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ChatGPT is an AI assistant by OpenAI that helps with writing, brainstorming, editing, and answering questions. It supports text and voice interactions, web browsing, and data analysis​.

Written by Mortuza Hossain | Updated at 12 June 2024


ChatGPT is a powerful AI text generator designed to supercharge your communication and creative endeavors. Since its release in 2022, it has made the terms “AI Content Generation” and Generative AI the talk of the town. 

ChatGPT offers a versatile suite of AI features for writers battling writer's block, developers seeking inspiration for code, or customer service representatives looking to create automated chatbots. It helps to streamline your workflow and spark new ideas.


ChatGPT has a diverse portfolio of use cases and it’s only growing. You can learn to write proper prompts to experience the true power of AI through ChatGPT.

Key AI Features

  • Can engage in natural conversations on any topic.
  • Writes marketing copy, code, essays, professional emails, scripts, poems, and more on demand.
  • Generates ideas, outlines, and full drafts for blogs.
  • Create a content plan for any niche website.
  • Generates images from text prompts using Dall-E.
  • Perform live internet browsing and advanced data analysis.


  • Free
  • Plus: $20 /month
  • Team: $25 /month

AI Output Quality

Let’s test ChatGPT's creativity with a prompt like "Create an on-page SEO checklist for a blog website."  The more specific your prompts, the better the results will be.


With that simple prompt, we got a comprehensive list of relevant suggestions for performing on-page SEO. It certainly saved us a lot of research time. The list doesn’t end there (as shown in the image). ChatGPT provided 17 tips in total and none of them are irrelevant. 

Looking at the result, it’s safe to say that we can definitely take help from ChatGPT to create our SEO strategy. But if you want to try out other tools, there are lots of ChatGPT alternatives available.

Why You Should Create Your Website With Dorik?

Creating a website is very simple with Dorik. Dorik is a free AI website builder that lets you make professional, user-friendly websites quickly. If you are a business owner, creative professional, or just someone who needs a website, Dorik has the features you need.

Here’s why you should choose Dorik for your website.

AI Website Builder

Dorik’s AI capabilities make website creation incredibly simple. Just type in a prompt, and the AI generates a full website for you. Here are some key AI features:

  • AI-Guided Design: With just one prompt, Dorik’s AI can create an entire website. This feature saves you time and ensures a professional look.
  • AI Text Generator: The AI generates engaging and relevant website content based on your input. You can easily edit or regenerate the text as needed.
  • AI Image Generator: Dorik’s AI produces high-quality, pixel-perfect images for your site. You can also regenerate images by providing new prompts.
  • Customize your site: Easily edit and regenerate text and images to suit your specific needs, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over your website’s design and content.

Learn how to create website with ai.

Dorik AI website Dashboard

Generated with Dorik AI

Customization and Flexibility

With Dorik, you have complete control over your website’s content and design. Here are some of the key features that allow for full customization:

  • Templates and UI Blocks: Choose from over 80 pre-built templates and 250 stunning UI blocks. You can mix and match elements to create a site that stands out. The blocks are pre-designed elements that you can easily drag and drop into your pages, saving you time and effort. The variety of UI blocks ensures that you can create a unique and visually appealing website without needing extensive design skills.
  • Custom Collection: Dorik Custom Collection is another noteworthy advantage for you. It allows you to store content on the database and present it anywhere on your website, reducing the hassle of repetitive tasks. This feature is particularly useful for content-heavy websites, allowing for efficient content management.

Learn how to use Dorik custom collections.

  • Edit Design: Customization doesn’t stop at content. Dorik allows you to fully edit the design of your website to match your brand and vision. You can adjust colors, fonts, layouts, and more to create a cohesive and professional look. The platform's intuitive design tools make it easy to personalize every aspect of your site.

Blogging Platform

Dorik’s no-code blogging platform makes it easy to start and manage a blog. With SEO tools integrated into the platform, you can optimize your content for search engines, improving your visibility and reach.
Learn how to start a blog.

SEO Capabilities

Dorik’s SEO tools help ensure your website ranks well in search engines. Features include:

  • Built-in SEO Tools: Dorik creates sites that Google loves. You can add or edit URLs, meta titles, and descriptions for your web pages. You can also add image alt text, which will help search engines understand your visual content. Dorik includes these features: Custom Schema, Sitemap.xml, Robots Txt, and many more.
  • Image Optimization: Automatic optimization of images for faster load times and better performance.
  • Unlimited Storage: Dorik offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for all users, ensuring you never worry about running out of space for your content.
  • Global CDN: Deliver your content quickly and reliably to a global audience.

Membership and Monetization

Dorik supports membership sites, enabling you to create and manage subscription-based services. This is ideal for content creators and educators looking to monetize their knowledge and content directly through their website.

White-Label Solutions

For agencies and developers, Dorik’s white-label CMS is a game-changer. It allows you to create and manage websites for clients under your own brand, without worrying about plugins, additional hosting, or updates. This feature is perfect for expanding your service offerings and boosting your brand's value.

Powerful Integrations

Dorik supports various third-party integrations to enhance your site’s functionality:

  • Marketing Tools: Integrate with MailChimp, Zapier, and Integromat to manage your marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics Tools: Use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track and analyze your site’s performance.
  • Payment Solutions: Set up payments easily with Stripe, PayPal, and Gumroad.
  • Live Chat: Add Crisp live chat to communicate with your visitors in real-time.

Explore more Integrations.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Users on platforms like G2 and Capterra praise Dorik for its ease of use, flexibility, and powerful features. Excellent customer support and continuous platform updates ensure that Dorik meets evolving user needs.

Dorik Reviews G2
dorik reviews capterra

Cost Effective Pricing

Dorik provides a cost-effective pricing structure, making it accessible for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The transparent pricing model ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden fees. Pricing options include:

  • Freel Plan: Available
  • Monthly: Start from $29/month
  • Annual: Starts from $18/month
  • LTD (Life time deal): Starts from $249 (one-time)
  • Agency: Contact the Sales Department for the pricing of this plan.

Experience the ease of building a professional website with Dorik. Our powerful AI features, extensive customization options, and advanced SEO tools empower both beginners and experts to create stunning websites quickly and affordably. Join the community of satisfied users who love our seamless integrations and continuous enhancements. Choose Dorik today, and take your website to the next level.

Mortuza Hossain

Mortuza Hossain

Mortuza Hossain is a content writer and editor at Dorik with expertise in SaaS, SEO, WordPress, eCommerce, and Technology. He writes to deliver reliable and valuable information that solves people’s problems worldwide. Apart from work, he loves to travel, read, watch movies, and spend time with his family and friends.  

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