7 Best AI Text Generators in 2024

Discover the top AI text generators! Explore features, pros, cons, pricing & more. Choose the best tool for effortless content creation.

by Editorial Team • 12 June 2024

Struggling to produce high-quality content quickly and consistently?

Creating content isn't easy. It takes a lot of time and effort, things that small businesses and individuals often don't have. And finding good writers can be hard, so making different types of content for different people can be tough.

But don't worry! AI text generators are here to help. They can quickly create all sorts of content—blog posts, website text, you name it.

They don't need much time, effort, or money. Anyone can make great content at scale with AI writing.

We've listed the best AI text generators to help you choose the right one for you.

Let's find the perfect AI writing tool for your needs.

What is AI Text Generation?

AI text generation is the process of generating human-like text using artificial intelligence. These systems use machine learning to understand input text and produce relevant and coherent text based on their training data. 

AI text generation has a wide range of use cases. It can produce various kinds of text, including website copy, marketing copy, blog articles, topic ideas, computer languages, and more.     

Best AI Text Generators in 2024

Before going forward, let's check out the comparison between 7 AI writing tools.

AI text generator Best for Starting price of paid plans Free plan
Dork - AI Text Generator Website pages $18/month Yes
ChatGPT Versatility $20/month Yes
Gemini Readability $19.99/month Yes
Jasper Branded copy $39/month No
Rytr Content outlines and briefs $9/month Yes
Frase Content optimization $15/month Yes
Writesonic Updating existing content $15/month Yes

1. Dork - AI Text Generator

dorik ai text generator

Unlike other AI text producers, Dorik AI’s text generator is an AI writing assistant for a website builder. It doesn’t come with preset use cases. You can generate your desired text by giving appropriate prompts. 

Dorik AI’s text generator allows you to create various texts for different web pages, such as the home page, about page, privacy page, terms page, service page, etc. 

Furthermore, Dorik AI allows you to generate titles, descriptions, etc.

In addition to text generation, Dorik AI allows you to edit text with just a few clicks. Its preset commands—such as paraphrase, rephrase, lengthen, shorten, simplify, and improve—enable you to edit text quickly. Additionally, it helps you correct grammar and spelling errors. 

Dorik AI's voice and tone help generate text that aligns with your brand voice and tone. It comes with some preset voices and tons, which include friendly, simple, authoritative, casual, bold, etc. You can choose one or more tones for your content. 

Key Features

  1. Advanced and powerful AI writer
  2. 17+ tones and voices
  3. 6+ editing commands
  4. Fixes grammar and spelling mistakes
  5. Easy to use and doesn't have any learning curve


Free plan: Available (no limitation using ai text generation)

Personal: $18/month billed annually  

Business: $39/month billed annually

Agency: Custom pricing

LTD: Available


  1. Allows to generate unlimited words of text for free
  2. Powerful improve, rephrase, and paraphrase functions
  3. Generates text that aligns with your brand voice and tone
  4. Great for generating website page text
  5. Support multiple languages


  1. Lacks the power of generating extensive and in-depth text

Best for

Dorik AI’s text generator can produce virtually any type of text. It works best for website page copies. 

2. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is the best AI text generator currently available on the market. It is a versatile generative AI that can generate any text, from long blog posts to meta descriptions. It produces text on given prompts. 

Unlike a dedicated text generator, it doesn't work on preset use cases. However, you can generate various types of text by giving appropriate instructions. 

ChatGPT allows you to generate text that aligns with your brand voice, tone, and style. You can provide your existing text to ChatGPT and then ask it to follow the style and tone.

You can generate any text from ChatGPT, including long-form blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, ad copy, emails, answers, and more.

ChatGPT goes beyond text generation. It lets you optimize the generated text for SEO. Additionally, it allows you to proofread and fix grammatical errors in the text. 

Moreover, ChatGPT translates text into multiple languages, rephrases it, and enhances its readability.      

Key Features

  1. Supports multiple languages
  2. Generate blog post outline
  3. Creates unique content 
  4. Supports brand voice, tone, and style
  5. Produce text on a wide range of topics
  6. Can handle errors gracefully  


ChatGPT offers the 3.5 version for free. Its paid subscription plus version comes in three plans, including the enterprise plan;

Plus: $20 per user/month billed monthly. 

Team: $30 per user/month billed monthly.      


  1. The free plan allows to generate unlimited text
  2. Offers complete freedom when giving prompts 
  3. Generates accurate and high-quality content
  4. Produces grammatical-error-free content
  5. Generate long-form blog posts in a single prompt 


  1. It doesn't allow editing generated text

Best for

ChatGPT is excellent for generating all types of text, including long blog posts, blog titles, question answers, ad copy, social media posts, descriptions, web copy, etc.   

3. Gemini


Gemini is the latest and most advanced generative AI model with exceptional text generation capabilities. It doesn't come with preset use cases. Thus, you can generate a wide range of texts using prompts.     

Using concise prompts, you can generate virtually any text from the Gemini. You can generate blog posts, landing page content, product descriptions, marketing copy, ad copy, scripts, headlines, and more. 

Regarding blog posts, you can generate complete, long-form blog posts from outline to conclusion.  

When it comes to web copy, you can generate web copy based on various copywriting frameworks such as PAS and AIDA. 

The best thing about the Genmi is that it lets you generate text based on your business voice, tone, and style. 

Besides content generation, Gemini lets you proofread text, which improves content quality. Additionally, you can use Gemini AI to translate text into various languages, summarize, rewrite, simplify language, and more.  

Key Features

  1. Supports a wide range of languages 
  2. Generate original text
  3. Understand long context
  4. Generate text in various styles or tones
  5. Can take input from images 
  6. Interactive text generation


Gemini offers a paid plan along with a free plan and a two-month trial; 

Gemini advanced: $19.99/month billed monthly. 


  1. Produce engaging text
  2. Generated texts are easy to read
  3. The free plan allows to generate unlimited text
  4. High-quality content with zero grammatical errors
  5. Easy-to-use interface


  1. It doesn't let you edit generated text

Best for

Gemini is great for generating all types of text. It works best for generating long-form blog posts. It also works best for landing page content.  

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4. Jasper 


Jasper AI is a dedicated AI writer powered by ChatGPT 3 and 4. It is designed to create marketing and website copy. It works based on content templates. You can generate various types of text with its preset templates quickly. 

Jasper AI lets you to create various marketing copies, such as ad copy, product descriptions, persuasive bullet points, marketing angles, etc. 

Regarding website copy, Jasper AI lets you create landing pages and framework content. 

In addition, it allows you to create long-form blog posts. You can generate blog posts from prompts or preset templates.

Jasper comes with a 500+ prompts library. Thus, you can start creating high-quality content instantly.  

Not only text generation Jasper AI also helps to optimize and improve generated text. Grammalery is integrated into Jasper. Therefore, you can check and fix grammar with a click. Jasper AI is also integrated with Surfar SEO to optimize generated content for SEO.      

Key Features

  1. Generate content that aligns with your brand voice, tone, and style
  2. Smooth team collaboration for increasing productivity
  3. AI-assisted content creation
  4. Improves existing content with AI recommendations
  5. Produce content in multiple languages
  6. Allows to edit generated text
  7. Easy-to-use user interface


Jaspar AI offers three pricing options, including a 7-day free trial; 

Pro: $59/month per seat billed annually.

Creator: $39/month per seat billed annually.

Business: Custom pricing


  1. Produces long-form blog posts quickly
  2. Helps to overcome writer's blocks
  3. Integrates with Surfer SEO
  4. Generate content in multiple languages
  5. The powerful browser extension allows you to write everywhere


  • Only offers a free trial; no free version is available 
  • Very expensive 

Best for

Jaspar AI is an excellent AI content generator for marketing and website text. It works best for writing long-form blog articles. 

5. Rytr


Rytr is not only an AI writing tool but also an AI writing assistant. It lets you generate text quickly using its preset templates. You can generate various text using its 40+ preset templates. 

Rytr allows you to generate various marketing content, including ad copies, product descriptions, SMS, social media posts, and more. In addition, you can generate long-form and SEO content, including blog posts and landing pages. 

The best thing about Rytr is its powerful outline generator. It lets you create a perfect outline in a few steps with the content brief. 

Another great feature of Rytr is its keyword generator. It allows you to generate keywords for your blog post. However, it is less advanced than tools like Ahrefs, although it does the job. 

Rytr's AI writing assistant helps you improve content as you write by shortening, extending, rephrasing, and rewording sentences.

To ensure that generated text is 100% unique, Rytr comes with a built-in plagiarism checker. You can check content uniqueness with a click. 

Key Features

  1. Simple and rich text editor
  2. Basic keyword research tool
  3. Image generator 
  4. Content outline and brief generator
  5. SERP analyzer
  6. Content plagiarism checker
  7. 40+ use cases


Rytr comes with two pricing options, including a free plan; 

Free: Limited to 10K characters per month. 

Premium: $29/month for unlimited characters billed monthly. 

Unlimited: $9/month for unlimited characters billed monthly.


  1. Great for short-form content
  2. 20+ tones 
  3. Writing portfolio page builder
  4. Easy to use and doesn't have any learning curve
  5. Powerful improve and rephrase functions


  • Generate repetitive text for long-form content

Best for

Rytr works perfect for all of its 40+ use cases. However, it works best for short-form content. 

6. Frase


Frase is an AI content generator and optimization tool. It is unique because of its SEO optimization capability. It works with preset use cases and instructions. It generates and optimizes content for the SERP so that content ranks higher.

You can generate virtually any type of content using instructions and available templates. For example, you can produce blog posts, introductions, conclusions, marketing copy, product descriptions, etc.  

Frase's research feature sets it apart from other AI content generators. It lets you analyze content from the SERP in real-time, saving you a lot of time.

Using the research and outline feature, you can create high-quality content drafts in seconds. 

Regarding text generation, you need to generate text for every subheading. You can produce high-quality content with proper instruction.

The best part of Farse is its content optimization capability. It shows various keywords that rank for the content and recommends to include them in the content.    

Key Features

  1. 30+ AI content templates 
  2. 100+ community templates
  3. Real-time SERP analyzer
  4. Content outline and brief builder
  5. Content editor
  6. SEO optimization tool


Frase offers three pricing options along with free trials; 

Solo: $15/month paid monthly. 

Basic: $45/month paid monthly. 

Team: $115/month paid monthly.  


  1. Easy-to-use interface 
  2. Simple content editor 
  3. Optimizes content for SEO based on the SERP
  4. Great for researching content
  5. Generated text quality is outstanding
  6. Browser extension


  • It is not an excellent choice for long-form content generation

Best for

With Frase, you can generate any kind of text you wish. It works best for generating SEO-optimized blog articles.  

7. Writesonic


Writesonic is a ChatGPT-powered AI content generator. It lets you generate content using its preset use cases and prompts. Unlike other AI content generators, it allows you to add additional information, such as data and pictures as instructions.    

As far as content generation is concerned, Writesonic lets you produce any type of content. In addition to short—and long-form blog posts, you can generate product descriptions, social media posts, website copy, ad copy, landing pages, and more. 

Writersonic's article writer feature sets it apart from its competitors. The latest version of Article Writer lets you create content using real-time data and in-depth research.  

Another excellent feature of Writersonic is its powerful editor. It allows you to edit the generated text directly. You can rephrase, shorten, and extend output text. 

The content rephrase allows you to paraphrase a whole article with a few clicks. It is great for updating old articles with new information. 

What's more, Writersonic's brand voice helps generate text that aligns with your brand voice and style. Just upload a webpage of your business, and Writesonic will detect your brand style and voice and then generate content accordingly.   

Key Features

  1. Vast templates library
  2. State-of-the-art AI writers
  3. A simple but powerful editor 
  4. Browser extension
  5. SEO optimizer 
  6. Keyword research tool
  7. Brand voice


Writesonic offers three pricing plans along with a free plan; 

Chatsonic: $15/month billed monthly.

Individual: $20/month billed monthly.

Teams: $30/month billed monthly.


  1. Allows to generate 10,000 words of text for free
  2. Generate high-quality and accurate text
  3. Uses the latest information
  4. Extremely easy to use
  5. Provides excellent value for the money


  • The quality of the results relies heavily on the user's input

Best for

Writesonic is a versatile AI content generator that works well in most cases. It is the best choice for writing long-form blog posts and updating existing articles. 

Things To Consider For Choosing The Best Ai Text Generator

Consider these factors to choose the best AI text producer; 

  • Content quality: When it comes to content quality, it's important to know that not all AI-generated texts are good. Some AI tools don't create high-quality content. So, before you choose one, make sure to check its quality. Always make sure the content meets your needs and is good, whether it's made by AI or humans.
  • Versatility: Marketing campaigns need different types of content, from landing page copy to blog posts. Ensure the AI text generator you choose can produce different kinds of content.   
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is crucial for AI text-producer tools. Choose an AI that produces precise and accurate output.   
  • Multilingual support: Opt for a platform that supports multiple languages to reach a wider audience. 
  • Pricing: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the AI solution and ensure it fits your budget.


When choosing the best AI writer, you need to think about a few things: content quality, versatility, accuracy, multilingual support, and pricing. 

Each of the top AI text generators like Dorik AI, ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, Rytr, Frase, and WriteSonic has its own strengths. The best AI text producer depends on what you need and like. 

So, take your time to check these factors and find the text generator that best fits your needs.

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