How to Create a Job Board Using Dorik and Airtable in 3 Easy Steps

Learn how to create a job board using Airtable and Dorik. Follow a simple step-by-step guide and build your website’s first job board.

by Zaki Rezwana Chowdhury • 22 April 2024

According to Google, 30% of google searches are job searches. People are creating job boards now more than ever before. 

What is a job board?

A job board is a website or website page with search engine-like functionalities where individuals and companies can post open positions, job descriptions and search for suitable candidates. Job seekers can look for new opportunities and apply.

If you are still here, I believe you want to create a job board without code, and now you are thinking about the best way to create it.

Well, let's start with a step-by-step guide on how to create a job board using Airtable and Dorik.

Why Airtable and Dorik?

Airtable is a platform where you can create powerful and custom applications. From creating job boards to tracking and managing them, Airtable makes it happen without complexity.

Dorik is a no-code website builder where you can create any type of website for your company without writing a single line of code.

If you want to explore other top website builders, our editorial team has listed down tons of them; you can check and see what fits your need.

When creating a job board you should be careful about the tools you choose. The right tool makes the outcome trouble-free.

Dorik's Airtbale Integration functionalities provide a user with multiple elements with extravagant flexibilities to cater to their needs. For example, the Airtable Job Board element provides you with a pre-built Airtable base and customizable layout tools to build your personalized job board. 

Creating a job board with Dorik is easy and fast to build and the elements are pre-made but customizable. So you do not have to think about design and all.

Create a Job Board with Dorik in 3 steps

The Airtable Job board element on Dorik no-code website builder, allows you to integrate Airtable and embed job data from Airtable’s API. 

When creating a job board with Dorik, you can follow these steps to make the process an easy-going one. 

1. Select the template and add Airtable

On Dorik select the template you want to use as your job board page. Add the job board element on the page and you will get an airtable adding option too.

Add Element → Airtable Elements → Airtable Job Board

Starting Process in Builder

2. Airtable connection

To integrate Airtable, you can expand the Airtable connection option in the Airtable Job Board editor and click on Clone Airtable Templates. You will be redirected to a preset Airtable base and click on Copy base.

Choose a workspace to copy the base to and click on Add base. After this, go to the URL and copy the API Key.

Go to the builder and select Add New API Key from the Airtable Job Board editor. Then give it a name and paste the API key you copied in the previous step.

Airtable Connection

Choose the base and configure your Airtable Job board element. Choose a table, your Airtable Job Board is connected and configured.

3. Editing the Airtable Job Board Element

The job board has a template base and is filled with dummy data. You can modify the data and change it. 

The Airtable Job Board element editor has options like:

Airtable Job Board editor
  • Layout Configuration - This option allows you to make changes to the layout of the Airtable Job Board element.
  • Fields - This option lets the user change the fields inside the Airtable Job Board element. There are two types of fields that you can make changes to: Default Fields and Custom Fields.
  • Filters and Search - This option allows you to add a search bar and a filter to your Airtable Job Board element.
  • Filters and Search Style - This option allows you to stylize the Search bar and filter in your Airtable Grid element. Refer to the GIF below to see the demonstration.
  • Load More Button Style - When a user wants to view more items in the Airtable Job Board. This option allows the user to stylize the Load More button. The Load More button works.
  • Job Board Item Style - You can stylize the items in your Airtable Job Board element using this option.
  • Popup Setting - This option allows you to change how the popup will appear after a user clicks on an item on the Airtable.

Finally, you have a ready Job Board for your website

Job board example

Can you monetize your job board?

The modern job hunt takes place here – online. And popular job boards are making billions in revenue. So, this is real that you can be a job board owner and earn from it.

As a job board owner your deal is with both job seekers and employers. You can bring value to both job seekers and employers.

If your website has decent traffic, or a large community, you can charge companies for - Posting jobs and Featuring job listings.

Also, you can charge users for viewing job details. Sell advertising space and finally, you can offer additional services to monetize your job board.

Services like hosting webinars, answering FAQs, providing job training, tips on preparing resumes, and "interview best practices" will increase your site traffic while helping the community.

What are the benefits of having a job board?

Job boards are important to find the bulk amount of applicants. Whether you are an entrepreneur or creator, having your own job board will be a pretty fruitful venture to find the right employee you want. 

You can also generate revenue from your job portal. Include ads, gated contents, charge for the job posting on your site. You can simply do these things by creating  a job board as a separate product.

You can create an engaged community online. Creating an online forum or community website will make you stand out from hundreds of other job boards out there.

Having a job board makes you establish your niche. The job board will help you appear as a thought leader and an engaging community platform with a helpful career resource, a positive user experience, and overall a go-to platform where the scope will be vigorous.

What is the goal of a job board?

The ultimate goal of a job board is to make the recruitment process a smooth one and find potential candidates. 

The job board provides space for both the company/recruiter and the job seeker. A Company can recruit potential candidates. And job seekers can look for potential roles they want to apply for.

Can you create a job board for free?

Yes, you can create a job board with - Dorik free plan. You can easily enable the job board on your website page with the add element option. 

So, Dorik Airtable integration is a super easy job board-creating tool where you do not need to write a single line of code.

Is a job board different from a website?

A job board is not a website rather a static page with some functionalities. It showcases open positions, company values, and other relevant information of the employing institute. 

Job board allows you to upload documents/files, search and filter job openings, create accounts, and apply to them directly. Company or individual who is hiring.

What features should a job board have for job seekers?

There are certain features every job board should have. Your job board should be easy to use for job seekers so that they can find things easily. 

  • User authentication
  • Search, filtering, and sorting option
  • Document and file uploading 
  • Bookmarking
  • Contact and apply feature

User Authentication should be your primary focus when building a Job Board. Then there should be a search option with a filtering and sorting option. This will allow anyone looking for a job to filter to their need. 

Also on the Job Board, there should be file and document uploading options. The Bookmark feature will allow anyone to apply to the post later. As sometimes job seekers are not sure right away about a position or a company. 

Finally, your job portal should have a contact and apply button. So that they can contact the company for any query and a visible button to complete the procedure.

What to pay attention to when you make your job posting website page?

When building a job posting website there are certain things you should pay attention to. Ensure the site security is top-notch as the job seekers will put their personal information here.

Make your job postings SEO(Search Engine Optimization) enriched. So that google search algorithms work and find the potential candidate you are looking for.

What is the best way to create a job board? 

You can build your job board from scratch where costs like - development, maintenance, and marketing will be needed.

You can hire freelancers for different parts of the building or use a website builder with job board integration. You do not have to go all mad about every part of development and maintenance.

So, instead of paying for development and maintenance costs, you can simply use Dorik no-code website builder with airtable integration. 

With Airtable integrations, you do not require any database for job postings and applications too. You can market your job board organically through social media platforms.

Wrap Up

Job boards come with endless potential and are the best way to find the right employees for your company. The employee is the main essence of scaling a company. Having a company website with Job boards makes finding and accessing these potential groups easy.

In this guide, I tried to give you a bird's eye view of creating a job board using Airtable and Dorik. So that you can see the broad picture and make the changes you want.

Good luck building your own job board.

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Zaki Rezwana Chowdhury is a content writer at Dorik. She writes about technical and non-technical things. She has a degree in computer science and enjoys exploring new technologies. Zaki is an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction books. She enjoys rhetoric content, nomadic life, and lollygagging. Outside work, Zaki spends as much time as possible away from blue screens with her family and friends.

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