding materials that work as a part of marketing strategy. Having an influencing story to describe on your logo will help you stick to visitors' minds longer. 

A perfect logo describes your brand, what you do, and whom you serve. Your voice tone, fonts, and color tell your brand's story. Later, you can use this branding material on other marketing elements like - business cards, websites, Ads, brochures, newsletters, and all for brand identity

Assists to Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness

Logo creation allows you to represent your brand creatively and hand over the power of freedom to express and stay different from others. Have the courage to be uncommon with your logo, as it describes why you are unique to your targeted customers. There can be hundreds of brands and thousands of service websites that do the same tasks you do, so tell them why your products are the ones that everyone should rely on!  

Robust logo designs are meaningful by portraying each precise detail of a company, including the brand's story of origin to its mission. To make a logo that can describe a lot, you should be careful with the icon, color, or font style you choose.   

Let's look at the utmost components of a solid and engaging logo. It is important to know that each of these elements plays a vital role in creating a logo for your brand. 


The fonts are a visual representation of a brand's tagline and are one of the essential logo design elements. The typography in a logo can express the best side of a brand if chosen wisely. Fonts make a design looks more professional and help to attach a brand's 'feel' to the name and font style. Besides, it can attract and detract customers to your business. 

The fonts must be easily readable and recognizable to design an impactful logo that matches perfectly with your brand. Be careful while choosing a font style. You may use different font styles for the same design and pick the one that hits the best. 


Color is a crucial element of Contrast in design. The law of Contrast in design adds meaningfulness to a design with color and shade to make it more focused on its visitors' eyes. 

Try to figure out the color scheme analysis that showcases your brand's personality. Build a solid emotional bonding with your customers by choosing a proper color shade. As emotion has the ability to make decisions, let your user make the best positive decision after seeing your logo. 

Logo Style

Logo styles speak louder and bolder than any other logo design element. Whenever a visitor looks at a logo, they focus on its icon, shape, and style. And it helps their brain to estimate the brand's personality at a glance. After seeing the icon or the symbol, the audiences focus on decorative elements like the logo's tagline, color, or shades. So, it is essential to be wise and heedful about choosing an icon that will reflect your brand's personality to your visitors.

There are excellent options available there for styling your logo. It can be a rectangular, a circle, or a solid icon. Use the proper styles on your brand's logo to make it meaningful and attractive.

What are the Common Types of Logos? 

common types of logos

As it is unavoidable for a business to have a logo, people intend to grab some ideas from available options and design methods. In fact, logo designing is an integral part of web design. There are many logo design strategies for growing a business faster.

But, it is important to know about common types to get the best result of following logo design strategies. Familiarize yourself with these types of logo designs below so that you can create a better and faster connection with your audiences.  

Wordmarks Logos

Industries or brands with single-word names most use wordmarks or letter logos. Regarding common uses of a logo style, wordmark logo designs are the top pick. To design famous logos like the wordmarks logos, all it requires is the company name in a stylish font style with a good color shade.

To turn your brand's simple name into a wordmark logo, you can start by writing the name, then try different fonts. When you find the perfect font that goes exactly with the 'feel' of your brand, you can select that logo or do some editing to customize it. There are many brands that added their unique tactics inside the wordmark logos as well. 

Wordmarks Logos

[image source : Quora]

Then, you can add creativity to your wordmarks logo using a character feature. Think of the dropping 'E' in DELL and the swished 'Cs in CocaCola or the dot (.) in Ray. Ban, etc.  

Wordmark logos also may contain letterforms, symbols, or mascots.

Pictorial Mark

pictorial mark logos

[Image source: jessicajonesdesign.com]

Pictorial marks are the most common logotype among the most famous big businesses at this time. These logos are made of graphics or visual elements representing the brand's functionality or name. 

Look at how the Apple logo has the half-eaten apple, Twitter has a bird, and World Wildlife Fund has a Panda as a symbol for all endangered wild animals. 

Combination mark 

combination mark logo

[Image source: jessicajonesdesign.com]

Combination mark logos are a mixture of a visual and words together. You can see a combination of other logotypes in a combination logo design. There can be symbols and wordmarks, a monogram and letter marks, or many types of logos with the others. 

good vs bad logo

Be careful while designing combination mark logos to ensure the logo is still easily recognizable and is not messed up with elements.   

Monogram Logos

famous brands monogram logos

[Image source: H&M]
Brands with up to three or more words mostly use the monogram logo style. Brands use their logo's common one to three letters to form a business name. When people have a lot to say, they may smile, wink or frown, while brands use monograms.

Typography plays the most prominent role in monogram or 'letter marks' logo design. With a symbolic representation of the brand and its nature, big businesses used monograms from ancient times!

Bring it All Together in Your Logo Design Today

As you are familiar with 'what is a logo' and everything you need to know about logos, it's time to create your brand's logo now.

Many free tools can help you with designing a good logo. Hunt for some best logo design examples and start using them on your digital business card, website, and social media profiles. I am excited to see your unique approach to designing and how you will come up with your brand's logo. 

Sumaiya Begum

Sumaiya is a technical content writer, and an admirer of furry animals and silent nights. Born and raised in a city known for its green hillocks. 

She spends her days writing for software builders and training young writers on one of the largest non-profit skill building organizations in the country.

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